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Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 3 Web App Development Vulnerabilities

All web applications are vulnerable to attack.  Attacks tend to occur more frequently when the developer maintains a poor programming standard and also when the web application is PHP based.  When it comes to building a web app designed to meet business specific requirements that rightly meets all development targets, it is imperative that a developer take caution to avoid common attacks.  It often takes an experienced web developer to negate threats of attack, which often include remote code execution, SQL injection and format string vulnerabilities.

Remote Code Execution

An improper coding structure makes it easy for attackers to retrieve information stored in the server.  It is often hard to track remote code execution vulnerabilities.  Remote code execution can only be revealed after a review of the source code.  It is imperative to ensure that your web app is free from this issue and to fix it immediately.  Failure to address this type of error can seriously compromise mission critical information and data.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is one of the most popular vulnerabilities despite its consideration as an age old technique among attackers.  Security codes are especially important in preventing SQL injection as these determine the amount of information that is accessible on the server.  Essentially, this vulnerability allows attackers to gain all the required information from the web server database.  Always ascertain whether data will be contained within just the basic information or to go beyond it to compromise the core structures.

Format String Vulnerabilities

Unfiltered inputs from the users create format string vulnerabilities.  Errors in format strings generally occur in one of three broad categories – denial of reading, writing and service.  

The best way to avoid these web app development vulnerabilities is to avoid small time freelance web developers or companies and work instead with an in-house team of expert web developers.  Renowned web and application development companies offer the best of services as these companies maintain a reputation of following a holistic development methodology.  Customers can depend on reputable companies to design an app that fits the initial requirements completely.  Best of all, in-house teams of expert developers go the extra mile to deliver a hassle-free web app development experience.

Web app development is an industry that is growing at a tremendous rate.  Businesses large and small and from all sectors are now turning to web app development companies to build custom applications.  The tips in this article should help you avoid running into any unwanted web app vulnerabilities.  

Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions, a web app development company specializing in a plethora of web design and development services.
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Sunday, April 29, 2012

What To Do When The Internet is Down?

The information graphics below shown sixteen steps to take when their is no internet or the internet service in your area is down. 


Browse more data visualizations.

Infographic Source

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Saturday, April 28, 2012

POS Software Increases Profitability

Maximizing sales can significantly impact profitability, especially if it’s done in such a way that your overheads remain practically the same. How can that be achieved? Easily. All it takes is a website. By creating a website to sell your products, alongside your brick-and-mortar store, you are gaining access to a massive pool of customers you may not have otherwise been able to reach. In fact, if your products can be shipped globally, there is absolutely no reason for you not to sell your goods all over the world.

Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till
Point Four Touch Point of Sale Till (Photo credit: Cyberslayer)

But many retailers shy away from putting up a website because they fear it would be like a second business they need to run, with all that entails from inventory control to other retail administration tasks. Well, this isn’t an issue with quality POS software because it features an integrated website management system, allowing you to synchronize everything so that the website basically runs itself, with stocks updating in real-time. In other words, your business will consist of online and offline stores that can be managed using the same system, giving you more free time to find other ways to improve profitability.

Another way you can maximize sales and improve profitability is by increasing your customer retention rate. We all know that repeat customers are more cost-effective than new customers and loyalty is a powerful thing when it comes to people parting with their money. But how can POS software help to increase the number of repeat customers? Simple. A good retail software system will provide you with all the tools to better understand your customers so you can make them irresistible offers.

Using a variety of methods, including branded loyalty cards, you will be able to capture the information of your customers as well as their purchasing habits. Using this data, a POS software system will be able to analyze customer behavior, allowing you to create irresistible offers and incentives that can be used to draw them back to the store.

POS Software to Reduce Costs

Increasing profitability is not just a matter of maximizing sales. Decreasing costs is also an important aspect and one of the biggest problem areas for many retailers is inventory management. It is rare for a retailer to be able to optimize their inventory and they often find they’ve spent too much money on excess inventory. Considering that inventory is the largest cost for a retail operation, it makes sense that the ability to manage it properly and ensure stocks are always at optimal levels will lead to lower costs and bigger profits.

Any good POS software will be able to help you with inventory management, as stocks are updated in real time and intelligent stock ordering systems analyze past data and make recommendations. Thus, you will constantly have optimal stock levels and save a lot of money because you will never have excess stock again.

