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Saturday, March 31, 2012

How Do Computer Programmers Write Code?

Computer programmers are a vital workforce. Computers are an indispensable tool in today’s society, but few of us ever spare a though to the unnoticed few who plan, design, write, test, debug, rewrite, and maintain the software that keeps the digital age running at the light speed that it is today. 

Programmers are the people who literally write the program code that gets interpreted by a machine, executed on its processor and then displayed as output for all to see: but when somebody says they’re a programmer most of us cower away in awe and confusion. Programs interact with our promotional USB devices, or manipulate our photos, or browse the web and they literally breathe life into our computers. What exactly is a programmer? What do they do? What is programming?

Programming, literally, is the term used to describe making the program that will run on a computer. Common computer programs will include the operating system and kernel (to an extent), as well as the web browser, the office suite and text editor, and even computer games. The step from an engineer coming up with an idea to us double clicking it on a promotional USB flash drive or CD is a big one, so let’s examine in a bit more detail how a computer program might come into existence.

Generally, it will start with an idea for a program. This could include a simple computer game, or something as complicated as software which runs on trading indexes in stock exchanges. The most common things for a programmer or engineer to think about when he’s planning his program will include what input is given, what process needs to happen and what the output needs to look like. A basic example might be a word processor. Here the computer program will take in information, or input, in the form of key presses. It will then process that information, or in this case turn the key presses into digital signals which can then be saved, deleted or processed more. Finally, output of a word processor might include displaying the text on a monitor, or sending the document to a printer.

A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanDisk Cruze...A Sandisk-brand USB thumb drive, SanDisk Cruzer Micro, 4GB. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once the idea is fixed in a computer programmer’s head, he might use flow charts and other tools to start to plan and design how his program might work, in terms of data flows, input and output, among other things. Then, when he’s got a rough idea of how it all needs to look, he’ll begin to ‘program’, or write the program code. Programs are usually written in languages, such as C++, Java, Python, C# or Ruby. Program languages are literally just that, a ‘language’ of instructions which provide a link between the human and the computer. Program languages are ‘human-readable’, to the extent that humans can understand them, but rather than tell a story or detail an event program languages relay instructions; like ‘if this happens do this’ or ‘when this happens do this and get rid of this’. To back-up safely and ensure no loss of work, a programmer may use a custom USB memory stick and limit the risk of not being able to open files if the computer were to fail.

When the programmer has written his code, he either compiles it (if the language he’s chosen to write in needs compiling) or executes it directly into the debugger. Here, the debugger will look for mistakes or inefficiencies in his program code, which the programmer can then rectify before saving his finished code. Some computer programs will consist of millions of lines of code; which will tell the computer everything from how to install a program and to what to do when the shutdown command is sent. Programmers are found the world over and are a very, very important occupation.

USB Design is a manufacturer of promotional USB sticks and other promotional gadgets. We constantly write technical content to engage with our market and strive to be the best in our industry.

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Friday, March 30, 2012

Inside view on flexible task management

Modern life is fast and full of rush and doesn't value those who have no abilities to obey its rhythm. Life is a complicated thing and sometimes there is no time even to think about it, its processes, future goals and plans. Researchers have found out that nine months of our life (during which time a woman can bear a child), a person spends in washing and ironing, and three months in a traffic jam. Over a lifetime, people spend two weeks praying, six months on the road, five years they eat and drink, twenty four years and nine months – sleeping, and at last seven years working. Seven years of tasks, projects, plans, contracts and chaos in the office life. We are facing with different aspects of collaborative spirit and try to transform it into a well-organized and customized workflow process. For one of us it's easy to collect a team and manage it in a proper way to achieve results we planned, for the rest – such a task is hard and even impossible.

Visual experience

Effective management is possible through a combination of the unity of economic, administrative and socio-psychological groups of practices. As well as the application of all these methods is successful when the organizational skills were set, ensuring the establishment of a clear work schedule for every member of a team, to establish his responsibility. Normal functioning of task management insists that all types of workflow methods are strictly regulated and brought into the customized framework. Sorry for the pseudoscientific delirium, but it is so.

Looking back in the past I have faced such a situation when I was jumping from one task manager to another hearing the words aloud: 'New task manager' or 'The best IT desk help tracker'! May be it was normal for somebody, but for me these slogans were pathetic and sounded annoying.

