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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Entering a Golden Era of Technology

I remember watching tomorrow’s world as a child and being amazed at the things we suspected we might see in the future. Telephones that could be used without wires, machines that could give us access to enormous amounts of information and cars that run entirely on electricity were all visions that have since become a reality. Although technology has been advancing at an alarming rate with various gadgets and utilities that help to make our day to day lives much easier, there is a lot more yet to come. Although we currently have access to technology that decades ago may not have been considered possible, we are entering an era that will be truly mind blowing.

Gadgets from the USS Enterprise

Anti-matter torpedoes, phasers and fission engines may all appear to be things that have been made up by somebody with a wild imagination, but they are more than just science fiction. Much of the technology found in Star Trek is in fact based on scientific theory that could become a reality once we have the technology available to us. With high-tech facilities such as the Large Hadron Collider smashing together the tiniest of particles to get to the very building blocks of our universe, we are not far away from discovering science that we have not even yet been able to imagine. It may even be possible in our lifetime that we begin to see our power supplied by the exact same process that power the sun.

With such incredible advances on the horizon, along with others we haven’t even thought of yet, will surely make drastic changes to the way in which we live our lives. Technological advances in the future could make our advancement to the jet age seem a totally insignificant step in comparison.

Alien Materials
When we hear stories of aliens and watch movies about alien invasions, we always hear of fantastic materials that have properties that belong in the realms of fantasy. Indestructible materials that are as flexible as paper and wafer thin sheets of plastic with the computing power of our most powerful supercomputers are things that could very well one day step out of the world of fiction and become a household reality. Graphene is an example of a recent discovery of a material that brings us into the realms of science fiction and will surely have enormous implications on how we live our lives. An incredibly flexible material that is highly conductive, with graphene we may soon be able to fold up our computers or television and roll them up into a small tube for safe storage.

Entertainment and Communications
The internet and other communications technology may have radically changed entertainment and communications from a couple of decades ago, but there is more to come yet. Internet speeds are increasing to such incredible rates that even the largest of files can be sent and received online very quickly, and the internet as we know it will surely one day be replaced by something even more effective. Conferencing facilities mean that it is no longer necessary for us to travel to far away meetings as we are able to communicate visually and orally with people using online visual and audio technology. One day though even the most up to date conference facility technology will become replaced by virtual reality systems that place all participants around a single virtual table together. 

Computer gaming has also advanced incredibly thanks to ever faster processors that can carry out a huge number of calculations but it won’t be too long before even the latest games and the best consoles become a thing of the past. With virtual reality technology on the horizon, it won’t be long before we find ourselves immersed in the gaming world rather than simply watching it on a screen in front of us. Instead we will find ourselves surrounded by the mythical lands and the numerous characters within them. In a few years’ time even the most awe inspiring technology at our disposal will become the equivalent of what the fax machine is to email.

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