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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Redundancy at Every Level

Many technology, computing, energy, finance, and healthcare firms depend on data centers for their colocation needs.  Businesses use data centers for disaster recovery operations as well.  A reliable and efficient Houston colocation facility must have several key components in regard to redundancy. 

Redundancy refers to the ability of a colocation facility to keep their operations running 24/7/365.  Houston colocation facilities should have secure and constant sources of power, water, and network connectivity.  No component or system has a single point of failure in a fully redundant utility supply chain.  Dual utility feeds make this possible.

Power Supply
There are four distinct data center power feed classifications:

1.)    Class One: ‘Single Feed’
  1. A single substation supplies the power to the data center.
  i. The substation supplies multiple, external utility transformers with power. These in turn supply the data center.
  ii.  This system is risky because the power supply has multiple points of failure.
  1. If the substation experiences an outage, then the data center experiences an outage.
  2. There is no MTO (manual throw-over) or ATO (automatic throw-over) switch.

2.)    Class Two: ‘Single Substation’
  1. A single substation supplies two power feeds to the data center.
  i.  An ATO/MTO receives the power supply and then supplies the external utility transformers with power.
  ii.  This system reduces outage risk, but is still inherently risky because all power comes from one substation.
  1. There are multiple points of failure in a Class Two system.

3.)    Class Three: ‘Dual Substations’
  1. Two substations each supply a feed to the data center.
  i.  An ATO/MTO receives power supplies from both feeds and then supplies the external utility transformers with power.
  ii.  This system is still risky because the data center must rely upon the ATO/MTO switch’s proper operation.

4.)    Class Four: ‘True Dual Feed’
  1. Two substations each supply a direct power feed to internal transformers within the data center. 
  i.      The data center has control of their power supply, not the utility company.
  ii.      This guarantees full redundancy.

Businesses should select a Houston colocation data center that offers a Class Four dual power feed.

Water Supply
Houston colocation facilities use a considerable amount of electricity, due to the nature of high performance computing.  Significant amounts of cool water are needed to keep temperatures of equipment low and stable.  Water cooling techniques offer a more energy efficient solution than air-conditioning techniques.  Houston colocation facilities should have dual water feeds that originate from different utility sources.  This ensures complete reliability and redundancy.  On-site emergency water storage tanks provide a way for data centers to guarantee that the water cooling system will operate seamlessly in the case of disaster or utility shutdown.     

Network Connections
A Houston colocation facility should offer blended and carrier-neutral Internet access.  Blended Internet access gives clients the most efficient and reliable routing for network connectivity.  Carrier-neutral access allows businesses to select from a wide variety of carriers.      

It is vital that a Houston colocation facility offer full redundancy at every utility level.  Power, water, and network connectivity should have true, dual feeds.  Businesses should select a Houston colocation facility that can provide these guarantees in order to maintain continuous and secure operations.

James Rogers discusses colocation opportunities in the Houston Area.  He believes colocation should be considered by any company that wants to keep data safe. James helps educate readers about the benefits of colocation and data centers for companies of all sizes. 
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How do people really use their phones?

A smartphone is a mobile phone built on a mobile computing platform, with more advanced computing ability and connectivity than a feature phone. The first smartphones mainly combined the functions of a personal digital assistant (PDA) and a mobile phone or camera phone. Today's models also serve to combine the functions of portable media players, low-end compact digital cameras, pocket video cameras, and GPS navigation units.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Mini, Me and My Aftermarket Shop

I am a mini copper enthusiast. I own a 2010 Blue BMW Mini Cooper S and a Blue 1999 Rover Mini. I used to order aftermarket parts for my cars and my fellow mini owners have asked for my help in acquiring parts for their own minis as well. They told me that if I put a store or shop, they would be more than glad to support and help me spread the word about it. So, after more encouragement and sleepless nights, I put up my aftermarket shop. It has been three years and the shop is still growing strong with more Mini owners ordering and buying stuff from my shop. It’s both work and play and I love it.

