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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Customizing workflow process. Advantages of flexible IT help desk tracking

Back in the 90's large corporations have begun to implement various automated workflow systems. Undoubtedly, the use of such programs leads to increased efficiency in a single company. Some innovative methods of personnel management, time embedded in a company, can significantly improve the quality of the organization simply by improving relations within the production process.

Most instant messaging systems are 'luxury items' for personal communications over a cup of coffee, but, unfortunately, not always suitable for organized work. Surely it is that you have received a message through this kind of communication, forgotten or do not see it. And imagine what can happen in a mess of the company among employees who use this kind of communication to work?

There are many different systems of corporate management and IT help desk automation, you may choose any of them, but after using Comindware Tracker you will stop your searching once and for all. At you disposal web-based workflow management and issue tracking system. It has an integrated task management and collaboration features.

A convenient flexible system

The remarkable feature of this tool is an ability to customize flexible tracking system. It's not a secret that many similar programs don't allow you to satisfy all your needs within the workflow projects, tasks and sub-tasks organizing. Comindware Tracker gives you a flexible system, where multiple teams and departments of the company can:

  • Simplify issue tracking
  • Collaborate in file sharing and live discussions
  • Organize the execution of tasks and projects
  • Automate workflow processes

Comindware Tracker provides breakthrough flexibility for adapting to your ideal workflow processes for almost everything you want to track.

IT Help Desk Solution

The IT Help Desk Solution in Comindware Tracker is manufactured to help you simplify processing and management of daily IT help desk events. This IT help desk management system is simple using and easily customizable to all your needs. With standards-based workflow process management templates, forms, lists, and reporting dashboards, you get an effective, convenient and well organized system. 

Comindware Tracker offers customizable reporting dashboards and widgets, providing real-time and historical status reporting such as:

  • Number of incoming, active, and resolved tasks over certain time periods
  • Average resolution period 
  • Percentage of requests resolved 
  • Amount of requests processed per person along with average resolution time, outcome, etc.

Simple and secure tracker

The main problem in any program to automate the workflow process is that many of them can be handled only a genius, then that genius has to explain somehow to others 'on the fingers' how the program works and most difficult to adjust the program for a particular user. Many companies are forced to keep the state of programmers, who are engaged in setting of heavy software for the company. You can forget about such nuisances with Comindware Tracker, which is simple enough for anyone to use. You can set personal security rules for different workspaces, projects, teams and departments with a few clicks.

Comfortable visibility

The remarkable feature of Comindware Tracker is a filtered list views, which provide real-time status, including priority and deadline-based views of tasks and other tracked positions and items, thus you can see what’s going on. Graphical dashboards provide convenient charts for reporting and analysis. Dashboards and list views are fully customizable according to your demands. Data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis.

For the first time, workflow process automation, IT desk help and issue tracking for different departments in your company can be handled within a single web-based application. Each area can have its own separate workspace with unique members and security settings. So don’t waste your time and money on different applications and so on – you can get things done with a single software package that only requires that users have a browser.

I speak three foreign languages and currently work in Project management insights, Sydney, Australia, project-management-insights.com. I like to test various software and mobile applications. One my duty with the company I work in is to write for it's clients website. So I began writing for other blogs from around the world on various topics.
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