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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Why LCD is a Better Option than Traditional TVs?

Since a few years ago, LCD’s and flat screens monitors have been introduced in markets and have proved to be a great success as for having a great number of built in advantages in them. Here are a number of advantages of LCD's for the techno lovers which can never enjoy in case of having a traditional TV set:

Offer Brighter Display: The LCD display works in s different way than the traditional televisions or monitors which use tubes to create the displays while the LCD’s use pixels therefore giving a brighter display.

Home cinema setup Sony KDL-40W2000 LCD TV. Ful...Image via Wikipedia

Un-Flickered Quality Picture: The LCD TV’s give flicker free picture as the light of source is constant throughout the screen and it remains on once it is on. On the other hand the TV picture is refreshed every time a new ray of light comes.

A generic LCD TV, with speakers on either side...Image via Wikipedia

Save Energy and Save Bills: Another great advantage of LCD is that it consumes much low power then the traditional TV which has estimated to be 65% less than TV so it is more environments friendly as well as save your bills.

Slim and Sleek in Design: the LCD’s are slim and sleek in design up to 9 inches so it can be easily placed anywhere conveniently. The slim design is also attractive for the buyers.

WEGA (KDL-S19A10) is Sony's LCD TV.Image via Wikipedia

Wall Hanging Design: LCD’s are thin so that they are easily mountable on the walls like pictures and you does not need any special trolleys or sands as for the traditional TV’s.

An Understanding of LCD TV Terms:

When you go to buy an LCD, you will be a number of terms which you come across in the market which you need to understand to choose the good option.

Aspect Ratio: The aspect ratio is what determines the suitability of the TV to watch movies and videos in true widescreen format. Normal televisions have the aspect ratio of 3:4 while the LCD’s have the aspect ratio of 6:19 therefore providing a good widescreen picture making it best to watch DVD and VHS movies along with other television programming.

English: A very large LG LCD TV on show at CES...Image via Wikipedia

Candela: Candela is the unit that determines the brightness and it is actually the number of units that are required to produce the same intensity of light.

Contrast Ratio: Contrast ratio is the degree of variation between the darkest spot and the brightest spot on the screen. The higher the ratio the clearer and shaper would be the screen image.

High Definition TV: High definition TV or HDTV is a term increasingly being used to know the standard of the LCD TV signals. So it would be wise to choose a HDTV for you.

Desired Inputs: If you love to watch movies and use DVD players, game consoles or computers etc then look for the one having a great number of inputs in your device so as to make it use in a variety of ways.

Appropriate TV Tuner: A TV tuner is required to tune to receive the signals coming in. usually most TVs lack such tuners and therefore they use the cable box or the re signal devices for their TV so make sure LCD has the appropriate tuner as well as the necessary equipment.

Quality of Accessories: It is essential that the accessories such as cables that you use to connect to other devices such as DVD or VCD players or computers should of high quality to get the good results ultimately.

Price of the LCD: It is also important that you choose the best price around the market. Therefore it is recommended to have a thorough survey of the market as well as reading the online comments and prices for the specific product you are opting.

And last but not the least come your ability to play the different TV signals successfully. Different parts of the world use different TV signals formats so it is worthwhile choosing a TV with a multi-system so as to utilize the maximum opportunities. If you are interested to buy Palsonic LCD TV then you can visit BigBrownBox.com.au today to find the quality you are looking for.

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