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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why You Need Virtualization

An organization’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing path of technology is one thing that helps it become successful. This is true because most companies operate under the wing if technology, and many organization’s objectives are to provide some kind of technological service or product.

Because of this basic need across the world, virtualization has grown to a point where it is being adapted, in some form or another, by many if not most digital organizations. The main benefits of virtualization can be summed up into two main areas:
  • Efficiency
  • IT flexibility
The reason virtualization allows for greater flexibility is because of what it is, a tool that reduces the number of servers needed to fulfill computing tasks. This, as you can imagine, can save a company a lot of direct and indirect financial resources. Some companies operate under hundreds of servers and virtualization technology has allowed them to reduce that number significantly.

The reason virtualization allows for greater IT flexibility is because of its ability to free up resources that would otherwise be spent managing such operations. It also allows an organization to take the first step towards to relying on another form of virtualization, i.e. cloud computing.

There are many virtualization partners that have emerged in recent years and there are plenty of resources online to aid in a company’s adaptation into such technologies. Really, if your company is not virtualized in some way at this point, you’re behind the times.

There are many who would contend the security of virtualized tools, but for the most part it is as normal as any other software security issue. Cloud computing, on the other hand, is heavily debatable on whether or not it is a secure solution. Overall, virtualization security has developed enough to the point where most people can trust it. There are some really big players in the virtual security field, which accounts for much of the trust people have in such programs.

There really are many benefits to using virtualization technology today. It’s like when you had to convince your grandma that using a cell phone is so much more convenient than a land-line, once she learned how to use it. There are countless examples like that where adapting to the growth and changes in technology can really help a company out, if they will just give it a try. There’s always going to be that learning curve, but that’s never too difficult to get through.

To learn more about virtualization, including topics like virtualization security, please visit www.virtualizationpractice.com.

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