In a highly competitive market, retailers need every edge they can get and POS software is one of the biggest advantages you can have over your competition as it allows you to streamline your operation. Higher efficiency implies lower costs, which in turn increases profitability and allows you more time with your customers, increasing customer loyalty.
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Friday, April 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace - the 'Sleeper Hit'

Given that it was released at a similar time and with similar features to the iPhone 4, expectations weren’t high for the Samsung Galaxy Ace but it had a very dramatic impact on high street and online mobile phone sales, being described as a “sleeper hit” – quite a feat when compared with the powerhouse that is Apple marketing.

Although both manufacturers have since announced successors to both machines, there are still those who adore their machine and have no intention of giving it up.

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Ace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So how does the quiet and reserved Samsung Galaxy Ace compare with the iPhone?

The Camera

For many people, the appeal of any smartphone is its duel ability to make calls, access the internet and take pictures and photographs. Therefore, any phone which is going to not only crack but dominate the market would have to have a powerhouse of a camera phone and the Galaxy did not disappoint with a 5 mega pixel camera for high resolution images.

The Wi-Fi
Whether you’re on business or pleasure when using your phone, Wi-Fi is the be all and end all for many people and whether they realise they’re accessing it or not, many people couldn’t live without Wi-Fi. Therefore when releasing the Galaxy (which sounds a lot more sci-fi than intended) they made sure it was compatible and could support Wi-Fi to a high standard.

Touch Screen
Thanks to Apple and their followers, buttons are so last century and the Galaxy is no exception with a full touch screen facility as well as a variety of multi-touch features.

Shape and Size Matters
The Samsung Galaxy Ace is intended to be slick and stylish to match its peers as well as the rest of the Samsung Galaxy family. It is one of the thinnest smartphones at only 12mm thick and the screen is an impressive 3.5 inch screen that dominates the front of the phone.

Processing and Connectivity 
The various abilities of the Samsung Galaxy Ace, including 800MHz processor, HSDPA 3.5g web browser and speeds of up to 7.2MBPS mean that internet connectivity is a snap wherever and whenever you happen to be looking.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace works on an Android 2.2 Operating System which some might have heard being called “Froyo” what this does is to ensure that Google services are available with more downloadable content and more space to put this content on, as opposed to some Blackberrys which can open but not support the size of certain pages, which can be extremely frustrating.

The Future
As many people are aware, Apple have since gone on to produce the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S with an announcement on the iPhone 5 being hailed as imminent.

In the same space of time, Samsung has also released its own follow ups to the Galaxy Ace and these have been similarly well received. The company’s next release will be the Samsung Galaxy S3 and, although no formal plans have been announced, it is expected that this will be released to coincide with the iPhone 5 once again.

This post was written by Terry Brightman - a total gadget geek and proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Growth of Software as a Service

Back in the day software was something only the IT man was concerned with, and the choice of programmes was rather limited to what were seen as essential computing needs such as Word Processing and Spreadsheets and the like. But with the computer and mobile devices now an essential part of almost everyone’s daily lives, software too has grown to become a massive industry in itself.

Some of the software titles most of us would have been familiar with in the past might have included Microsoft Office, accounting packages like Quickbooks and illustration programmes such as Photoshop. All of these software packages have evolved and been updated many times, with current versions being almost unrecognizable to the original releases. For some, keeping up with the latest release of Microsoft Office or Photoshop is a hobby in itself.

In the past certain companies would hold a monopoly over their field for the software market, but that is no longer the case thanks to thousands of clever programmers dissecting the internet to create their own, cheaper versions of software for people to buy or download. This is great news fro anyone on a budget. Spending out on software just to find it is suddenly out of date due to a new update or release is never fun.

Open-source or free software has become particularly popular, and there are a lot of site on the web dedicating to listing free software downloads. Many internet users campaign for all software to be freely available to download on the web, but of course the developers aren’t always in favor of this and many still charge a high amount for use of their licenses. A typical example of this is Anti-virus software. Because consumers need to be able to trust their anti-virus software they are willing to pay good money for an established brand and name they have heard of.

On the contrary to this, providers of other professional software services have now realized that consumers enjoy using software for free and it is possible to get basic free accounting software, free illustration packages and of course very many free games and time management applications for both the PC and the mobile environment.

With some free software, users are simply treated to a basic working version for their personal use. The trick for the software companies to draw in an income from new customers is to offer a support system for a small monthly fee. This is where software becomes a service. It’s not just about having the software to use, it’s about having a person behind the application who can help you to make the most of the programme and be on hand in case anything goes wrong. Another way the software companies are making money is to offer Premium upgrades on their tools. So if a consumer likes a software tool they have been using to help manage their business accounts, they can purchase the programme in full to roll it out amongst all of their staff.

