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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grabatron - Android Game Review

There are many, many Android games available, and there are more coming out all the time. One of these new games is Grabatron. At the low price of only USD $1.00, it certainly is inexpensive, but is this game worth the time it takes to download it and start trying it out.

What is it?

Grabatron is a game that puts you in space, controlling a UFO with a claw arm. Using your claw, you can grab things off the earth and either get rid of it or consume it. This isn’t all there is to this space game; you will also have to avoid the human military defenses and other enemies.

Game Play

It is easy to get into this game, even if you are a complete novice. When the game starts, you are given instruction screens to guide you. Game ply is easy because you control your ship by tilting your Android, and you control your claw with the touch screen. As you play, you are given missions – clear objectives to meet in order to progress. You will also need to keep yourself alive by dodging the aforementioned human defenses. All in all, however, many could well find the game play a bit boring after some time, as there is really only so much abducting one can do.


For a somewhat simple game conceptually, this game has quite sharp graphics. These beautiful graphics look the best on dual core Android products and will show up the best on some of the higher-end devices. The graphics can lag a bit on some devices.

Additional Content

While this game costs USD $1.00, you will probably spend more than that as you get into this game. You can find a special screen for buying extras such as additional levels or some added firepower. This is similar to how premium games work. This can help to make the initial purchase price of the game low and inexpensive for the casual gamer, this method can and up for much more pricey gaming experiences in the long run.

Trying it Yourself

Before shelling out the dollar, or more if you are lured in by extras, you can try this game. Grabitron Country is available for your Android. This pared down version of the game features the entire first level, and it should give you a very good idea of what to expect from subsequent levels if you pay for the full version of the game. Additionally, the game is similar to Hungry Shark, a title by the same developers. If you have played Hungry Shark, picture the game taking place in the sky instead of the sea and you will know exactly what to expect from this title.


This game can be fun and addictive, but it can also get a bit boring and repetitive as it stays very much on theme. Similar to Hungry Shark, it can be a good time waster, and the low price tag really is a plus. The biggest downside is the additional paid content, which is not necessary to enjoying the game, but it can get awfully tempting and terribly expensive.

Kate Greenberg is freelance writer and member of entrepreneur association, online games, roaming sim cards and new technologies.

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