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Monday, February 13, 2012

Mobile Video Conferencing: The Way Forward

Many companies and businesses have long adopted the practice of video conferencing – virtual audio-virtual meetings attended by people in two or more locations, and made possible by technologies in telecommunication. Today, with the penetration of mobile telephony, third generation networks and several options in phones with built in video cameras, mobile video conferencing is becoming a popular choice for businesses. There are several types of mobile video conferencing software that help companies organize meetings among people in different parts of the world.


Anytime, Anywhere

The most obvious advantage of adopting mobile video conferencing is that meetings can be held anytime and anywhere. Those attending the meeting need only dial in to the conference call, no matter where they are: at home, traveling or outdoors. It does not require the employees to be present together in a single room, something that can be difficult to accomplish for companies with its reach across different geographical location. For local companies, it cuts down all commuting hassles.
Life Size


Mobile video conferencing helps companies save money by eliminating the need for all employees to be at the same place. Those attending the meeting do not have to fly in to the location, or commute there. This also means that companies can hold meetings more often to brainstorm, review the ongoing work and take stock of what is being done.


Themabijeenkomst videoconferencingThemabijeenkomst videoconferencing (Photo credit: PiAir (Old Skool))

Improves Working Relationships

When meetings are held more often, the employees, or members of a team get to interact with each other more often than if mobile video conferencing was not used. This is especially true of teams that have members working from different locations. Interacting with each other more often means team members get to know each other, their strengths, weaknesses and how to capitalize on them. Video conferencing is more effective than phone calls because it provides actual face-to-face interaction.


English: Video conference session between SOVA...Image via Wikipedia

Customer Relationships

With mobile video conferencing, executives can interact face-to-face with the business’ customers or partners. This gives it a personal touch and generates goodwill for the business. In manufacturing industries, it can be used to show the product, or the progress that is being made on it. It can also help customer service executive’s deal with customers’ problems by being able to see and locate the problem, and demonstrate how to deal with it. This can be a lot more effective than just giving instructions over the telephone, particularly when it comes to complicated technologies.

Rashed Khan hold an MSc in Software Engineering and enjoys guest posting on business/technology related topics.

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