The saying “there’s an app for that” is more true than ever. It’s exciting to think what software can do for us in the future as the line between real and virtual simulated life becomes more and more blurred.

Katie Sykes is a Digital Marketing professional who enjoys using a variety of different software to manage her work flow. Katie advises on small business SEO and time management.

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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

College Wars: Mac Vs Pc

We’ve seen the commercials, and their matching stores.  We understand, in this great war you must choose: Mac or PC.  There is no safe neutral zone.  Although the advertisers are certainly set on convincing you that PCs are actually tools of the devil meant to draw you in with their conniving ads, and that Macs are commie propaganda, out there to lure you in to a world of horrors, the real truth of the matter is that both systems are good for completely different reasons.  However, you do sort of have to choose a side; although converters are now more common, most software does not translate before the two.  So, a few things to consider as you look at your options:

Nindendo DS - Asus EEE - Mac Book
Nindendo DS - Asus EEE - Mac Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mac - Visual Thinkers

Apple computers have long touted their user-friendly and easy to navigate operating system.  As PCs are finally joining in, Apple has focused more on marketing to visual oriented groups.  Their programs are designed to be easy to learn for a first-time computer user, because it is all right in front of you.  Of course, if you have been a PC person, the transition can be more than jarring.  That doesn’t mean that it won’t be worth it.  A large number of graphic designers and people in other visual professions prefer Macs, because they have been a targeted audience for years.  The same applies if you are addicted to a lot of movies/visual media: Macs have been doing it best, for a very long time.

Macintosh School Photo
Macintosh School Photo (Photo credit: theducks)

P.C. - Versatility

PC’s greatest advantage is their sheer versatility.  It is only in recent years that they have focused on improving the user-friendliness and visual aspects of their systems, because it hasn’t been necessary before.  PCs acknowledge that every computer user is different and is going to be looking for different things in a computer.  PCs offer a variety that Mac computers simply cannot match, though they are working on it.  If you want a computer that is perfectly matched to your specific goals, it can be hard to best a custom made PC.  They have a greater range to their mix-and-match style that makes them appealing to a wide variety of people.

A typical computer station at the Kate Edger I...
A typical computer station at the Kate Edger Information Commons. There are PCs like this on level 0, 2 and 3 available to all students at the University of Auckland. They all have Windows operating systems and LCD monitors. Three sides of the room have walls of glass. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Price Range

There is no arguing that there is a price difference between comparable Mac and PC systems.  Macs are consistently more expensive across the board.  If you have a limited budget and certain system requirements, a PC may be your only option.  Of course, Mac computers aren’t expensive just because they can be.  Mac computers tend to last longer and have fewer repair needs than PC systems.  It didn’t take Windows Vista for PC users to get frustrated, but it certainly makes a great example of what it is like. Partly because Macs were unpopular for so many years, there are fewer viruses and security issues with a Mac computer.  Of course, in current years Mac computer prices are coming closer to that of PCs, and PC systems are coming closer to that of Macs, but today, there is still a price/reliability trade off.

About the Author
Haddie A. is a writer for BecomeaPoliceOfficer.com.Becoming a police officer is tough work, use this site to help you when it comes to learning more about this career. 

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Entering a Golden Era of Technology

I remember watching tomorrow’s world as a child and being amazed at the things we suspected we might see in the future. Telephones that could be used without wires, machines that could give us access to enormous amounts of information and cars that run entirely on electricity were all visions that have since become a reality. Although technology has been advancing at an alarming rate with various gadgets and utilities that help to make our day to day lives much easier, there is a lot more yet to come. Although we currently have access to technology that decades ago may not have been considered possible, we are entering an era that will be truly mind blowing.

Gadgets from the USS Enterprise

Anti-matter torpedoes, phasers and fission engines may all appear to be things that have been made up by somebody with a wild imagination, but they are more than just science fiction. Much of the technology found in Star Trek is in fact based on scientific theory that could become a reality once we have the technology available to us. With high-tech facilities such as the Large Hadron Collider smashing together the tiniest of particles to get to the very building blocks of our universe, we are not far away from discovering science that we have not even yet been able to imagine. It may even be possible in our lifetime that we begin to see our power supplied by the exact same process that power the sun.