While searching 'task management El Dorado' I discovered a solution of customizing workflow process by Comindware. At your service is a web-based collaborative software for customizing workflow processes including tasks, sub-tasks and projects. Thanks to it tasks can be automatically generated and assigned as tracked positions are created or progress from one step to another.

Free task management

Comindware Task Management is a team-oriented task and project management software literally without any limits. The on-premise version is FREE and supports an unlimited number of tasks, users, projects, and departments. So you can try it and make a decision about this product on your own. Anyway with Comindware you have endless possibilities in customizing workflow process. Each project, team or department can have its own separate workspace and security settings yet still share resources on a single system. Unlike other similar software, Comindware tools are based on ultra-flexible ElasticData technology, which supports an unlimited task hierarchy. Thanks to it you can create and track as many tasks and projects as you want.

Customize and create!

If you are able to run a team or department via phone calls, video chats and live conversations, so customizing the workflow process using Comindware Task Management will be pleasant and easy for you. Organize work efforts into tasks and projects, set priorities and deadlines, collaborate, share files, and set-up automated notifications and alerts, update and track the status of tasks, view organized task lists, dashboards and reports – simply create your workflow process and make it perfect and flexible according to your needs!

Author's bio: 

Ryan Hardy currently works in Project management insights, Sydney, Australia, project-management-insights.com. He likes to test various software and mobile applications and share his experience with the others. Years of productive analysis and tests showed him the right vector in using task management software, so he began writing for other blogs from around the world about it and not only.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Choose the Mobile Phone and the GSM Repeater for it!

The main argument in favor of the choice of touch screen phone is great and easy using of the screen. It is very easily to look videos or movies on such screen and fans of social networks will always be able to communicate, even looking up from their computer as the letters can be read without any effort. Fashion for touch screen phones is spreading worldwide and according to recent polls every second buyer chooses this model of the mobile phone with a touch screen.

And according to polls of users of touch phones 38% use not a stylus, but a finger; that’s why the latest models have the increasing size of the screen for convenience of such users. There is an outdated view that such models of touch screen phones are very fragile, but this opinion is far from reality. All models are well fortified, and even fall to the ground does not pose any danger.

Each new model of touch screen phones is more convenient, but the developers don’t stop on the reached and carry out further modernization of functions for simplicity and comfort. Between the companies which produce such touch screen phones there is always a competition for “consumer’s love”, and a good idea for one model can become the basis for many other phones, produced later. Besides touch screen phones generally are issued as smart phones that offer their users a wide range of different software for all age and social categories.

GSM Mobile Repeater

So you are determined with the choice of the touch screen phone. One more problem – how to boost the cellular signal of your new phone? It’s also very easy! You need to choose the mobile signal booster - a very useful gadget that will amplify the signals of your mobile phone and your mobile base station as it works in both directions.

Therefore, today there is a gsm or 3g signal booster that allows you to enjoy all the possibilities that your new mobile phone provides! If you are a fan of traveling by car or you spend there the most of your time, the cellular repeater for gsm or 3g is for you. You can also choose the dual band cell amplifier that works in 2 directions: gsm for 900/1800, gsm 900/3g 2100 and cdma 800/1900.
All you need is determine with the model you need according to the area and frequency of your mobile operator and then install your gadget!

Vishal G is the professional blogger, who writes for tricksmachine.com on Technology updates and gadgets.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Storage Tools To Help You Make Every Minute Count

The very first cell phone I ever laid eyes on was back in college. My professor brought one to class, and it looked like a brick. It had to have taken up her entire purse. A few years later, my older sister got her very first cell phone. At the time it looked so sleek and tiny. A couple of weeks ago, we found that old phone and laughed about how bulky it was and how the only thing it could do was make phone calls. Now, phones really are sleek and tiny and can do just about everything except fold the laundry. Technology moves so quickly that it's sometimes hard to keep up on the ways it can help simplify our lives.

The way that we store electronic files such as photos, documents, reports and presentations has also evolved to make business and personal life flow a little more effortlessly. There never seems to be enough time to finish up everything at work. Before you know it, it's time to pick up the kids, go to the soccer game, make dinner and help with homework. If you're really lucky, you may even find a few minutes to get a little more work done on that project you've been working on, but you probably don't want to waste time running back to the office.  Portable electronic storage devices help to solve this problem. They allow you to carry your electronic files with you wherever you go, so you can take advantage of those spare minutes.

There are a variety of portable electronic storage options that allow you to bring your work with you. Just like cell phones, electronic storage devices are getting smaller and smaller while holding more and more information. Here are a few options you might consider when looking for a way to store and transport your important files. 

