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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Which kind of home phone service will suit you?

Telephones are an extremely interesting invention of Alexander Graham Bell. It was perhaps the first invention in the field of communication. After his invention till today with the advancement of technology telephone services are in the path of improvement. Latest telephone models are produced today to draw the attention of the customers. Different types of phone services are available today in the market. 

Various cellular phones from the last decade
Various cellular phones from the last decade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Previously to have a telephone at home was a luxurious affair, but now it is a common affair at any every home. Land phone is one of the traditional phone services. It was in the hike of the market in the olden times. But today these traditional phones are being replaced by newly invented and highly sophisticated phone services. This is the main reason why traditional land line services are declining today. But land phones still exists today because there are some staunch believers that land lines are the most trust worthy services and do not want to give up this service.

Land line phones are mainly replaced after the invention of mobile phones. Land phones are not portable and involve wire connections while mobile phones are small and sleek, wireless and usually run through satellites, for these reasons mobile phones can be carried easily from one place to another. Mobile phones are now common everywhere. It is mainly famous among the youngsters. By taking advantage of their likings the mobile companies in order to promote their business are introducing fashionable, trendy and colorful mobile sets involving many exciting features which automatically become eye catching among the teens. Mobile service companies are seen in hard competition with each other and so they are providing interesting offers and packages for enjoying low call rates both local and long distant calls. Now internet is also possible through mobiles. So it can be seen that when mobile phones are providing such exciting services then why people will stick to land phones.

Digital phone services are another type of phone service. Many traditional TV or video companies are providing voice services over their networks. The main advantage of this type of service is that a single company serves multiple purposes like scheduling maintenance, scheduling installation, paying of monthly bills and many more. You will get this type of phone service you will have to contact your nearest cable operator of your locality. 

The process of establishing calls between two ...
The process of establishing calls between two regular landline or mobile phones via VoIP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Next is Internet phone service. If you already have a high speed internet service or if you are ready to purchase a service from an internet service provider then you can enjoy low rates of monthly calls valid for both local and distant calls that are offered by internet phone service providers generally called VoIP then this is the right service. For availing better services contact the service provider of your locality. 

Different types of home phone services are discussed in this article for your better assessment and for your better understanding. But the service providers cannot select a service for you because it is you to select a service. This article can only assist you to select. 

Author’s bio: Jimy Jones’s articles are rich in information about home Phone services. To know more visit homephoneservice.org

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