With such incredible advances on the horizon, along with others we haven’t even thought of yet, will surely make drastic changes to the way in which we live our lives. Technological advances in the future could make our advancement to the jet age seem a totally insignificant step in comparison.

Alien Materials
When we hear stories of aliens and watch movies about alien invasions, we always hear of fantastic materials that have properties that belong in the realms of fantasy. Indestructible materials that are as flexible as paper and wafer thin sheets of plastic with the computing power of our most powerful supercomputers are things that could very well one day step out of the world of fiction and become a household reality. Graphene is an example of a recent discovery of a material that brings us into the realms of science fiction and will surely have enormous implications on how we live our lives. An incredibly flexible material that is highly conductive, with graphene we may soon be able to fold up our computers or television and roll them up into a small tube for safe storage.

Entertainment and Communications
The internet and other communications technology may have radically changed entertainment and communications from a couple of decades ago, but there is more to come yet. Internet speeds are increasing to such incredible rates that even the largest of files can be sent and received online very quickly, and the internet as we know it will surely one day be replaced by something even more effective. Conferencing facilities mean that it is no longer necessary for us to travel to far away meetings as we are able to communicate visually and orally with people using online visual and audio technology. One day though even the most up to date conference facility technology will become replaced by virtual reality systems that place all participants around a single virtual table together. 

Computer gaming has also advanced incredibly thanks to ever faster processors that can carry out a huge number of calculations but it won’t be too long before even the latest games and the best consoles become a thing of the past. With virtual reality technology on the horizon, it won’t be long before we find ourselves immersed in the gaming world rather than simply watching it on a screen in front of us. Instead we will find ourselves surrounded by the mythical lands and the numerous characters within them. In a few years’ time even the most awe inspiring technology at our disposal will become the equivalent of what the fax machine is to email.

With the technology that is available constantly advancing, it won’t be long before games at www.pokerstars.co.uk are very different to how they are now.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Awesome Angry Birds Space Infographic

Well the release of the latest offering from Finnish based developers Rovio, Angry Birds Space, has continued to show that the world are still hungry for Angry Birds related products and with more than 10 million downloads within the first week of release, their new title looks to continue to increase the branding power that the company hold within their Angry Birds name.

With so much success, it looks like the Angry Birds are not the only ones that have golden eggs, Rovio clearly have the ability to create something that is set to overtake the global market and with further development of games, films and television series already discussed you can only presume that Angry Birds are here to stay for a long time.

The success that Rovio have had with their creation has lead to PlayVille.org creating a very interesting infographic that not only gives you details and statistics in relation to Angry Birds Space but also compares the original title, Angry Birds, to the company’s latest addition.

This angry birds space infographic was beautifully designed by our friends over at PlayVille.org who list some of the Internets top flash games such as happy wheels!

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

On Demand IT and the Mobile Device Issues

Look around your living room, chances are that there are an eclectic mix of internet connected devices including computers, tablets, smart phones, even games consoles, cable boxes and televisions.

Devices like these provide on demand access to data and there's only one major downside: the consistently high quality of technology in our homes is making a lot of enterprise IT systems look very old hat..

Just ten years ago, staff would love the opportunity to leave the screechy dial-up modem at home and use the T1 high speed link to online services that was in the office. However, while this may have been accurate a decade ago, the pace of development in home technology has been very fast indeed.

The pace with which we want the latest iPad or smart phone has meant that over the last few years, we have access to more up to date technology in our pockets than we do on our desks and our internet connections can conceivably be nearly 100 times faster at home. While in house IT departments have had their spending cut by the tough economic conditions, consumers have been able to take advantage of retailers desperate to make sales to fulfill their technology dreams.

Cloud computing is an ever more important reason for change as well. Mobile consumers are starting to us on demand IT to have immediate access to data, no matter where they are.

The joining of the consumerisation and technology on-demand is creating a major issue for IT leaders. Should tech leaders create a strategy that allows authorized staff to plug their own mobile devices into the company network?

There are obvious security issues from staff connecting their own devices to gain access to their business systems and these would definitely have to be addressed. But the consumer drive for the latest internet connected devices and a smart company will use the cloud to help the company use this to their advantage.
To start with, on-demain is not inherently insecure. Using the right kind of cloud based system will allow business to make company data security a major priority and make sure that only authorized devices are able to access the company network.

new on demand services such as Office 365 from Microsoft will allow users to access their business systems over a secure network connection, wherever and whenever they need it. Integrated systems such as Citrix's virtual desktop or even online portal systems like Microsoft SharePoint will deliver software via a safe and secure controlled environment.