External Hard Drives

External hard drives come in a variety of sizes with varying levels of portability. One of the best things about external hard drives is that they can store anywhere from a few hundred GB to more than a terabyte of data. They generally cost around $100 depending on the size. While they are small enough to be portable, ranging from the size of a smart phone to a hard back novel, most have multiple cords to hook up and are somewhat difficult to carry around and use frequently. 

Toshiba 1 TB 2.5Toshiba 1 TB 2.5" External USB Hard Disk Drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Flash Drives

These are a great option for storing data to take back and forth between work and home simply because they are so small. Flash drives can fit in your pocket or even clip onto your keys. They hold more than enough data for most uses and are growing in their storage capacity all the time, while often shrinking in size. Flash drives are also a very affordable option. You can easily find a flash drive with 4 GB for under $20. Despite their convenience, flash drives can be lost or damaged, so it's always a good idea to make sure your important files are saved in multiple places.

Français : Clefs USB. English: USB flash drive...Français : Clefs USB. English: USB flash drives (capacity: 256 MB, 2 GB and three with 8 GB). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cloud Storage

One of the newest and most convenient ways to store your data is by using cloud storage. This type of storage requires no devices that can be lost or broken. Instead, data is stored online through a server. The user signs up through a host company and buys virtual storage space. The great thing about this is that once signed up, you can access your files from anywhere. You can update a file at home, and when you get to the office the next day, it's ready for you to keep going.  You also don't have to waste time transferring files from one PC to another. Once files are stored in the cloud, you can access them from any PC or even your phone. 

Data Storage DeviceData Storage Device (Photo credit: BinaryApe)

Another exciting bonus of using cloud storage is the option to e-print documents and photos. This service allows you to print to a selected printer from anywhere. You can send important documents from home, the airport or even the soccer game to your work printer. This cuts out the step of having to e-mail a document and wait for it to download. Now, you can send it straight to the printer. You also have the option of sending it to a print and copy store, saving yourself another trip to the office. 

When thinking about ways to help your business grow, portable electronic storage options may not be the first thing on your list to take care of, but don't underestimate their value. We lead such busy lives and are pulled in so many different directions all day long. We need to take advantage of those otherwise lost minutes during halftime at a soccer game, while waiting at the airport or right after the kids have gone to bed. These electronic storage devices help enable you to finalize that big project while still living your life.

Meg Hartman is a freelance writer for Venafi.  Venafi is the leader in enterprise key and certificate management.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why You Need Virtualization

An organization’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing path of technology is one thing that helps it become successful. This is true because most companies operate under the wing if technology, and many organization’s objectives are to provide some kind of technological service or product.

Because of this basic need across the world, virtualization has grown to a point where it is being adapted, in some form or another, by many if not most digital organizations. The main benefits of virtualization can be summed up into two main areas:
  • Efficiency
  • IT flexibility
The reason virtualization allows for greater flexibility is because of what it is, a tool that reduces the number of servers needed to fulfill computing tasks. This, as you can imagine, can save a company a lot of direct and indirect financial resources. Some companies operate under hundreds of servers and virtualization technology has allowed them to reduce that number significantly.

The reason virtualization allows for greater IT flexibility is because of its ability to free up resources that would otherwise be spent managing such operations. It also allows an organization to take the first step towards to relying on another form of virtualization, i.e. cloud computing.

There are many virtualization partners that have emerged in recent years and there are plenty of resources online to aid in a company’s adaptation into such technologies. Really, if your company is not virtualized in some way at this point, you’re behind the times.

There are many who would contend the security of virtualized tools, but for the most part it is as normal as any other software security issue. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is heavily debatable on whether or not it is a secure solution. Overall, virtualization security has developed enough to the point where most people can trust it. There are some really big players in the virtual security field, which accounts for much of the trust people have in such programs.

There really are many benefits to using virtualization technology today. It’s like when you had to convince your grandma that using a cell phone is so much more convenient than a land-line, once she learned how to use it. There are countless examples like that where adapting to the growth and changes in technology can really help a company out, if they will just give it a try. There’s always going to be that learning curve, but that’s never too difficult to get through.

To learn more about virtualization, including topics like virtualization security, please visit www.virtualizationpractice.com.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

How to Easily perform mailbox migration between two Exchange 2010 Servers

For a long time now, I have been associated with migrating user mailboxes from an older Exchange version to a higher one. Our organization has thousands of users and each migration involved moving tens of thousands of mailboxes. Users would normally delete the corrupt items in their mailbox and the export becomes easy.

