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Friday, April 27, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Ace - the 'Sleeper Hit'

Given that it was released at a similar time and with similar features to the iPhone 4, expectations weren’t high for the Samsung Galaxy Ace but it had a very dramatic impact on high street and online mobile phone sales, being described as a “sleeper hit” – quite a feat when compared with the powerhouse that is Apple marketing.

Although both manufacturers have since announced successors to both machines, there are still those who adore their machine and have no intention of giving it up.

Samsung Galaxy Ace
Samsung Galaxy Ace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So how does the quiet and reserved Samsung Galaxy Ace compare with the iPhone?

The Camera

For many people, the appeal of any smartphone is its duel ability to make calls, access the internet and take pictures and photographs. Therefore, any phone which is going to not only crack but dominate the market would have to have a powerhouse of a camera phone and the Galaxy did not disappoint with a 5 mega pixel camera for high resolution images.

The Wi-Fi
Whether you’re on business or pleasure when using your phone, Wi-Fi is the be all and end all for many people and whether they realise they’re accessing it or not, many people couldn’t live without Wi-Fi. Therefore when releasing the Galaxy (which sounds a lot more sci-fi than intended) they made sure it was compatible and could support Wi-Fi to a high standard.

Touch Screen
Thanks to Apple and their followers, buttons are so last century and the Galaxy is no exception with a full touch screen facility as well as a variety of multi-touch features.

Shape and Size Matters
The Samsung Galaxy Ace is intended to be slick and stylish to match its peers as well as the rest of the Samsung Galaxy family. It is one of the thinnest smartphones at only 12mm thick and the screen is an impressive 3.5 inch screen that dominates the front of the phone.

Processing and Connectivity 
The various abilities of the Samsung Galaxy Ace, including 800MHz processor, HSDPA 3.5g web browser and speeds of up to 7.2MBPS mean that internet connectivity is a snap wherever and whenever you happen to be looking.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace works on an Android 2.2 Operating System which some might have heard being called “Froyo” what this does is to ensure that Google services are available with more downloadable content and more space to put this content on, as opposed to some Blackberrys which can open but not support the size of certain pages, which can be extremely frustrating.

The Future
As many people are aware, Apple have since gone on to produce the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S with an announcement on the iPhone 5 being hailed as imminent.

In the same space of time, Samsung has also released its own follow ups to the Galaxy Ace and these have been similarly well received. The company’s next release will be the Samsung Galaxy S3 and, although no formal plans have been announced, it is expected that this will be released to coincide with the iPhone 5 once again.

This post was written by Terry Brightman - a total gadget geek and proud owner of the new Samsung Galaxy S3 smartphone.

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