When I was putting up the shop, I made it a point to get the best retail software and system to make my work easier. I scouted around and found a supplier for the system. A friend has recommended it and I was able to get a discount for the system. The POS system that we have acquired included a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, a barcode scanner and a debit/credit card reader. The point of sale software was very easy to understand and use. It just took us a total of three days to know the functions and features of the system. As a retailer, I don’t want my sales unrecorded; or my inventory doesn’t match the tallies and spending time correcting mistakes. The system is a good investment because it solves many operational tasks and record keeping headaches. Based on these merits, the retail software has more benefits that I can tell you. This type of system was only available to major retail stores and thankfully, it’s now readily available to small and medium businesses.

The point of sale software speeds up the checkout process by calculating sales, change and adding the sales tax. It has made the shop more efficient and we can talk to the customers and spend more time with them answering their inquiries and made them feel that they are important plus we can show them parts that can help the performance of their Minis and in return, it makes the customers happy because they do not go through a lengthy checkout process. The retail software also lets me identify inventory levels especially when the books do not match the actual stocks in the shop. The degree of inventory control is important in sales and the software can track which items are selling well and it also determines which stocks or parts are not popular.

Some say that most point of sale software and systems are just sophisticated cash registers, which I say is true but as a user of this system, I can say that its more than just a sophisticated cash register. It has a standard format for records and transactions that keeps daily sales, which is very easy to understand. It also keeps tab on the person who performed the transaction and the amount of the items purchased. There are more benefits a point of sale software offer but it will depend o the individual or type of business the system is used for. In my case I was lucky to have a reputable point of sale software and system vendor that discussed the benefits and the various features of this system. Everything is much easier, efficient and effective. I can balance my Mini cooper aftermarket business while enjoying rides and rallies with fellow enthusiasts and friends.


Jerry Hall is a father of two and a Mini Cooper enthusiast. The love affair with the Mini began when his father gave him his first second hand 1971 Morris Mini in 1986. He now owns an aftermarket shop selling parts and accessories for classic and BMW Minis. Jerry has attested the use of point of sale software has helped him in managing his business efficiently. 

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Online Security - Who Do You Trust?

Internet security is a branch of computer security specifically related to the Internet, often involving browser security but also network security on a more general level as it applies to other applications or operating systems on a whole. Its objective is to establish rules and measures to use against attacks over the Internet. The Internet represents an insecure channel for exchanging information leading to a high risk of intrusion or fraud, such as phishing. Different methods have been used to protect the transfer of data, including encryption.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Recognizing Common Oracle Database Performance Issues

Oracle database performance improvements require continual and iterative efforts to produce results. It is not a one and done activity. Constant vigilance and performance monitoring are required for long-term success.

Neither is it a matter of finding and removing one performance bottleneck. There are likely more than one to be found. In fact, further investigation may lead a DBA to an even greater performance problem.

Oracle database performance problems typically result from lack of data throughput, unacceptable user or job response time, or both. To determine the nature of the problem and create a path to resolution, you must gather as much performance data as possible, including from end users, call centers, or any other stakeholder who can speak to end user system performance.

The next step is to gather Oracle database performance statistics. This can be done using the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) or with third-party solutions such as Confio Ignite for Oracle. The statistics captured by these tools include:
  • Time model statistics
  • Wait events
  • Session and system statistics
  • Active session history
  • High-load SQL statistics
Common Oracle Database Performance Issues Defined

Using the above statistics will assist DBAs with finding some of the most common Oracle database performance problems. Here are a few:
  • CPU Bottlenecks
    When the CPU approaches or exceeds maximum utilization performance problems begin. What is causing the CPU performance issues? Bad queries? Too many consecutive users? Solving CPU issues can greatly improve performance.
  • I/O Capacity Issues
    Lack of I/O subsystem performance can translate to poor end-user performance. Increasing I/O capacity or decreasing I/O loads can assist in disk I/O utilization.
  • Concurrency Issues
    Concurrent activities can lead to contention for shared resources that result in locks or waits for buffer cache. Monitoring session data can show DBAs where locks and waits are occurring while users wait for their request to be processed. Reducing or eliminating these with more efficient queries and database structures creates measurable performance improvements.
  • Database Configuration Issues
    What configuration issues may be contributing to poor performance. Likely candidates include incorrect sizing of log files, archiving issues, excessive checkpoints, and sub-optimal parameter settings. Be sure to look for these first.
  • Unexpected Performance Loss after Tuning
    This is a DBAs worse nightmare, but sometimes tuning SQL statement may result in decreased Oracle database performance. While the exact cause of such a regression isn't predictable, having it impact system performance can be avoided by using a test server to analyze SQL statement performance before launching to production environments.

