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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Webinar Software

Setting up a videoconferencing session with a couple of people is really easy these days thanks to all of the software technologies that developers can take advantage of nowadays. Corporations and franchises can keep in touch with employees regardless of location as long as these employees have the necessary software and have decent Internet connection speeds. However, these programs are quite limited and normally cannot handle more than 10 to 20 people. If you look at those seminars, there could be at least 50 attendees and that can pose a problem if you want to host some kind of online seminar using these consumer programs.

Sharing Innovation - Web conferencing across C...
Sharing Innovation - Web conferencing across Campuses (Photo credit: Steven Parker)

Webinar software are more focused on not only allowing more participants to see the live presentation but also to get involved with the discussion without distracting the presenter while he or she is presenting. This is the kind of software that top corporations are using so they can stream their biggest product launches to the people that matter. Now there are developers that are allowing other people to use the webinar software so representatives and presenters can make a much bigger impact to their audience. It is these programs that make presentations just as interactive as the traditional way of launching seminars. 

In fact, these tools can make the work a lot easier since you can use these tools as early marketing tools. Many webinar applications come in the form of large packages where you need to simply upload them to a reliable server and let the software handle the various tasks including the handling of registrations and the sending of invites to make sure that many attendees check out the presentation. It is easier for people to attend a webinar since they can do it from any place that has a quick Internet connection. 

Since one of the main goals for webinar software is to get just about everyone in the target market involved, many good programs retain compatibility across all of the major operating systems and web browsers. This is because these webinar applications have web-based interfaces where you only need a browser. Some plugins might be required but they should be very easy for new users to install. Those webinar software that have basic plugin requirements may allow smartphone and tablet users to attend the webinar. 

Robin Good at Webheads Convergence
Robin Good at Webheads Convergence (Photo credit: mikecogh)

One of the biggest advantages of organizing a webinar over a conventional seminar is the reduced time it takes to fully prepare. If you choose the right package, you should be able to implement the webinar software even if you do not have a website set up and you have no time to create some webpages. Because of the time that you save, you can pour more resources into improving the overall presentation experience. You try to add some more spice on your PowerPoint presentations or get creative with Adobe Effects just to show how interesting webinars can be. With the right combination of audio, video, text and plenty of images, presentations can really shine and there are no more worries with seeing a presentation on the projector that looks faded just because you are sitting too far from the screen. 

Webinars can cut a lot of costs too. There are no travel expenses to speak of and there is no need for distributing print material to other people. Even the ones that are attending the webinar can save big because they no longer need to bring notepads and pens. All that is recommended is a headset so people can participate in the discussion better.

Finally, any webinar that is finished can immediately be turned into a webcast through the software’s recording feature. You can close off the seminar and immediately make the recording as a free download for those that couldn’t watch the presentation live. This is even useful for people that have already seen the presentation because they can look back at video and spend more time digesting the information. Recorded videos can be paused and people that need to see certain parts can jump to that frame immediately.

Because people that are tuning into the presentation can still interact with the presenter when questions and comments are encouraged, webinar software looks to be the future of hosting exciting seminars. In fact, you can use webinar software to enhance the reach of traditional seminars for the benefit of those that like to attend local events.

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