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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Redmine and Comindware. Detailed comparison

It's not so easy to criticize and find limitations in the work of the others. Any product, software or tool is the result of titanic work of many talented people, whose dream is to make our world better. In the world of automate workflow software there are a lot of tools, which are worth to be examined. So firstly let's try to combine agile with automatic tools to track a task or a project. Huge volumes of data, content and translations should be kept in one place and seamlessly managed as well. Such software must enable user to track and maintain development projects/tasks, and remote access to the data of the task.

Redmine features

Redmine is an effective issue tracking tool with the extensible framework and easy customizable features. It enables to integrate with different management tools and is easy to define issues, to create various filters. Redmine's framework consists of track stories, called Specs. Each task/sub-task is assigned to a specific version, so that workflow process phases are visible. The flexibility of Redmine allows organizing fields for every item of the task/project.

Though this process goes yet not without some limits: the fields for items are not available for creating new fields for new items and such a nuisance slows down the reporting process. According to interface Redmine has rather specific one, so it should be finished or polished before start working with the tool. Time and budget can be managed in the wiki, which is helpful for collaboration along with other ways of communication between team members.

Comindware features

Comindware workflow builder is another representative of the automate workflow flexible software family. Its flexibility has no limits. It enables to drag and drop all the constituents of future task/project into the workflow algorithm right in the browser window. Each developer can assign personal tasks to complete the work. Every task has discussion section, where team members can share ideas, requests, and comments. The files are attached to the task/sub-task either.

Comindware differs significantly from Redmine in particular giving an opportunity to change and modify the workflow process any time. The flow goes further without stopping. The main disadvantage of Comindware tracker is that it's on-premise for now and there is no mobile platform version.

A Brief Comparison between Redmine and Comindware

  • Redmine and Comindware automate workflow software are flexible and enable wide opportunities for the users in customizing agile workflow processes.
  • Rather powerful basis of communicative tools integrated to these both Redmine and Comindware.
  • Comindware gives an opportunity to change and modify the workflow process at any its phase.
  • Free open source solution of both tools.

Author's bio: Ryan Hardy currently works in Project management insights, Sydney, Australia, project-management-insights.com. He likes to test various software and mobile applications and share his experience with the others. Years of productive analysis and tests showed him the right vector in using task management software, so he began writing for other blogs from around the world about it and not only.
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