Look for these and other common Oracle database performance issue when tuning your Oracle databases. Finding and repairing them will result increased database performance and decreased end user complaints.

Post by Josh Stein on behalf of Confio Software.
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Cloud Computing Facts

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing and storage capacity as a service to a heterogeneous community of end-recipients. The name comes from the use of a cloud-shaped symbol as an abstraction for the complex infrastructure it contains in system diagrams. Cloud computing entrusts services with a user's data, software and computation over a network.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Bee Brains Could Hold The Future To Computing

Computers can perform maddeningly long calculations in a matter of milliseconds or open up a whole new online world for us at the click of a button. They’re constantly improving to the point where we’ll soon struggle to discern computer graphics from the real world, but one thing they can’t quite match us humans in is our ability to make snap decisions based on a series of inputs. In short, they have no feeling – no common sense or perception.

That could all be about to change though, as researchers at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology discover that bees’ brains may be just what’s needed to set this new direction for computers.

When we face a problem or potential hazard, we are adept at receiving sensory inputs and calculating the best possible course of action to avoid harm – if a pedestrian walks out in front of our car we’ll slam the brakes on without thinking. The considerably smaller brain of a bee may not have quite the power that ours does, but the RMIT’s school of media and communication demonstrated how they may be large enough to apply similar rules to a range of problems.

The test

In order to test their theory, the team placed a number of bees into a maze which included a series of contrasting yet related elements; such as up/down and left/right. From here, they observed that bees were able to learn that these elements followed a set of ‘rules’, and furthermore that the elements were different and so required different processing.

It became clear from here that the insects were transferring these to stimuli in the brain to calculate the best action – much like what we do, albeit on a more basic level.

Implications of the results

The results proved that such decisions can be made with a “relatively simple neural architecture” and that complex brain structure is not necessary.

As well as this, bees’ brains are relatively easily accessible and so provide a much simpler way of assessing how such neural calculations are made. This could become particularly important as understanding how the brain functions when faced with these decisions will be key in installing such concepts into computers. If we can understand the workings involved then translating them into the technological world becomes a much easier task, and robots capable of processing sensory inputs to react in some way other than simply how they’re programmed would not be such an unimaginable thing.

Robin keeps up with the latest technological developments for leaders in cheap online eyewear Directsight.
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How does internet work?

The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite (often called TCP/IP, although not all applications use TCP) to serve billions of users worldwide. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private, public, academic, business, and government networks, of local to global scope, that are linked by a broad array of electronic, wireless and optical networking technologies. The Internet carries an extensive range of information resources and services, such as the inter-linked hypertext documents of the World Wide Web (WWW) and the infrastructure to support email.

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Graphene: The 2d Material That Could Change Everything

Graphene is an allotrope of carbon. Its structure is one-atom-thick planar sheets of sp2-bonded carbon atoms that are densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice. The term graphene was coined as a combination of graphite and the suffix -ene by Hanns-Peter Boehm, who described single-layer carbon foils in 1962. Graphene is most easily visualized as an atomic-scale chicken wire made of carbon atoms and their bonds. The crystalline or "flake" form of graphite consists of many graphene sheets stacked together.

The carbon-carbon bond length in graphene is about 0.142 nanometers. Graphene sheets stack to form graphite with an interplanar spacing of 0.335 nm. Graphene is the basic structural element of some carbon allotropes including graphite, charcoal, carbon nanotubes and fullerenes. It can also be considered as an indefinitely large aromatic molecule, the limiting case of the family of flat polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

by visualcap. Browse more data visualizations.

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

How VoIP works by SureVoIP

Voice over IP (VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol) commonly refers to the communication protocols, technologies, methodologies, and transmission techniques involved in the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) networks, such as the Internet. Other terms commonly associated with VoIP are IP telephony, Internet telephony, voice over broadband (VoBB), broadband telephony, and broadband phone.

