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Friday, February 10, 2012

Not Just another Mindless Computer Game

The internet and electronics in general is often lambasted by those that think children and adults should instead be enjoying activities outside. It is claimed that sitting in front of a computer does not promote a healthy social life and that the lack of activity could also cause health conditions. The thing is though, and whether it is a good thing or not, the internet and computers so even the objectors had might as well make the most of it.

In some cases, grumblers against the internet and computers could have a point as it is not ideal for people to be sat in front of a computer screen for long periods of time. Perhaps also some of the internet and computers based activities on offer do little to encourage the grey matter to exercise at all. They don’t have it all right however and they often seem to misunderstand what computer games can do for the mind. Instead of recognising that many games actually challenge the mind and can also be educational, the objectors simply seem to tar them all with the same brush of being something that has the stimulation properties of watching Big Brother. Of course, the reality is that many games are very thought provoking and an old favourite has also become very popular online in recent years…..poker.

Mind Challenge

Poker is certainly a game that will challenge the mind as opposed to encouraging the players to mindlessly click away at images on the screen. Although there is a degree of luck involved, poker is not just a game of chance and making the right decisions can help you to turn the odds in your favour. If you see somebody playing poker and they appear to be doing well, the chances are their minds are being challenged very much indeed. To play poker well also takes a great deal of mental discipline, even when the players are unable to physically see each other. It can be surprisingly difficult not to tilt in poker, an expression which means to react emotionally rather than rationally, and learning to keep a cool head rather than losing your wits under pressure can only be a good thing.

Playing poker well is not something that can be picked up as easily as you might learn to play gin rummy, for example. The good players will spend considerable time studying the game, learning how to act, how to make the odds work in their favour and how to out manoeuvre their opponents. To be able to look at the cards that have been dealt already and evaluate your chances of success against your opponents, whose hands you cannot see, takes some degree of mental exercise.

Many say that reading a book is good for expanding the mind, and they would be right. Reading a book does stimulate the mind and help us to expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. You are never likely to find somebody being admonished for reading a book, except by the school bullies that think education is for wimps. So next time you do see somebody sat in front of a computer screen evidently concentrating on some images on the screen don’t just scoff at them for playing some mindless game. Try to remember instead that they could well be playing a game of poker which could challenge the grey matter of some of the finest intellects around.

With online poker becoming increasingly popular, you will have no difficulty in finding fun and professional sites on which to play.
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