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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Apple Unveils The New iPad

The rumor mill has finally come to a halt as Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the release of the much awaited 3rd generation iPad. At a “Special Event” hosted in San Francisco, all conjecture and rumor was either quashed or confirmed to an audience of keen tech-bloggers and industry VIPs.

The first thing you may notice about the “new iPad” is the subtle name change (if any); although many were expecting the “iPad 3”, the “iPad HD” or the “iPad 2S”, Apple officials have anointed the third in the series of iPad as simply; The new iPad.

Crystal Clear HD Resolution

The main hardware upgrade on the new iPad is the inclusion of a super hi-res screen and ultra HD capabilities. The high resolution screen on the new iPad model, similar to the Retina Display found on the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, will give the user a resolution of 2048 x 1536 with 3.1 million pixels across the 9.7 inch display. This will allow for crystal clear, sharp images and vibrant colors, equivalent to 1080p, which is a huge improvement in comparison to the previous iPad 2 resolution.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MARCH 07:  Apple CEO Tim C...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Major Software Updates and iPhoto for iPad

New iPad owners will really be able to take advantage of the fantastic high resolution screen when it comes to photography and video, as the new model features a 5 mega pixel iSight rear camera and 1080p HD video capture. Add to this the addition of iPhoto and upgrades to both GarageBand and iMovie for iPad, this tablet is slowly transforming itself into a something more akin to a desktop computer.

iPhoto for iPad will support photos up to a huge 19 mega pixels, and the software includes new gestures, photo editing and effects (brushes and filters much like Photoshop and Instagram), and better compatibility for sending photos to other devices more easily.

Introduction of the A5X Processor

The next major change in hardware is the addition of the faster quad-core ARM-based Apple A5X processor. This upgrade in processing speed means the new iPad will be capable of instant play back of streaming video content and the ability to run more system-challenging software, not to mention better gaming opportunities and a smoother more reliable iOS experience.

The development and testing stage of the beta iOS 5.1 is now also over, and Apple announced that iOS 5.1 will be available for public release on all new iPad models to be shipped over the coming weeks. The release of iOS 5.1 is also good news for owners of previous iPhone and iPad models already running iOS 5, as Apple stated a software upgrade will be made available via update immediately.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - MARCH 07:  The new iPad is...Image by Getty Images via @daylife

Pre-orders and Pricing

With many customers waiting anxiously to purchase their own new iPad as either an upgrade to their previous iPad 2 model or simply for the first time, Apple have announced that the new iPad will be made available to ship from 16th of March, with pre-orders for the US, Canada, UK, Mainland Europe and the Eastern Hemisphere starting forthwith. The new iPad will be available with the same storage capacities as the previous iPad 2 models (16GB, 32GB and 64GB). The starting price for the 16GB Wi Fi new iPad will be $499, again the same pricing as the previous iPad 2, as Apple have chosen to hold the prices for the new models. However, Apple also announced a significant price drop of $100 on the old iPad 2 models, which they intend to keep on the market for the immediate future.

Now that the new iPad specifications have finally been revealed, the tech savvy public and Apple fanboys can breathe a sigh of relief in the hope that this new iPad model will sate their technological needs and live up to their expectations. The next session of speculation will occur in the lead-up to the release of the iPhone 5 and Apple HDTV, most likely to be announced in mid 2012.

Apple New iPad Spec Summary:

  • iOS 5.1
  • 2048 x 1536 / 3.1 million pixels resolution
  • Retina Display
  • 1 GB RAM
  • A5X quad-core processor
  • 4G LTE internet
  • 1080p Video
  • 10 hours battery
  • 9 hours 4G
  • 9.4 mm thick
  • 1.4 lbs weight
  • Available models will be 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, with a price fix.
  • Voice dictation, iPhoto, updates to major software including GarageBand and iMovie

Amy Westrock loves her iPad 2 and it follows her from the bedroom to her recliner sofa and even to her office where she works as a professional writer. There probably are some people more excited about the new iPad than Amy but you'll struggle to find them.

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