Internet telephony refers to communications services —voice, fax, SMS, and/or voice-messaging applications— that are transported via the Internet, rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The steps involved in originating a VoIP telephone call are signaling and media channel setup, digitization of the analog voice signal, encoding, packetization, and transmission as Internet Protocol (IP) packets over a packet-switched network. On the receiving side, similar steps (usually in the reverse order) such as reception of the IP packets, decoding of the packets and digital-to-analog conversion reproduce the original voice stream. Even though IP Telephony and VoIP are terms that are used interchangeably, they are actually different; IP telephony has to do with digital telephony systems that use IP protocols for voice communication, while VoIP is actually a subset of IP Telephony. VoIP is a technology used by IP telephony as a means of transporting phone calls.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MacBook Pro with Retina display

The MacBook Pro is a line of Macintosh portable computers introduced in January 2006 by Apple Inc., and now in its third generation. Replacing the PowerBook G4, MacBook Pro and was the second model, after the iMac, to be announced in the Apple–Intel transition. It is also the high-end model of the MacBook family and is currently produced with 13- and 15-inch screens, although a 17-inch version has been offered previously.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

HTML5 Past, Present and Future

HTML5 is a markup language for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web, and is a core technology of the Internet originally proposed by Opera Software.[1] It is the fifth revision of the HTML standard (created in 1990 and standardized as HTML4 as of 1997) and, as of June 2012, is still under development. Its core aims have been to improve the language with support for the latest multimedia while keeping it easily readable by humans and consistently understood by computers and devices (web browsers, parsers, etc.). HTML5 is intended to subsume not only HTML 4, but XHTML 1 and DOM Level 2 HTML as well.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Tough Cookie to Crack

A cookie, also known as an HTTP cookie, web cookie, or browser cookie, is usually a small piece of data sent from a website and stored in a user's web browser while a user is browsing a website. When the user browses the same website in the future, the data stored in the cookie can be retrieved by the website to notify the website of the user's previous activity. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember the state of the website or activity the user had taken in the past. This can include clicking particular buttons, logging in, or a record of which pages were visited by the user even months or years ago.

Although cookies cannot carry viruses, and cannot install malware on the host computer, tracking cookies and especially third-party tracking cookies are commonly used as ways to compile long-term records of individuals' browsing histories — a major privacy concern that has prompted European and US law makers to take action.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Adoption of cloud computing has become more and more prevalent across the globe in recent years. Experts affiliated to the industry claim that cloud computing are currently a $74 billion trade and estimate that this figure will double in the coming year. This industry is responsible for an approximated 3% of global IT expenditure and is expected to create 13 million jobs worldwide from for a period of three years, 2012 to 2015. As cloud computing grows in stature both technologically and economically, a number of new key trends associated to it can be outlined:

English: Cloud Computing visual diagram
English: Cloud Computing visual diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

# 1 - The Personal Computer Will Lose its Place to Personal Cloud as the Preferred Digital Device.

Experts postulate that by 2014, personal cloud will inevitably take the place of the personal computer. This is outlined by the following 'super-trends' that are propelling this alteration:

-Consumer Space; it is projected that cloud services will be on 90% of personal user devices by 2015. Therefore, users can save, connect, torrent and synchronize data across a myriad of platforms and locations.

- The continuous growth in the number of organization that have put into place a fused plan to synchronize private and public clouds.

- Previously, cloud was mainly recognized for its lower costs but it is also now being widely acclaimed for its speed and agility.

# 2 - Mobile Cloud's Rapid Growing Reputation

A large number of people are currently manipulating their social and professional interactions with the use of smart mobile devices. This is going to amplify the need for more reliable, efficient, and user friendly storage applications amongst digital users.

# 3 - Executives' Call for Dependable Cloud Data Security

As current focus on Big Data proliferates, the need for the protection of security and authenticity of this data source will also grow. This will prompt controllers into play and renew policies by implementing a twin-phased verification and password generation. Furthermore, with the wider assimilation and the growing acclamation of cloud amongst users, service providers are now channeling their efforts towards the area of security innovations.

# 4 -Huge Data Entails More than just Manipulating Data Amounts

Huge data backlogs will compel many organizations to look for substitutes to conventional databases, and cloud's operational model will ease the rollout. Thereby, large cloud databases will consolidate huge amounts of data and analytics will now be transferred to the cloud more promptly than usual.