Recently, as I was moving a mailbox to Exchange 2010 Server, the process got interrupted with a message to increase the 'BadItemLimit' value and then retry. This was possibly happening due to corrupt items in the mailbox and I had a fear of losing precious user data. I ran the 'New-MailboxRepairRequest' with the '-DetectOnly' option. But it seemed that the command failed to identify and repair individual mailbox items. It works similar to the 'ISINTEG' tool. I again ran the command with different options this time:

'New-MailboxRepairRequest -Database DB1 -CorruptionType Folderview, SearchFolder, AggregateCounts'

I was examining the Event viewer for the events '10047' and '10062'. These show up when the repair process starts or whenever the corruptions are repaired. However, I was able to find nothing and it appeared as if the 'New-MailboxRepairRequest' doesn't work for damaged mailbox items. We do not have these problems for every user mailbox, but only a small percentage of mailboxes. The question was how we got corrupt items that were working fine in prior to this migration. Also, the process was extremely exhaustive and unreliable that asked every time to increase the 'BadItemLimit' value until it finally works. I personally called the user to determine what was going wrong and carefully examine the mailbox. There were some items from the Exchange 5.5 migration like calendars, appointments etc. It would have been much better if we found all the corrupt items at once.

For verifying the integrity of all data in the mailbox, we followed the below procedure:

  • Ran ESEUTIL from the '\EXCHSRVR\BIN' directory as follows: eseutil /mh “database name”
  • Initiated a soft recovery using the 'eseutil /r' switch. Also used the '/I' and '/D' parameters as the databases were stored in different locations.
  • Performed a hard repair with the help of 'eseutil /p'.

We still encountered the same problem and this time I practically gave up. I decided to try hands at commercial Exchange Server recovery tools. Yes, this time it ran with no errors. The Exchange recovery software helped us to recover every item in the mailbox with a little effort. I used them for each mailbox flagged as corrupt.

About the Author:

Axel Culver is an active blogger and a technical writer. She has approx. 6.0 years of experience in working with MS Exchange Server. She is doing research on some commercial Exchange recovery and Exchange BKF Recovery programs.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Demand for Website Maintenance in Commercial Businesses

Businesses compete hard against one another all over the world. One of the activities that companies perform is to put up a website that allows their customers to get to know their firm better. Websites play a major role in online businesses and their activities which is why there is a growing demand for information technology or IT personnel.

If you are looking for an opportunity to properly establish your own business and get great prospects from an IT program, then doing website maintenance might be one of the many roles in Internet related jobs that you might want to look into. Right now, the increasing need for webmasters and web developers continue to rise due to the popularity of online tasks, and this doesn’t stop with building the website, sometimes a more important role like maintaining or administrating the website arises.

MacGyvers of The Web

Webmasters are considered as the jack of all trades in the internet world. It is no surprise that they are expected to be skillful and have extensive knowledge when it comes to traditional IT jobs and services. And specifically, web administrators or maintenance head are the total MacGyvers of the web. They can find flaws and efficiently and effectively solve them.

Web-mastering and development entail educating customers and authors, the generation of log reports, content management and publishing, website and server security, client interaction, server performance maintenance and monitoring, client side scripting, creating templates for authors and providing user and technical report among others. These tools can be used in problems and issues prevention, diagnostics and solution.

What to Look For in Finding a Reliable Web Administrator


With the above-mentioned responsibilities, commercial businesses can really benefit from having a reliable web administrator. Companies are provided help when it comes to online applications including ongoing site tuning, e-commerce offers and even the management and creation of pictures and logos and many other things. Advancements like script upgrades and CMS changes will also be handled smoothly with the help of a web admin.

This is an important aspect of maintaining a website because out of the hundreds of millions accessing the Internet and potentially your website, there will always be a small number of them who might be out there to exploit security vulnerabilities of your website. This can lose you money, customers and ultimately destroy your website and your business’s reputation. And a business websites gets hacked or exploited with viruses or malwares, customers tend to remember it for a long time.

Today, job opportunities have flooded in this profession perhaps because of the recognition given to outsourcing. Before you hire a webmaster, it is significant that you check that he is indeed a webmaster. These people are supposed to be equipped with technical knowledge and educational attainment particularly in IT courses including ASP, PHP and JavaScript. Apart from technical jobs, they can also handle marketing, advertising and e-commerce project completion which are there of the most essential business aspects right now.

