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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How to Run a Laptop Cheaply

Laptops often prove somewhat of a necessity in the modern world. Conventionally used as portable alternatives to desktop PCs, these days they are often purchased instead of the latter in order to provide the best of both worlds. However, as with any PC they can prove expensive to run, especially if something goes wrong. Not to worry, however, for this guide aims to offer you tips on how to look after your laptop for less (however, if you don’t have a laptop already then you may want to look at a different article in order to help you accrue the funds to get one).

Productivity software

If you’re using a Windows PC and need a word processor, spreadsheet program or similar, then your immediate response is likely to be to turn to Microsoft Office. However, do remember that there are alternatives on offer. One of the most popular of these is OpenOffice, which has programs equivalent to all of those in Microsoft Office. Additionally, OpenOffice is available for a variety of operating systems beyond Windows, including Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX. Why shell out for expensive productivity software when you can get something just as good for free?


Laptops have a habit of going wrong, and so this is where a lot of people often lose money when maintaining one. However, if you ask around you might be surprised at who has a hidden knack with computers in your friend group; they may even be able to have a look at your laptop for free (though you might want to give them something for their trouble). If you can’t find anyone who’ll help you with your laptop problems for free then be savvy in your choice of servicing outlet; personal recommendations and knowing at least a little bit about computers can help you avoid being overcharged.

laptopslaptops (Photo credit: _escalade328s_)

Don’t let it get stolen!

This may seem an obvious one, but a lot of people neglect a variety of seemingly simple things that in turn put their laptop and other portable electrical items at serious risk of theft. Replacing a laptop is no mean financial feat, and often you also lose irreparable data in the process. As with anything that a passing person might decide they’d like to steal off you, don’t advertise the fact that you’re carrying a laptop around with you if you can help it. Carrying a purpose-made laptop bag, for example, is a dead giveaway, whereas transporting in a more standard rucksack is far more subtle.

Vincent Vance usually writes for Vanquis Ltd, but today is instead trying to stop you from making the same mistakes with your laptop as he did.

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