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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Ideal Hosting Service For A Blog

When a new blogger first starts off, the free blog sites that host the blogs are a great way to get the ball rolling. That is one thing great about the web, there is so much free stuff that it makes things a lot easier to try then decide. So, if you are a blogger looking for a hosting service, but have never blogged a sentence in your life, well, start with one of these free blog sites and take it from there.

If after you've tried your pen at blogging and you like it, that's absolutely great. You've proven you have the desire to do it, then it’s time to get you set up with your own URL and your own blog. This way you can control everything from font size to what graphics and layout you want to display along with all those morsels of wisdom you want to share with the world.


So, now comes the big question, how to find the ideal hosting service for the blog. The answer to that is fairly simple. But before answering that in earnest, it is necessary to reflect on three simple issues. The answers to these will quickly reveal the kind of host you need to find.


First off, is your blog going to host an outpouring of words or is it going to be a display of your shutter skill – meaning pictures, lots of high definition artistic pictures? The reason this makes a difference is that if you get a host that is not too happy about high bandwidth usage, you will have a problem having a site full of all kinds of pictures Also, it depends on if you are going to have a very robust forum like format or a simple diary format, where not many people will visit. So this is an important consideration.


The next is what platform you will be using. There are quite a few and everyone will swear by the one they are used to. Off course, Word Press is a famous ones, but there are a few others. Go look around the pages and see what platform you like. You need this to determine if a host is able to load the necessary script for you. When you choose the hosting service make sure they have either a one-click install or they will set it up for you. Unless you are extremely adventurous, let the hosting service do it.

Knowing which platform to and what platform you will end up following with your blog will go a long way in figuring which service to use. Once you get an idea, make sure the read as many independent reviews as possible to get a feel for a particular hosting service.


Posted by Johnathan Henery, a Net Tech and Writer for www.WhoIsHostingThis.com Be sure to check our reviews of Hosting companies like Bluehost. Thanks for your interest.

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