Paul has been a web administrator for more than 3 years. He makes sure that the websites he handles are hosted by a reliable cPanel dedicated server or cPanel VPS hosting company. 
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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is Cyber Shopping Taking over Your Life?

What is online shopping addiction and how can you minimize it?

While research into compulsive shopping is still ongoing and it is often treated as something of a joke or not accepted as a “real” addiction in the way that say, alcohol, is, there is plenty of evidence of people getting into real trouble because of a need to spend.

The most recent research into shopping addiction has uncovered the role that online shopping plays in the compulsion. Cyber shopping has many attractive qualities for addicts; it is quickly accessible so can satisfy a craving quickly; shoppers often don’t even need to enter any details if they’ve used a site before so it won’t even feel like spending money; it is anonymous and avoids social interactions; addicts can compare products and easily be given recommendations and suggestions for other purchases.

So it is easy to see how cyber shopping can become a compulsion in itself, even to people not addicted to retail shopping. It is easy to overspend, particularly as sites encourage you to make just one more little purchase by recommending products and emailing you with suggestions.

If you feel that cyber shopping is taking over your life it can be difficult to know how to cut down. The internet is such a big part of our lives, and product ads follow us around the internet, tempting us at every click of the mouse.

Steps to minimize your online shopping addiction:

First step is to delete accounts to online stores like Amazon, in particular the ones that save your bank details or credit card details. You can even block sites; if you use Internet Explorer go into Tools, Internet Options and then the Privacy tab. Select sites and you can enter addresses that you want to block. Other browsers vary but if you Google “block sites” and your browser name you will find instructions.

Stick a note on your computer saying “Don’t shop”. Set up a spreadsheet, and every time you want to buy something put how much it costs onto the spreadsheet. Keep a running total and this will show you how much you’re not spending, and remind you how much you would have wasted.

If there are some things that you have to buy online, set up a card or system with a strict spending limit, so you won’t be able to overspend.

If you feel that your addiction is unmanageable, you should seek professional help. Online support groups are a good place to start, as is your doctor.


Ukash lets you use your cash to pay online by exchanging your notes and coins for a voucher for safe, anonymous and controlled online shopping. Visit http://www.ukash.com/uk/en/home.aspx for more information on how to obtain the vouchers and where to spend Ukash vouchers.

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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Adopt Mobile Working Patterns with Virtual Desktops

Cloud-based IT solutions are transforming the traditional workplace and enable staff to adopt mobile working patterns. The ability to access business data and software applications through remotely hosted virtual desktops means you no longer have to physically be in the office to keep your organization moving.

Bespoke IT network experts can provide your company with a virtual desktop that not only maintains productivity but remains protected from outside threats. Essentially, you won’t have to worry about your valuable information becoming damaged or compromised thanks to the latest technology.

The Complete Solution

What difference would it make to your business if employees had the freedom to work anywhere, access information remotely and turn any location into an extension of their own personal office?
These are the questions anyone considering utilizing virtual desktops should consider. The potential rewards for your company could be significant as physical limitations are removed and staff in different areas is given the ability to work seamlessly together.

If you’re ready to do serious business then virtual desktops are a smart option. Sales teams, global offices and enterprise are just some of the main beneficiaries. Instead of standing still, your team can remain active and on the move with complete access to company data wherever they may be. If the need arise, the best IT solutions providers are also on hand to deliver full system support for any queries you may have.

This peace of mind is further enhanced by the use of disaster recovery, included as standard by quality IT firms. Information held in data centers could come under attack from hackers or other malicious threats so it’s essential to have safeguards in place. Strict security protocols mean that your data is kept protected and available 24 hours a day. In addition, a virtual desktop means that you don’t need to invest in your own expensive servers or build a costly computer room to house equipment.

Fixed, scalable pricing based on per user, per month also ensures that you’re well aware of much you’ll be paying.

Indeed, opting for a virtual desktop also has the added benefit of saving money on Microsoft Office Suite packages as all employees can access software remotely. Plus, the best providers will also offer Microsoft Exchange for email.

This flexibility extends to be able to personalize your desktop with the applications you require in a Windows 7 environment. Any Windows application you need can also be installed.

If you want your business, sales teams, home workers or managers to be able to access company information wherever they are across the globe then arrange for your own virtual desktop to be installed today. Bespoke IT solutions experts will be happy to explain and demonstrate the technology alongside other cloud-based systems.

