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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Yahoo Messenger Spy Reveals Your Loved one’s Virtual Social Network

These days, people can seemingly live one life “offline” and a completely separate life “online” which is why you need tools like Yahoo Messenger Spy.  This is because Yahoo Messenger is one of the most popular social networking platforms where your children or loved one’s go to meet and socialize with complete strangers in many cases.  So to protect your children and discreetly monitor a loved one’s activities, Yahoo Spy is a powerful weapon that can wield to stay informed and in control.

Keep a Watchful Eye on Adventurous Children Using Yahoo Messenger Spy

Chances are pretty good that your children might know more about your computer than you do.  This means that without programs like Yahoo Spy, they can hide their true activities on Yahoo Messenger by deleting IM’s, creating hidden contacts, etc.   But once you install Yahoo Messenger Spy, all of their activities will be laid bare before your eyes and they won’t even know they are being monitored.  Specifically, Yahoo Spy will secretly monitor:

  • Every Chatting Session:  Yahoo is a very popular platform for chatting which is why many predators and potential threats lurk in the chat rooms.  Yahoo Messenger Spy will secretly record every single Instant Message for you to review from your user account—even the IM’s they try and delete!
  • All Yahoo Voice Calls:  VOIP’s, or phone calls made via Yahoo Messenger, are all captured by the Yahoo Spy Software and sent to your user account for review.
  • See All Contacts:  Yahoo Messenger Spy is a vital tool for parents trying to monitor their children’s network of virtual friends because it reveals everyone—even the contacts your children try to hide.
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Buy Yahoo Messenger Spy Cannot Keep Track of All Computing Activities

Even though Yahoo Spy Software works great on Yahoo Messenger, it will be unable to monitor activities on competing platforms like Facebook or MSN.  In addition, Yahoo Spy Messenger cannot log all keystrokes, track web browsing activity, or show you which applications someone is using. 

To see your loved one’s entire virtual social network and all of their computing activities, you will need a powerful PC monitoring software suite.  In fact and for best results, look for Computer Monitoring Software that includes Yahoo Messenger Spy and these cutting edge features:
  • Keystroke Logging to Track Every Key Pressed
  • Automatic Screen Shots to Track Every Website Visitied
  • Automatic Screen Shots to Track Every Application Used
  • Voice Call Recording for MSN, Yahoo and Skype Calls
  • Spy MSN Messenger
  • Yahoo Messenger Spy
  • Surround Recording for your Computer’s Microphone

Author Bio
Jane has been in the business of providing quality information on PC monitoring software. Most recently her focus has shifted towards the Yahoo Messenger Spy which is making waves in the technology world today.

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