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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Technology to Get Internet Service without Phone Lines is Easy to Find and Install

In an economy where spending extra money is a financial burden, we tend to save more by cutting various expenses. In this regard, paying a telephone bill is a household expenditure we want to get rid of. This is mainly because of the fact that its utility has vanished over the years. Now we all have cell phones for making calls.

The trend of installing phone lines is diminishing day by day. Eventually, almost everyone will get rid of it because there are so many advanced options available for connecting to the internet. Regarding this, internet service providers look forward to this technology. They cater internet users from all segments. Availability of different internet packages makes it possible for everyone to go for it.

We needed a traditional telephone line just for the sake of connecting to the internet. But now, new technology has brought convenience for us. You can get internet services through various options. Some most popular options are mentioned below:

Wireless Digital Subscriber Line (DSL)

There are many users who want to get rid of using Internet through a telephone line. These users prefer switching to DSL. Getting a DSL was a difficult task some years ago. This is because it always required the installation of a phone line. However, you can connect to the Internet with having DSL without installing a phone line. DSL is a high speed internet service that is easily available.


You can also consider cable as a convenient option for selecting a high speed internet service provider. Some internet service providers offer their customers hardware such as cable modems. It is a wired solution. However, it does not require installing a phone line. To give their customers an addition in value, some companies also offer them other services along with internet services. These also include television packages.

For making international calls at relatively cheap rates, using cable can be the best option. For this reason, you can avail the benefits of a new technology called Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Due to the fact that different companies offer different plans to their customers, their packages vary a lot according to different areas. 


Satellite network service is another good option for you if you do not want to use a phone line. Although Satellite network services are very similar to cable services, they can also be available to people living in rural areas. The cost of having cable services and satellite network services is same. However, you can have reduced costs if you subscribe to its bundled packages.

First of all, you will have to put a satellite dish on your building. Satellite internet service offers high-speed internet connection. However, the main issue with this service is that it is not as resistant to bad weather as other internet services. For instance, if it rains or snows, internet users find themselves unable to feel the consistency in their internet connection. The reason behind it is that the signals cannot be transmitted if there is moisture in the air.


Wi-Fi is the best technology for connecting to the internet wherever you are. If you want to use Wi-Fi and avail its advantages of unlimited broadband, then you need to find out how you can have access over a hub. The internet signals are transmitted by this hub. There are various local businesses that help you get access to Wi-Fi. Although it has data security issues, it provides the fastest service.

What to Choose

Due to an increased number of choices in the world of internet, sometimes it is difficult to decide which internet service to choose. Although all the above mentioned services do not require you to take the burden of installing a phone line, you still have to make some considerations. 

In order to make a decision, doing a bit of research is always good. Since different companies charge differently because each one has a different package to offer you, make sure that you know quite well about the latest prices. The strategy of internet service providers is to attract maximum customers. That is why they offer internet services for competitive prices.

If they are offering their services on the basis of any promotion, ensure that the promotion period has not expired yet.

The above article is composed and edited by Eva K. She is associated with many technology and web communities as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to broadband deals, technology, mobile applications, etc

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