Competition in the modern business world is fierce and virtual desktops allow you to stay ahead of your rivals and maintain productivity whilst having the reassurance that your valuable information is secure.

About Author : Kristina Louis is a freelance content writer by profession.She writes article on behalf of virtual desktops virtual desktops. Gadgets and Internet technology are her topic of interest and she find immense pleasure in writing article on Internet technology.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Take the Opportunity of SIM Only Contracts

Here are some great reasons why you would want to consider SIM only as your next contract. SIM only contracts will cost you less per month as a SIM card is only provided. They are more adaptable as you can switch networks or change the tariff if it is not suitable. With a standard mobile contract you will receive a mobile phone along with the SIM but with a SIM only contract you will just receive a SIM card. This is why these plans can cost much less then most deals. The SIM card you receive is placed in your mobile to acquire the services of the network. Here are the best features of SIM-Only:

Minimum of One Month Contract is Available

If you are not looking for a long contract then there are other options available which give you the same benefits of a standard contract. All SIM only plans come with either on a 30 day rolling agreement or a 12 Month plan. This variety of plans will suit different user’s needs and how long they wish to commit to. It is possible to get better deals with longer plans, where you can get a discount for the longer agreement. When you want to cancel you give your notice period and there is no termination fee.

Any Time Any Network Calls

With different providers offering mobile tariffs and each provider having their own network infrastructure. It becomes necessary to make calls to different networks. With SIM only you dont have to be concerned about calling a different network, SIM only tariffs come with any network calls which you can make at any time. Of course the number of calls you make is not unlimited but also depends on the package you have chosen. You will also have to check what the charges are if you do exceed the allowance as the prices can differ amongst the networks.

Ideal for SIM Free Mobiles

When you purchase a SIM free mobile it is essentially contract free and does not come with a SIM. SIM free mobiles can benefit from SIM-only as you can choose the network you want. You can also change networks too with less hassle as SIM free mobiles are unlocked. Furthermore these phones can be used abroad where you can pick up a local SIM to avoid roaming charges.

No Longer Be Bound To a Single Provider

Many of the vendors in the UK are offering SIM only contracts. You do not have to stick with one provider and can change deals if there are better offers available. This has significantly increased competition in this sector lowering prices and the introduction of incentives associated with SIM only deals. Choose from Vodafone SIM only for their Blackberry and iPhone plans to Three Mobile which offers unlimited internet SIM only deals.

Karim is a technology enthusiast and is currently writing about SIM only contracts. You can find great value deals with Vodafone SIM only for your iPhone and SIM free phone.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Infographics:The Rise of Tablet in Small Businesses

The tablet is really becoming the next big thing since the desktop and the laptop. At first it was for individual used now it has started to invade even the corporate setting which start in small business.

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Monday, March 19, 2012

What is Computer Demanufacturing?

Computer demanufacturing is the process of completely disassembling a computer and then recycling or disposing of the various parts and pieces. While anyone can disassemble a computer on their own, professional computer demanufacturing companies specialize in the breakdown process and have systems in place for recycling and disposing of any potentially hazardous material effectively. Many of these companies can also securely destroy any of the personal information remaining on a hard drive before recycling or reusing them. This can accomplished in one of three ways: overwriting the data, degaussing (reducing the magnetic field of a drive) or physical destruction of the device.

What Computer Parts are Recyclable?

Many computer demanufacturing services recycle more than just the metal pieces that are found within a computer. In addition to the commonly recycled parts, such as motherboards, circuit boards and cables, many parts of a computer are made out of recyclable plastic and glass. These recycled parts can then be used to manufacture new items in the future.

What Computer Parts are Hazardous Materials?

Batteries, mercury switches and fluorescent lamps are just a few of the hazardous parts found inside a computer. These hazardous materials must be disposed of properly to prevent harmful toxins from polluting the environment. Often times there are federal, state or local regulations in place that govern how hazardous materials are labeled, transported and disposed. Violating these regulations could result in legal action.

Re-using your electronics devices

Who Pays for Computer Demanufacturing?

A computer demanufacturing service will either collect a fee or pay the customer depending on the size and quantity of computers being demanufactured. Taking one computer to a demanufacturing center may cost the center more in labor and disposal fees than the company will earn by recycling the metal, plastic or glass parts. In this case, it would not be uncommon for the demanufacturing center to charge a fee to properly recycle and dispose of the computer's parts. If a larger quantity of computers are brought to a demanufacturing center, it could a person a little extra cash.

