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Monday, May 14, 2012

Internet service, the fundamentals and how to avail the best one

The need for communication among human beings has given rise to several effective modes of communication. The internet is by far the most colossal means of communication that has been developed by man.

 Since its invention, there have been further innovations made on it. The internet service that was first introduced was the dial up internet connections. Gradually, owing to human nature man tried to improve on this and thereby gave rise to some other means such as the broadband connection, the satellite internet connection and some others.

 Let us go through the different types of connection that would help one to better understand their relevance. 

The dial up internet connection – It can be termed as the most conventional means of internet connection. It uses a telephone line, a POTS (plain old telephone service) to be specific. The only disadvantage that is faced while using this connection is with the speed. One can get a speed up to 56 kbps with the aid of a v.90 modem and 128kbps while using an ISDN. The benefits that one can reap with this connection are as follows:

• Low cost – This connection is one which offers users a low cost service. In today’s world, an important thing like the internet is not something that can be refrained from due to high cost. A dial up connection is very instrumental in this regard.

• Rotational IP – An IP is a unique identification number that is provided to any computer. A dial up internet connection provides a feature called rotational IP .This feature helps a user to get a fresh IP address on each successful log in to the internet. It helps in providing a good safety measure and prevents hackers from getting illegitimate access to the computer of the customer.
• Availability – The service of this connection is readily available wherever the ISP functions. Hence one can enjoy the service over a wide range of locations. 

Several ISPs offer some other services in this regard, a few of such services that are on offer by the ISPs are providing antivirus software, providing spam protection, offering technical support, they also provide special software that helps in boosting the speed of the internet and also a pop up blocking service.

The broadband internet connection – This is what, those customers opt for, who prefer a fast internet connection. This connection is a bit more costly that the dial up connection but the speed that it provides is beyond any comparison. In today’s world where most things can be operated over the internet, a fast internet connection is required. This connection helps in facilitating all such tasks. There are several ways in which this connection can prove to be beneficial. A few of these are enlisted as follows:

• Suffices to holistic needs – This internet connection suffices in facilitating all sorts of things, be it downloading or uploading materials. Performing official tasks, accessing bank accounts, paying electricity, phone and other bills, pursuing online courses, appearing for online examinations and various other things. This is because of the speed that this connection provides.

The broadband connection can be further divided into a few categories, these include:

  • A cable modem – This is a service that is provided by cable operators. Coaxial cables are used as in the case of a television set.
  •  Fiber optics- This is a technology that converts electrical signals into light and sends them via fibers. This is a fast way of connectivity. 
  • Satellite – This is used mainly used in rural areas where any other mode of connectivity has not reached. 
  • DSL (digital subscriber line) – This technology involves wire line transmission. Its speed depends on the nearness of the computer to the ISP. 
  •  Wireless – A radio link is used in this connection. As the name suggests, this does not require any wires to connect. 

These are the various types of internet service that are available in the market. Before opting for any of these one should introspect their own needs. This would enable them to get the best deals. 

Author's bio - Jimy jones has a lot of knowledge about several internet services. He has shared some of his invaluable knowledge over here. For more information on this log on to internetserviceproviders.net .

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