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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Apple iPod and its video Capability

The IPod has been here with us for quite some time now. Ever since its in November 10, 2001 release it has been a wonderful device to work with and play with it also. The iPod video became famous due to its huge memory and the capacity of playing video, due to its slim design and longer life battery. Still, there are voices that point out some disadvantages and highlight different negative aspects.

Discontinued models of the line include the iPod mini and the iPod photo, the former being replaced by the iPod nano, and the latter reintegrated into the main iPod line. In iOS versions prior to iOS 5, the iPod branding is also used for the media player applications included with the iPhone and iPod; the iPhone version is essentially a combination of the Music and Videos apps on the iPod touch.

iPodsiPods (Photo credit: aeroppon)

As of iOS 5, separate apps named 'Music' and 'Video' is standardized across all iOS-powered products. While the iPhone and iPod have essentially the same media-player capabilities as the iPod line, they are generally treated as separate products.
Taking into account that there are few perfect things made by the human hand, these aspects may be used by the iPod video creators for further improvements. Therefore, the customer’s reviews are very important and the suggestions may be really taken into account.

A stack of the iPods I now own... included are...Image via Wikipedia

The fact that the screen is bigger is great, but the surface is easy to scratch, aspect that is more in the cons category. Although the image is excellent and the clarity screen may be easily compared with the TV set’s screen quality, there are still some problems with freezing video images. There is a great achievement the fact that the light, sun or other previous obstacles are annihilated, but another important problem is the unresponsiveness in some cases.
The dimensions of the iPod video are great, but there is no way you may watch it with more than several persons. Anyway, it was designed for personal not collective needs and you may still share your photo album and music or video music preferences with one person. The flat screen is large enough to enjoy your favorite videos.
Although the life battery is longer, the complaints concern the short battery life for video. And this complaint may be balanced by the fact that the video is played with no flaw. The pros of the new iPod video are considered the cool look, the impressive number of features, the great organization of the music menu so that you may even rank your favorite songs. The cons of the new iPod video are considered the absence of FM option, the fact that no cradle is included, the impossibility of connecting the iPod video to the computer and the cost.
iPod videoImage via Wikipedia

The amazing features concern the sound quality – it is clearer and stronger with a bass that is stronger articulated, the sound is also louder than that of the previous generations. The other good features are the easy control, the video feature is classified with “great”, but the flaws regard the interruption of the sound between the tracks, being blanked out. There are still other suggestions regarding the battery life, taking into account the amount of music that the iPod video has.
The pros may be gathered together pointing out the thin and attractive enclosure with a great display, the best sound, 15-20 hours of music, new clock and the time in other parts of the world. The cons highlight the incompleteness of the video integration that suggests the experimental project aspect, absence of the new games, no changes in the interface, the smaller screen than expected especially for video features edition. Another disadvantage concerns the slow transfer of photos direct from the camera.

saloperi de merde English: iPod 5th Generation...Image via Wikipedia

Some critics point out the fact that the design and the features of the iPod video may be seen from different perspectives. Therefore, the complaints and the satisfaction may be contradictory. These aspects may be seen from a movie lover perspective, an audiophile or photographer or even from a simple consumer with no great expectations. That is why you may find musician’s reviews or video addicted reviews that are in contradiction. You may decide in which category you may be situated for deciding if the iPod video is worth the money or not.
From the same point of view, you may say that as a music player the iPod video has superior quality of sound. As a screen for the photo album, the clarity of the screen may win the competition with any TV set’s screen. As a movie player, the iPod video is below the expectations, but it may be considered a great step in the video technology.

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