Broken Computer? Don't Throw it Out!

Consider visiting an electronics recycling and disposal service instead of throwing away your old computer. Computer demanufacturing is an effective way to reduce electronic waste, or e-Waste, in landfills. It also provides an extra benefit to the environment by creating another resource for manufacturers that make use of all of the recycled plastics, metals and glass found within a computer.

Article courtesy of ROUND2, an Avnet company. We are a national provider of vertically integrated, closed-loop, 100% green compliant electronics recycling services.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

5 Reasons You'll Want to Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft Windows keeps on coming out with new versions, and in the past they've been hit and miss. Sometimes it's great to upgrade, while other times it's best to simply buckle down and hold tight until a better version of Windows comes down the pike. In the case of Windows 8, it's okay to upgrade. In fact, the following are some great reasons to do so sooner instead of later.

Live Tiles

The ability to go beyond icons and simply touch tiles to access what you want can dramatically speed up the process of finding what you want. With Windows 8, you won't have as much emphasis on finding files as on simply touching the appropriate tile for whatever you want.

Storing the Operating System Anywhere

Windows 8 isn't just for desktops and laptops. It isn't even just for desktops, laptops and tablets. You can even store the entire, fully functional operating system on a thumb drive. Some rumors even suggest that in time, a Windows 8 phone may even be realized. This level of portability and interactivity would be revolutionary for a Microsoft product, and would really put them back in the race with other operating systems.

The Gaze Interface

With a specialized webcam, you will literally be able to look at the screen, blink your eyes and click on an icon to open it. While it might take some getting used to, the Gaze interface has been developed in tandem with Windows 8 to make the integration seamless.

Dual Interface Options

You can either go with the classic Windows user interface or the new Metro UI. Either way will work with Windows 8, and you can try out both without sacrificing your ability to run your more useful programs.

Windows Store

These days, having an online store chock full of apps isn't optional. Windows has jumped on-board with both feet, launching its Windows Store. Windows 8 will be totally compatible with the Store, allowing you to pick up all kinds of apps at your leisure and install them from anywhere.

Upgrading to Windows 8 is going to be a huge change for you. But there's a word for people who cringe away from change: dinosaurs. Embrace what's new and let it make your life better, faster and more efficient. Many of today's pet peeves will smooth out once you get used to something different, and the rest will be great from the first day onward.

About the Author: Marlon Eckler is a huge fan of technology and loves watching to see what Windows will do next in terms of upgrades and competition. When he's not working or researching, you can usually find him with a cup of oolong tea that he got from http://www.goldenmoontea.com while relaxing on his deck in the fresh air.

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Infographics: Do You Know Who's Watching You

How private is your life or is your privacy really secret to the outside worlds? Privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves and thereby reveal themselves selectively. The boundaries and content of what is considered private differ among cultures and individuals, but share basic common themes. Privacy is sometimes related to anonymity, the wish to remain unnoticed or unidentified in the public realm.

When something is private to a person, it usually means there is something within them that is considered inherently special or personally sensitive. The degree to which private information is exposed therefore depends on how the public will receive this information, which differs between places and over time. Privacy partially intersects security, including for instance the concepts of appropriate use, as well as protection, of information.

when you use the internet do you feel that some-one from somewhere is watching every bit of action you do on the web?

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Infographics: Streamlining your Digital Life.

Technology convergence or simply means using a single device to merge all your digital usage into one. The new ipad has just been introduce to the market. This device can be used to function as a video player, music player, camera, video recorder and to some extent a laptop or a phone.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Pros & Cons of the Do Not Track Feature

Chances are that, by now, you have heard of the Do Not Track feature. This feature allows Internet users to decide whether or not they want to be tracked by websites.

When an Internet user is tracked, websites collect data on the user based on their web searches and web history. This information is then sold to advertisers who create online ads specific to an individual user's web interests. These ads are then placed on the side of certain websites in hopes that the user will click on them (each click generates revenue for the advertising agency).

This collection of information occurred without the Internet user having a say, and some people have considered it an invasion of privacy, hence the creation of the Do Not Track feature. What the birth of this feature has done is allow Internet users to now decide for themselves if they want to be tracked. If they do, Internet users do not have to do anything. If they don't, a button will appear in their web browser, and all a user has to do is click it.

However, the Do Not Track feature does not guarantee an Internet user total privacy. Data can still be collected for market research.

