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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Top 10 Most Useful Computer Technician Tools

Computer repairing is very vast field that demands deep and thorough research to search out the technical tools needed for solving out the problems faced by laptops and computers. It is one of the specialized fields, unlike other fields, that truly require great skill and caliber for performing the repairing job with full accuracy.
The main role of computer technician is to handle all types of computer problem with great perfection. Few main problems from which they have to go through are like perfect installation of computer machines and also networks both in home as well as offices, removing of viruses from computer, upgrading of any software, recovery of data and also to change any part of the computer. Therefore, the gist of entire story is that a computer technician must have solutions of any problem related to hardware as well as software.

Computer Technician

Though the list of technical tools that a computer technician must have in his arsenal is too long, but here are top 10 tools that he should have before going for any operation:

1. RevoUninstallerÊ: Priory, toolset must have this RevoUninstaller to get rid of lots of wastage that leaves behind even after uninstallation of any application. This tool allows you to keep your computer safe from such trash items.

2. AutorunsÊ: The main function of this tool is to disable all startup entries. This tool helps you in showing the programs that are configured to run when system boot up or login is done. Autoruns also helps you in detecting other locations like toolbars, Explorer shell extensions, etc.

3. CCleanerÊ: CCleaner is the most common tool and almost all the technicians have this in their toolkit. This application is quite famous for its feature of changing place of individual applications frequently. It is best for those who keeps interest in changing its script and for that it offers a huge range of command line options.

4. Blue Screen ViewÊ: This tool is the best option for detecting the cause of problem and for that it displays the stop code. This stop code is supposed to be the main cause of the problem occurred.

5. AppCrash ViewÊ: Though the Event viewer with complete and detailed information seems to be very easy but it is not that much easy to understand and even to read out. To solve this problem, we have AppCrash View. This tool makes it very simple and helps you to have a glimpse over the crashes and also on the actual reason behind them.

6. TCP ViewÊ: Most of the computer technicians ignore the network traffic when they are on post-op check. But, TCP View is there for you to give a look of this heavy network traffic and also gives you an idea of the applications that are sending and receiving data.

7. Process ExplorerÊ: Process Explorer is one of the top task managers and Sysinternals is the founder of this tool. This tool completely has a tree look with other salient features like bullseye, search feature, termination and launched color coding.

8. SpeccyÊ: Speccy is one of the most advanced technical tool which deals with internal structure of a computer. Basically, this tool deals with the complete knowledge of hardware specifications. Hardware specifications are rarely demandable but whenever needed, Speccy is there for you!!

9. Free CommanderÊ: In simplest way, FreeCommander can be defined as a replacement of the standard file manager. Unlike file manager, it has numerous high-versioned features and also they are very helpful. Few of them are tabbed interface, dual-panel technology (horizontal and vertical), Wipe files and many more.

10. Unstoppable CopierÊ: The main reason for the popularity of this tool is that it can read out the files or folders even from the damaged disks and from that, it can generate new copies of those files.

Ilya Elbert writes for severalÊIT Support San AntonioÊandÊComputer Repair San AntonioÊservice organizations.

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