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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Is Cyber Shopping Taking over Your Life?

What is online shopping addiction and how can you minimize it?

While research into compulsive shopping is still ongoing and it is often treated as something of a joke or not accepted as a “real” addiction in the way that say, alcohol, is, there is plenty of evidence of people getting into real trouble because of a need to spend.

The most recent research into shopping addiction has uncovered the role that online shopping plays in the compulsion. Cyber shopping has many attractive qualities for addicts; it is quickly accessible so can satisfy a craving quickly; shoppers often don’t even need to enter any details if they’ve used a site before so it won’t even feel like spending money; it is anonymous and avoids social interactions; addicts can compare products and easily be given recommendations and suggestions for other purchases.

So it is easy to see how cyber shopping can become a compulsion in itself, even to people not addicted to retail shopping. It is easy to overspend, particularly as sites encourage you to make just one more little purchase by recommending products and emailing you with suggestions.

If you feel that cyber shopping is taking over your life it can be difficult to know how to cut down. The internet is such a big part of our lives, and product ads follow us around the internet, tempting us at every click of the mouse.

Steps to minimize your online shopping addiction:

First step is to delete accounts to online stores like Amazon, in particular the ones that save your bank details or credit card details. You can even block sites; if you use Internet Explorer go into Tools, Internet Options and then the Privacy tab. Select sites and you can enter addresses that you want to block. Other browsers vary but if you Google “block sites” and your browser name you will find instructions.

Stick a note on your computer saying “Don’t shop”. Set up a spreadsheet, and every time you want to buy something put how much it costs onto the spreadsheet. Keep a running total and this will show you how much you’re not spending, and remind you how much you would have wasted.

If there are some things that you have to buy online, set up a card or system with a strict spending limit, so you won’t be able to overspend.

If you feel that your addiction is unmanageable, you should seek professional help. Online support groups are a good place to start, as is your doctor.


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