Deciding whether or not the Do Not Track feature is an effective solution to the online privacy problem will require more time, but for now, we'll just measure the pros and cons.


1. Your information is safer

This is a very big pro. If you choose to click the Do Not Track feature, your Internet searching habits and the information you enter on websites will not be tracked. This allows you to keep your habits more private and allows your personal information to be safe.

2. It's a step in the right direction

The Do Not Track feature may still allow your information to be tracked for the use of market research, but it is at least a step in the direction of better protecting our privacy. As the first program of its nature, there are going to be bugs that need to be worked out, and eventually, it can result in a more thorough protection of our privacy.


1. No customized advertisements

If you don't pay any attention to them, this probably doesn't seem like that big of a con. But the problem lies in what will come. Websites will still need advertising revenue to make a profit, so they are still going to sell ad space. The problem is that instead of generating ads that are tailored to your habits and interests, you will receive random ads, and possibly even pop ups. These ads and pop ups will not consider who is actually sitting in front of the computer, and they can contain pornography. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but it will be highly inappropriate for your child.

2. It may cost us money

The Do Not Track feature will be a free option on all web browsers. While this is free, other free luxuries we receive may disappear. Advertising agencies use the data that is collected from our Internet use to create ads that would pique our interest. When we click on these ads, advertisers make a profit. Creating these ads allows companies to reach a target audience without creating an in-depth and costly marketing strategy. When people stop being tracked, these companies have to create new ways to reach us, which is going to cost them more money. In order to make up the difference, the free services we are used to getting, such as Gmail or Yahoo search, may start charging fees.

Only time will tell if the Do Not Track feature was a good idea. While we do need a way to keep our information private on the Internet, we also need to consider if the risk is greater than the reward.

Charlie Adams is a tech guru who works as a consultant for telecommunications companies in the Las Vegas area. Charlie often encourages his associates to proof their works using Grammarly grammar checker in order to maintain a professional and functional line of communication. He also works on home improvement projects and loves to purchase Las Vegas granite.
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5 Tips When Choosing Your Camera

With thousands of models available in the market, camera shopping can be a daunting and challenging experience. Before buying any camera for whatever purpose, it is always important to do a thorough research and homework. Impulse buying does not apply to buying cameras; you will need to take your time to prepare yourself accordingly so as to boost your chances of ending up with the best model that will meet your camera needs perfectly.

Ensure you learn about the jargon used in cameras and photography field in general, ensure you know how to use a camera, and ensure you know exactly why you need the camera for you to be able to end up with the best possible camera for your needs. Here are some tips to get you started.
English: My DSC-W170 digital camera Français :...Image via Wikipedia

Talk to others – research shows that over 3/4s of American households have a camera. The best way to get started therefore when looking to buy a camera is to take advantage of the expertise and knowledge that others have already acquired and gained in this field. Family and friends can be a great source for learning some of the best camera brands in the market. While at it, you may also be able to know some of the best and most important features that you can utilize based on how you want to use the camera.

Deutsch: Kodak DX 6490 Digital CameraImage via Wikipedia

Camera Use – closely related to the above point, by knowing how you plan to use your digital camera, you can be able to know exactly what kind of camera to buy. Say for instance you are planning to take so many nature photos; you might want to look for a camera with a large zoom lens for the best possible shots. If on the other hand you plan to use your camera to take photos of family and friends and general family parties, you might want to get a model that performs exceptionally in low-lighting conditions.

Size and weight – this would largely be determined by how you plan to use your camera. Size and weight go hand in hand in that if you will be doing a lot of traveling with your camera, you want to get a portable and light that will make carrying it around easy. If on the other hand you plan to use the camera for recreation purposes, e.g. parties or vacations, you might want to get a pocket-sized model that would exude your sense of style.

English: Z612 at full optical zoomImage via Wikipedia

Compare and Contrast – before you part with your hard-earned cash to buy a camera, you might want to compare and contrast comparable models to find the most suitable one based on your needs. Different manufacturers offer a wide range of options within the same price range, but each come with different unique features. By taking your time to compare and contrast, you will be able to know the best possible features at a price range that you can afford.

Budget – last but not least, you should set a budget for your new camera. Different models and brands come at different prices. Knowing how much you are willing to spend on a camera can always help you make an informed choice on your purchase.

Kevin is a very passionate photographer who loves to share his knowledge with everyone. He also contributes to financial sites where you can get some useful tips on whiplash injury claim.
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