# 5 - The Migration to Platforms is growing By the Day

The PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) will constantly grow in recognition and requisition as it continues to offer organizations with scalable data translation and transformation services on a cloud platform. Without a shred of doubt, the leading IT organizations will those that will adopt the private and public and private PaaS platform.

In conclusion, there is an array of other available trends linked to each and every type of cloud - public, private, or hybrid. However, it is of high significance to note that in this current year, more organizations will maintain their business processes movement to the cloud, thereby escalating prospects for cloud data integration and manipulation as a component of their data infrastructure. 

Natasha is writer and bloger, currently writes for Ninefold. She contributes to the online society by blogging on a variety of topics, currently exploring in cloud computing, cloud server and other popular tech related trends.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

How to Compare Between Different Panasonic Toner Cartridges

Be it toner cartridges, which are manufactured by Panasonic or the cartridges of any other company, the technique to compare the different cartridges is same. In fact, you can apply the same procedure to compare the printer cartridges belonging to different brands. However, it’s better to draw a comparison between similar products. It’s a bit unusual to compare two things, which are of different nature. 

Now, the question arises, how to compare between two things of the same kind. Say, for example, if you want to compare the printer toner cartridges of Panasonic, then first you need to understand the purpose for which you are thinking of buying that product. Then, think of what are the features that you are looking for or if there is any specific feature, which you want the cartridge to be featured with. These decisions need to be accompanied by the decision about how much you want to spend on a cartridge for your printer. And the final step involved within this process is to choose a few Panasonic printing cartridges, which fulfill the criteria set by you. Now, you can compare among them to select the one that you think is the most appropriate for your needs. 

The best way to draw a comparison among them is to compare those products online. When you visit any site with an intention to purchase toner cartridges, you will have to browse through the different such cartridges stocked and sold by that site. The advantage of this is that, while browsing, you might come across information like if that site is offering any sale on a particular toner cartridge or they are providing any mass discount on all of them and many more such information. This will help you in choosing a product that, according to its original price, was exceeding your budget but was perfect for your requirements.

Now, once you have chosen your desired Panasonic cartridges from the list of products available there, you can draw a comparison among them by clicking the “Compare” button on the site. This will provide you with a detailed comparison among those chosen cartridges of Panasonic toner. The comparison, generally, highlights the unique features of each of the products that are followed by the generic ones. The price of the cartridge is one of the most important things, which every product comparing list is featured with. In addition to these, the comparison even lets you know whether that product is in stock when you are drawing the comparison.

 The image of the product on the comparison list contributes to your decision making for choosing a particular product as well. Each and every piece of such information is shown under the specific name of each product chosen by you. After comparing among the ones chosen by you initially, if you want to reject any particular cartridge then you can simply do so by clicking on the “Remove” button provided there. To add more toner cartridges to the comparison list, you need to follow the process mentioned earlier. 

Summary: Drawing a comparison between the different Panasonic toner cartridges includes an easy process. The best way make to do so is to compare the varied products online.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Coolest Uses of Barcode Scanner in Movies

A barcode reader (or barcode scanner) is an electronic device for reading printed barcodes. Like a flatbed scanner, it consists of a light source, a lens and a light sensor translating optical impulses into electrical ones. Additionally, nearly all barcode readers contain decoder circuitry analyzing the barcode's image data provided by the sensor and sending the barcode's content to the scanner's output port.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Communication and Data Handling Solutions

Business sectors in the contemporary world are increasingly facing stiff competition due to continuous entry of new players keen on sharing on the opportunities provided by the respective sectors. Consequently, companies are always on the lookout for current business approaches that improve efficiency, reduce costs and maximize profits. One such approach targeted at offering communication and data handling solution is audio transcription. Consequently, more companies are using audio transcription services online as a way of improving efficiency in communication and data handling.

Importance of Audio Transcription for Companies

Written literature is still the most preferred form of communication. Pedagogical principles have over centuries preferred written literature over other forms. Even with the emergence of audio literature as an alternative and complementary form of communication written literature still has the basic attributes that effectively facilitate communication. Some of the benefits for audio transcription for companies in the contemporary business world include:

-          Audio messages are usually bulky as compared to text messages. Therefore, by transcribing information organizations can reduce the size of particular files for easy handling and dissemination of information.

-          Audio transcription is an approach that can be used by companies to improve on the quality and content of information to improve understanding.

