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Sunday, March 18, 2012

5 Reasons You'll Want to Upgrade to Windows 8

Microsoft Windows keeps on coming out with new versions, and in the past they've been hit and miss. Sometimes it's great to upgrade, while other times it's best to simply buckle down and hold tight until a better version of Windows comes down the pike. In the case of Windows 8, it's okay to upgrade. In fact, the following are some great reasons to do so sooner instead of later.

Live Tiles

The ability to go beyond icons and simply touch tiles to access what you want can dramatically speed up the process of finding what you want. With Windows 8, you won't have as much emphasis on finding files as on simply touching the appropriate tile for whatever you want.

Storing the Operating System Anywhere

Windows 8 isn't just for desktops and laptops. It isn't even just for desktops, laptops and tablets. You can even store the entire, fully functional operating system on a thumb drive. Some rumors even suggest that in time, a Windows 8 phone may even be realized. This level of portability and interactivity would be revolutionary for a Microsoft product, and would really put them back in the race with other operating systems.

The Gaze Interface

With a specialized webcam, you will literally be able to look at the screen, blink your eyes and click on an icon to open it. While it might take some getting used to, the Gaze interface has been developed in tandem with Windows 8 to make the integration seamless.

Dual Interface Options

You can either go with the classic Windows user interface or the new Metro UI. Either way will work with Windows 8, and you can try out both without sacrificing your ability to run your more useful programs.

Windows Store

These days, having an online store chock full of apps isn't optional. Windows has jumped on-board with both feet, launching its Windows Store. Windows 8 will be totally compatible with the Store, allowing you to pick up all kinds of apps at your leisure and install them from anywhere.

Upgrading to Windows 8 is going to be a huge change for you. But there's a word for people who cringe away from change: dinosaurs. Embrace what's new and let it make your life better, faster and more efficient. Many of today's pet peeves will smooth out once you get used to something different, and the rest will be great from the first day onward.

About the Author: Marlon Eckler is a huge fan of technology and loves watching to see what Windows will do next in terms of upgrades and competition. When he's not working or researching, you can usually find him with a cup of oolong tea that he got from http://www.goldenmoontea.com while relaxing on his deck in the fresh air.

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