IT Outsourcing helps the company to address the ever growing tide and need for mobile device connectivity. Once secure processes have been put in place, users can plug pretty much any device in without affecting the security of the enterprise network and they won't feel like they're stepping technologically back in time every time they go into the office either.

Advanced 365 offer managed services, on demand cloud based IT systems and IT Outsouring.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ideal Hosting Service For A Blog

When a new blogger first starts off, the free blog sites that host the blogs are a great way to get the ball rolling. That is one thing great about the web, there is so much free stuff that it makes things a lot easier to try then decide. So, if you are a blogger looking for a hosting service, but have never blogged a sentence in your life, well, start with one of these free blog sites and take it from there.

If after you've tried your pen at blogging and you like it, that's absolutely great. You've proven you have the desire to do it, then it’s time to get you set up with your own URL and your own blog. This way you can control everything from font size to what graphics and layout you want to display along with all those morsels of wisdom you want to share with the world.


So, now comes the big question, how to find the ideal hosting service for the blog. The answer to that is fairly simple. But before answering that in earnest, it is necessary to reflect on three simple issues. The answers to these will quickly reveal the kind of host you need to find.


First off, is your blog going to host an outpouring of words or is it going to be a display of your shutter skill – meaning pictures, lots of high definition artistic pictures? The reason this makes a difference is that if you get a host that is not too happy about high bandwidth usage, you will have a problem having a site full of all kinds of pictures Also, it depends on if you are going to have a very robust forum like format or a simple diary format, where not many people will visit. So this is an important consideration.


The next is what platform you will be using. There are quite a few and everyone will swear by the one they are used to. Off course, Word Press is a famous ones, but there are a few others. Go look around the pages and see what platform you like. You need this to determine if a host is able to load the necessary script for you. When you choose the hosting service make sure they have either a one-click install or they will set it up for you. Unless you are extremely adventurous, let the hosting service do it.

Knowing which platform to and what platform you will end up following with your blog will go a long way in figuring which service to use. Once you get an idea, make sure the read as many independent reviews as possible to get a feel for a particular hosting service.


Posted by Johnathan Henery, a Net Tech and Writer for www.WhoIsHostingThis.com Be sure to check our reviews of Hosting companies like Bluehost. Thanks for your interest.

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The difference between Basecamp and Comindware

Basecamp vs Comindware 

Many of us like to work with processes, assigning tasks/sub-tasks to other team members and stakeholders of the project in general and putting in order and even bringing sense to such an arrangement. There are certain tools to combine management methods with automatic software, which should be suitable for agile and must enable a user to scope and track the workflow process at any phase. Also, these collaboration tools must give an access to the data of the task or the project, which allows a manager to take into consideration the wish of the client to see the data of the task or the project at any moment. However, the problem of choice is always opened and the guidance is needed in the amount of automate workflow software.  

Basecamp characteristics 

Being agile is about working with seamless automating software. Basecamp attracts users by its simplicity and extreme effectiveness. Blogging tools, calendars, to-do list and issue trackers, templates, message boards are combined in one body and are leading user in an intuitive way. Every similar tool's goal should be taking care of project/task sides enhancing collaboration between team members and stakeholders. It enables to edit tasks, sub-tasks in real time. Comments appear in the form of blog that is very convenient for conducting future development of the project. Each user has its working story, which is represented in Basecamp as a list. These lists are assigned to stories iterations and it's possible to move stories within the iterations. Such a Basecamp feature is beneficial, especially if you are faced with a situation, when you can't or have no opportunity to fulfill more work during one iteration, which you have scheduled. But at the same time Basecamp doesn't allow to set specific workflow environment and this circumstance reduces its originality and flexibility.  

Comindware flexibility and Benefits 

 Comindware visual workflow builder has breakthrough flexibility in comparison with Basecamp. It allows putting all the work into workflow scheme right in browser window. Its graphical workflow editing enables user to visualize design and refine workflow process with drag and drop ease. Creating separate workspace within the main task/project is also possible in Comindware. It enhances collaboration between project contributors and each developer is able to assign personal tasks. Crafting and customizing processes in Comindware is seamless and taking into consideration company's business needs and scenarios. Moreover, it enables you to change and modify workflow process at any period of it and nothing will stop work. There is also an opportunity to get a written description of the workflow process steps based on workflow diagram. But there is a disadvantage of Comindware software – it's only on-premise now and there is no version for mobile platforms. 