-          Audio transcription process can identify errors in audio messages and correct these errors before the information is sent to the recipient.

-          Audio transcription is important to reduce the need for special software and equipments required for audio messages as compared to the readily available equipments and software used for text messages.

-          lnformation handling is a very important undertaking for companies due to the need to use such information to look at trends and for predictive purposes, with the aim of having a grasp of the future prospects and challenges of a company. Text information is easy to store and to access as compared to audio information because audio information takes up large spaces on computer storage devices.

Current Business Approaches

Current trends reveal that there is an increasing need to improve communication and data handling in companies as a way of improving information management and efficiency. Consequently, more companies are seeking the services of online transcription. Initially, only call centres used online audio transcription services to facilitate communication between clients both for business and private purposes. As outlined above audio transcription is an effective approach for businesses to improve on information management. Effective management of information can be an approach aimed at reducing costs and maximizing profits, increasing consumer satisfaction, improving employee experience and in general establishing competitive advantage. In essence, the major aim of using audio services by companies is to offer solutions to common data handling and communications problems faced by companies.

Way Forward

Companies will only use online audio transcription services if they become aware and experience the solutions offered by audio transcription. Of importance is the ability of players in the online audio transcription business to offer tailor made services that will meet the specific needs of various companies. Such consideration should see even more companies seek online audio transcription services. A simple Google search for 'audio transcription services' or even 'audio translation' will pull up some reputable providers of such solutions, such as Performance Telecom.

The author has worked in the field of contact centre management for a number of years, so the movement into audio transcription and translation solutions is a natural progression.

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Monday, June 4, 2012

4 War-Related Apps

If you are interested in war, or if you love playing war games, you will want to download these four apps. From taking virtual tours of Gettysburg to battling nuclear enemies in 2020, these four apps are sure to entertain any war game enthusiast while also providing some history on real events.

1. Modern War

If you love going on missions, then ModernWar is the app for you. The purpose of the game is to become the most powerful war commander and use your powers to take over the world. Throughout the game, you need to build your base, complete specific missions and battle others in order to be named victor.

This image was selected as a picture of the we...
This image was selected as a picture of the week on the Malay Wikipedia for the 44th week, 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Modern War contains a ton of great features. The visual effects and animations are provided in Retina graphics, which provides a lifelike feel. You also have the option to choose which country you battle.
With over 100 units located on the ground or in the air or sea, you can easily set up your team for victory. You can invite other people to help make your military stronger, and you can even use your base to collect money.

While in war, you can build power plants, bunkers and factories, and you also have the ability to bomb the bunkers and takes of your enemies.

Since Modern War contains over 300 missions, you can spend hours on the game without ever becoming bored.

2. World War

WorldWar occurs in the year 2020 after a nuclear war breaks out, removing most of the world's countries. Due to the war, five countries have risen to power, and you can choose which power you want to be.

At the beginning of the game, you start off as a general and continue to work your way up the ranks until you are dominating everyone else. Throughout the game, you can play by yourself or with other players. Build up your military with water, ground and air units. By allying with others, your military becomes stronger, giving you the edge in becoming THE dominant source.

Modern Warfare 2
Modern Warfare 2 (Photo credit: dr.chesed)

3. Gettysburg Battle

Ever wanted to take a walk through Gettysburg and learn more about the battles that took place there? Now you can, with the GettysburgBattle app. With this app, you can tour the locations of the Devils' Den & Little Round Top Battle. View historical sites, walk where battles took place and see detailed maps of where the units were positioned. If you're having trouble viewing something on screen, you can use your fingers to zoom in and out.

By clicking on signage throughout the app, you will be transferred to a great deal of historical information and videos. There is even a battlefield challenge to help you  learn more about the location. 

4. Nations at War

The purpose of NationsatWar is to save your nation from the war. A World War has broken out, and five countries have risen to power. Use your allied forces to tackle missions. Build alliances and recruit others soldiers in order to have the biggest and most talented army on the block.

Through Nations at War, you can battle other players live, and you are constantly provided with new battles, buildings and arsenal. If you need help along the way, you can always consult your Chief for advice.

Philip Jones works with new robotics technology and enjoys freelance writing in his spare time.  He often covers a variety of topics including technology and social media.

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