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Thursday, February 9, 2012

IT Security - How To Prevent Data Hacking

Data hacking is a concern for every business in the world. When you conduct business, you have customers. Your customers trust you to keep their purchasing information safe. This information could contain financial information or other sensitive data. There are a lot of ways that you can keep your IT security up to par, but here are a few suggestions to get you up and running.

Hire A Hacker

Certified ethical hackers are employed by a lot of companies to test their firewalls and other IT security implementations. Hackers have inside knowledge on how to crack through the security and get to your sensitive data. If one hacker can do it, another one is surely capable. Be sure that the hacker you employ is certified and has a long-standing record of amicable business. Check their references and make sure that they are legitimate before you give them access to your system. 

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Quality Assessments

Run a quality assessment on your systems. This assessment should review the timelines of data swap between servers or databases. Use an IT security specialist to monitor any security protocols with weaknesses. Also have them check any passwords that are common along the system.


Data Touch Points

Create a map of the contributors for the relevant data coming across your system. One of the most common reasons that IT security is breaches is because somebody had access to data when they shouldn’t have. Determine exactly what applications are used in conducting each aspect of your business and give employees access the applications when needed. If the employees do not need access to the applications, implement a group policy to restrict them from accessing the applications. 

Regular System Reviews

When you are upgrading your systems or putting in new hardware, software or operating systems, thing can get very complicated. It’s not unheard of to have a system that is left unsecured during upgrades or downgrades. Conduct regular system reviews to make sure that your systems are not left without the proper IT security.


Security Policies

Security policy is a very wide spread genre in IT security. Simply implementing a group policy so your employees do not have access to certain programs may not be enough. Think about hiring a professional security vendor who can upgrade your firewalls or install new security policies across your systems. Make these security policies as specific as possible so you know what each employee needs in order to fulfill their job. Having a security vendor that specializes in your business’ niche is a good way to get tailored advice on IT security.

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IT security is a major concern because of online business. Having the ability to keep your customer’s information safe is essential for gaining their trust. Implementing these solutions to your business will not only keep your customers happy, it can bring in new business. Clients want a company that will not leak their information. With top tier IT security, you will never have to worry about this.

Rashed Khan hold an MSc in Software Engineering and enjoys guest posting on business/technology related topics.

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