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Friday, February 10, 2012

Two Features to Look for When Buying Performance Testing Software

Over 700 million people use the Internet to conduct online business, from buying hand soap to baby diapers, there is a person looking to buy almost anything available online. With so much growth for online businesses, more and more e-commerce sites are looking for software to help handle the loads of traffic being directed their way. Some go the traditional route and purchase performance software through large computer companies, while others go online to see what they can find. Making a decision on software can mean the difference between losing hundreds of customers and making thousands of dollars.

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Demo Me

You understand what your company needs are better than anyone else. You also recognize the type of software needed to ensure that your e-commerce business stays operational during large spikes in traffic. Most companies selling performance testing tools will go over their features, show you a few videos as to how the software works and give you data sheets about what makes their product so great. However, few companies actually let you download a free version of the software to use as a demo.

Showing is better than telling, and any company that can show you why its products are superior rather than tell you is a sure winner. When a company shows you what its software can do, you can understand the type of tests it can perform, the type of problems it can solve, and how quickly the software can help you resolve issues. Most companies selling website load testing software will not let you demo their software, but those that do, can help you grade the product before you invest.

Versatility in Software

Of course, perhaps the biggest determining factor for why you end up buying a product from Company A instead of Company B will come down to the software’s usage. Testing tools were all created differently, from what it can examine to where it can run tests from to solve a problem. Some websites sell a one-dimensional website load testing tool for consumers to complete a specific task, while others sell a program that can handle the needs of a customer in e-commerce, social media, e-learning and entertainment.

You always want a piece of software that can multi-task for you and perform a variety of tests on a scale necessary for your company size. This versatility can change the landscape of your e-commerce business to handle the multiple testing challenges a small, medium and large size company will face on a daily basis, during the holidays or if it grows internationally.

SOASTA provides website load testing tools and testing tools for mobile applications. Performance Tests For Websites are correlated and analyzed in real-time to quickly find and fix problems.

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