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Monday, May 28, 2012

Laptop vs. Tablet

The question whether a tab can be used instead of a laptop has been around for a while now. I’m not exactly sure that a tab was every supposed to do that by design, but I tried to use my tab instead of a laptop. I mean I used it in situations when I would normally use a laptop.    Disclaimer: I was testing this approach with my Samsung GT (Galaxy Tab) P-1000. So, I do realize that it can be different on other tablets.    As is   Initially, I  tried to use it as is. I mean without any additional items such as keyboards, docks, mice, etc. And this is the first win by virtually any laptop out there, because you can easily use one without any extra stuff.    

BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 01:  Visitors try ...
BERLIN, GERMANY - SEPTEMBER 01: Visitors try out a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 tablet at the Samsung hall at the IFA 2011 consumer electonics and appliances trade fair the day before the fair's official opening on September 1, 2011 in Berlin, Germany. The IFA 2011 will be open to the public from September 2-7. (Image credit: Getty Images via @daylife)

Sure thing, it’s really hard to do that if you make actual phone calls because it looks clunky and weird when you talk with someone using the loudspeaker of the device . But that’s “understandable” inconvenience because it was designed to be used primarily as a tab and the phone feature seems to be just an addition to all the stuff it can do. In any case, a tab wins over any laptop in this aspect because as far as I am aware none of the laptops designed until now can make phone calls. Right? I mean real ones. Not via Skype.   In terms of typing It kinda works but when I need to type a really long email message, it’s slowing me down quite a bit and that starts to irritate me a big deal over time. But if it’s for some quick Skype chat, then it’s pretty much a convenient thing to do. In this aspect, any laptop beats a tablet device, because the convenience of a full QWERTY keyboard just does the trick.    

Now let’s tackle the music aspect. For the most part it’s a-OK but the volume level is not that high as in most laptops out there. In terms of sound quality the device works pretty well if you are not going to the extremes in turning up. :)   Games seem to be pretty raw on the tab, because the operating system and partially CPU (or whatever they call it) cannot cope with too high game requirements. So, you can only play pretty simplified games. At the same time I’d like to point out that the fact that you can actually touch stuff while playing adds quite a bit of a specific flavor to the whole gaming experience.    Apps work pretty cool, but only in case they’re compatible with your particular device. Plus they should be optimized (like screen resolution and stuff like that). I found using the Google maps app particularly beneficial when I got to a city that was new to me. 

Benq laptop
Benq laptop (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Using that app, I got to my destination pretty easily owing to the excellent work of the Google Maps app for Android. I can’t really imagine how I would use it on a laptop. So, the Galaxy Tab is an absolute winner in this nomination. :)   Checking email is easy and simple as well, but like I said above, you don’t want to reply with a long message. The game changer is the fact that it’s way more easier to check your email inbox on a tab rather than using a laptop. Plus the odds are that your tab is always with you. And that’s really hard to keep a laptop at your disposal all the time.    The best way to use a 7-inch tab is for reading books. I’m starting to think that it’s gonna be its main use in my case just because you can’t sit in a cozy position reading an e book on a laptop. And that’s because of the size of any laptop. It’s just too big....    


Connecting a keyboard to your Android device will speed up your text typing a great deal, but since you’re still using a tab, you can’t use it as a full-fledged device that can replay a laptop. For one, You can’t open two text files in Google Drive. You can open just one of them and that’s a real problem if you need the other for reference or something along those lines.     


This addition will make your sound quality really amazing. I’m personally using the Nokia Bluetooth Stereo Headset and I’m just loving it. Apart from that, you can use it for talking on the phone, because the device has a built-in mike.     

The verdict   

You definitely can’t use a tab instead of a laptop, because it just lacks some very vital features, but it also has its advantages, which makes using tabs a pretty good idea as well. The problem with a tab is that the device is primarily for consumption. And I personally like creating stuff. Not just consuming... What do you say?

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