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Monday, May 21, 2012

Three Tips towards Buying a Good Android Phone

Everyone has an Android phone, and those who do not are looking to get one. If you have not yet bought an Android phone, and are definitely sure that you should get an Android phone, here are three tips that will help you choose a better Android cell phone. 

To begin with, take a look at the processor that will be running the Android phone. A smaller processor may actually have you struggle to use the Android system while someone is trying to call you. Today, a 1 GHz processor is quite good for an Android phone. Anything lesser than that might be a bit obsolete, and with newer Android phones coming out almost every six months, the Android phones that have a processor smaller than 1 GHz are definitely on their way out. There are several phones that have more than 1 GHz available. The best way to find out all the specs of a particular phone is to research information about it online. Most of these sites offer the products at a discount too, so you as well buy the cell phone from a website. 

Another important tip is that you should check out which operating system your cell phone is shipping with. The latest Android OS system is 2.3, but you would be surprised to find that some manufacturers are still putting in 1.8 and other versions. Though the Android phone can be upgraded Over the Air (OTA), not all cell phones have this capability. In some cases, you might have to travel to the phone manufacturer service center, and then have your mobile phone upgraded. To avoid this, all you need to do is to buy the brand and the model which provides you an Android phone with the latest operating system. Also, if you are buying the cellphone online, you should check the manual and the specifications that are provided at the website from which you are buying the cell phone. 

The third tip while buying a good Android phone is to look for a good Android phone with a largish display. There are clutters of cell phones that had the Android operating system, but did not work because they did not have a good display. Remember that the Android is all about the looks and the OS, so you better have a display that does justice to all the games and the apps that the Android device provides. These are the three tips that you should keep in mind while buying an Android phone. 

Author Bio : Aditya Roy is editor at Android Mag. You may want to read info on LG Spectrum at his blog.
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