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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Effective project management in your company: myth or reality?

Some of us still believe in business miracles and think that effectiveness of project management depends on certain luckiness or astrological circumstances. I do not believe in mythology and trust practical approach in project management. Thus I will try to characterize the inner world of any project or task taking into consideration all the necessary abilities of a manager as the head of the project. The reality of project management is based on the principle of well-customized workflow process within the execution work coupled with reliable team, clear veritable outcome, and financial solutions of the company and business opportunities of project stakeholders.

Project Management

How to start and how not to go astray 

One of the most important things in the very beginning of the flow is strict realizing of its process. Each member of the team has to know for sure what to do and how to do it fast and effectively. But at the same time strict execution of manager’s tasks or sub-tasks should be comprehended and the responsibility of a certain task inside the project must not be a lot of a manager only. The so-called micromanagement won’t be appropriate in this situation, and the way out lies in organizing meetings, sharing ideas, requests, and thoughts. Such an operative solution is useful to analyze workflow phases and conduct a possible risk that is profitable in the beginning of a project. 

Hold the rhythm and move to the goal! 

Effective project management needs to be strictly regulated and its normal functioning has to pay respect to formalized workflow process framework. All the time remember about the veritable outcome and be an arbiter between stakeholders and team members. Your goal is not to run or pursue inner events leading to any result, but customize the flow and hold it in the effective condition for the project in general. Discussion forums, chats and blogs create the foundation of the communication and encourage collaborative relationships to desirable result. Visualizing of the team’s activity is also important element, which allows you to see what’s going on and what you need to achieve the goals you have planned at any segment of the workflow process. 

Use workflow automate software for seamless customizing and visualizing of the flow. Nowadays flexible collaborative software is worth our attention. Comindware tracker and FREE task management would be an appropriate solution for the company. Seamless using, effective work and customizing workflow process within any project or task let you feel confident during the workflow. Simplifying issue tracking, collaboration and the execution of sub-tasks, creating separate work-spaces within the main project help to build flexible system of project management. Comindware applications have a clear interface and are easy to use: hit play, and your project is started.

Author's bio: Ryan Hardy currently works in Project management insights, Sydney, Australia, project-management-insights.com. He likes to test various software and mobile applications and share his experience with the others. Years of productive analysis and tests showed him the right vector in using task management software, so he began writing for other blogs from around the world about it and not only.

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