 A Brief Comparison between Basecamp and Comindware 

  •  Basecamp and Comindware are able to customize different workflow process with various tasks and goals. 
  • Basecamp and Comindware include a wide base of various communicative tools for sharing file, ideas, and comments between team members. 
  • Basecamp and Comindware let users to change and modify the workflow process at its different phases without stopping and interrupting. 
  •  Basecamp and Comindware produce an opportunity to customize workflow process taking into consideration features of tasks. But Basecamp doesn't allow setting specific workflow a most management tools.
  • Comindware is flexible and enables to craft separate work-spaces within the main project/task. 

Author's bio: Ryan Hardy currently works in Project management insights, Sydney, Australia, 
project-management-insights.com. He likes to test various software and mobile applications and share his experience with the others. Years of productive analysis and tests showed him the right vector in using task management software, so he began writing for other blogs from around the world about it and not only. 
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

History of The Telephone Line

The telephone was famously invented by Alexander Graham Bell in the US during the 19th century, with the first call made over just 100 feet (30.5 metres) on the 14th of February, 1876. In the subsequent years a global industry has developed around this type of technology, with the humble telephone line still going strong to this day despite competition from emerging wireless services.

Here is a quick overview of the history of the telephone line from its early establishment to its modern applications, which should hopefully indicate just why it was such an important technological advance and how it changed the world.

Within two years of the first telephone call being made, Bell's patents were used to set up a company in the UK, backed by the then not insubstantial investment of £100,000. 150 telephone lines were quickly rolled out in London, with each line able to support a maximum of eight users simultaneously.

Further telephone exchanges were developed in the UK until in 1879 there were 200 subscribers in London, with lines leading across the country to Sheffield, Manchester and even Edinburgh. A rival company founded on the patents registered by Thomas Edison was also established in this year, undercutting the price of Bell's service by a significant margin in order to win over British customers.
The technology powering telephone lines was continually developed over the years, but it was in 1922 that things really got going when electro-mechanical technology designed by Almon B Strowger of the US became widely adopted to help automate the process. For the next seven decades or so, the UK's exchanges used a variant of this hardware in order to route calls.

Example of residential network including VoIP
Example of residential network including VoIP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By the mid-1980s, BT had become a private company and it began to look to digital technology to replace the analogue signals which had been carried by telephone lines for so many years. Investments of over £20 billion were made to update the UK's infrastructure. Despite this, it was not until 1995 that the final exchange working on Strowger's original design was closed, indicating the enduring nature of this set-up.

Using metallic cabling for telephone lines with analogue electrical signals transporting the audio information was not the only invention of Bell's which would go on to shape the world. As early as 1880, he was working with Sumner Tainter on something which they called the Photo-phone, which was essentially an early form of fiber-optic communication.

a fiber-optic splitter: 2x(input, 90% out, 10%out)
a fiber-optic splitter: 2x(input, 90% out, 10%out) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fibre optics would remain impractical and largely unpatented for the transmission of digital data until 1966. The lower attenuation rates in fiber-optic cables compared to metallic equivalents made them desirable for long-distance signal transmission and the UK was home to the first fiber-optic data line during the mid 1980s when a 140Mbps connection was set up between Luton and Milton Keynes. This would pave the way for the proliferation of optical technology which we see today being rapidly rolled out to replace the original metallic infrastructure as data rates are increased.

A TOSLINK fiber optic cable with a clear jacke...
A TOSLINK fiber optic cable with a clear jacket that has a laser being shone onto one end of the cable. The laser is being shone into the left connector; the light coming out the right connector is from the same laser. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The emergence of widespread broadband connectivity after the turn of the millennium, delivered either via traditional landlines or fiber-optic connections, eventually allowed more and more businesses and subscribers to access digital voice services. VoIP providers began to emerge in the middle of the 2000s, with companies such as Skype helping to introduce average consumers to the idea of making long-distance, IP-based calls between PCs rather than fixed-line handsets.

Fiber optic distribution frame from Canovate Group
Fiber optic distribution frame from Canovate Group (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Today, a single fiber-optic connection or broadband-enabled telephone line can do the work of multiple older lines thanks to VoIP technology and the flexibility of the digital age. In spite of the growth of the mobile market, people still value telephone lines for their reliability and affordability.

Daisy Group plc who specialize in providing communication solutions to UK businesses. Daisy has been providing telephone lines for over a decade and are experts in Voip Technology, and bringing business in to the 21st century

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