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Monday, April 30, 2012

Top 3 Web App Development Vulnerabilities

All web applications are vulnerable to attack.  Attacks tend to occur more frequently when the developer maintains a poor programming standard and also when the web application is PHP based.  When it comes to building a web app designed to meet business specific requirements that rightly meets all development targets, it is imperative that a developer take caution to avoid common attacks.  It often takes an experienced web developer to negate threats of attack, which often include remote code execution, SQL injection and format string vulnerabilities.

Remote Code Execution

An improper coding structure makes it easy for attackers to retrieve information stored in the server.  It is often hard to track remote code execution vulnerabilities.  Remote code execution can only be revealed after a review of the source code.  It is imperative to ensure that your web app is free from this issue and to fix it immediately.  Failure to address this type of error can seriously compromise mission critical information and data.

SQL Injection

SQL injection is one of the most popular vulnerabilities despite its consideration as an age old technique among attackers.  Security codes are especially important in preventing SQL injection as these determine the amount of information that is accessible on the server.  Essentially, this vulnerability allows attackers to gain all the required information from the web server database.  Always ascertain whether data will be contained within just the basic information or to go beyond it to compromise the core structures.

Format String Vulnerabilities

Unfiltered inputs from the users create format string vulnerabilities.  Errors in format strings generally occur in one of three broad categories – denial of reading, writing and service.  

The best way to avoid these web app development vulnerabilities is to avoid small time freelance web developers or companies and work instead with an in-house team of expert web developers.  Renowned web and application development companies offer the best of services as these companies maintain a reputation of following a holistic development methodology.  Customers can depend on reputable companies to design an app that fits the initial requirements completely.  Best of all, in-house teams of expert developers go the extra mile to deliver a hassle-free web app development experience.

Web app development is an industry that is growing at a tremendous rate.  Businesses large and small and from all sectors are now turning to web app development companies to build custom applications.  The tips in this article should help you avoid running into any unwanted web app vulnerabilities.  

Akesh Gupta is President of Light Speed Solutions, a web app development company specializing in a plethora of web design and development services.
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