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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Windows XP laptop is Unable to Connect to a Secured WIFI.

Does the title of this post ever happen to you or to your friends or to somebody you know? The hard part is you ask for help on how to resolve the problem stated in the title of this post. This only happen to computer which are still being under the Windows XP operating system. 

According to Microsoft Windows XP service pack 1 and 2 does not have support for secured WIFI connection using higher security authentication. Oops sorry for that, this type of problem can only be fix if you have an in-dept knowledge of WIFI security authentication system. This is because all type of new WIFI security authentication system has many type of authentication. Just look at the picture below to see what i meant.

Wireless Network Properties

Pretty nit ain't it, there are several of them. This picture was taken from a Windows 7 based laptop. The several authentication system seen in the picture above must also be present in a Windows XP laptop in order for it to connect to a WIFI security system that uses higher authentication system. So in order to achieve this you need to upgrade, yeah that right upgrade your operating system. The OS needs to have an additional update file called the WindowsXP-KB917021-v3-x86-ENU.

Now if really one to know more here is a link to an article with a detailed explanation of the problems and the solution. A remainder before you read the article it really requires an in-dept knowledge and experience technical stuff. But if you have the guts feel free to click the link. Also for those who are into these meaning you are already a tech person the article should be a no-brainier to you.

Now after reading the article on the link and still you feel confused and daze with all that i will try to provide you with a simple way on how to go about this. but first you need to download and install this WindowsXP-KB917021-v3-x86-ENU patch or security update to make your Windows XP laptop capable of connecting to WIFI connection with higher authentication system. Go back to the link above to know where you can find the download link. 

Or click this direct download to the file this is the same as the direct download of the article above. WindowsXP-KB917021-v3-x86-ENU.exe

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