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Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Adoption of cloud computing has become more and more prevalent across the globe in recent years. Experts affiliated to the industry claim that cloud computing are currently a $74 billion trade and estimate that this figure will double in the coming year. This industry is responsible for an approximated 3% of global IT expenditure and is expected to create 13 million jobs worldwide from for a period of three years, 2012 to 2015. As cloud computing grows in stature both technologically and economically, a number of new key trends associated to it can be outlined:

English: Cloud Computing visual diagram
English: Cloud Computing visual diagram (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

# 1 - The Personal Computer Will Lose its Place to Personal Cloud as the Preferred Digital Device.

Experts postulate that by 2014, personal cloud will inevitably take the place of the personal computer. This is outlined by the following 'super-trends' that are propelling this alteration:

-Consumer Space; it is projected that cloud services will be on 90% of personal user devices by 2015. Therefore, users can save, connect, torrent and synchronize data across a myriad of platforms and locations.

- The continuous growth in the number of organization that have put into place a fused plan to synchronize private and public clouds.

- Previously, cloud was mainly recognized for its lower costs but it is also now being widely acclaimed for its speed and agility.

# 2 - Mobile Cloud's Rapid Growing Reputation

A large number of people are currently manipulating their social and professional interactions with the use of smart mobile devices. This is going to amplify the need for more reliable, efficient, and user friendly storage applications amongst digital users.

# 3 - Executives' Call for Dependable Cloud Data Security

As current focus on Big Data proliferates, the need for the protection of security and authenticity of this data source will also grow. This will prompt controllers into play and renew policies by implementing a twin-phased verification and password generation. Furthermore, with the wider assimilation and the growing acclamation of cloud amongst users, service providers are now channeling their efforts towards the area of security innovations.

# 4 -Huge Data Entails More than just Manipulating Data Amounts

Huge data backlogs will compel many organizations to look for substitutes to conventional databases, and cloud's operational model will ease the rollout. Thereby, large cloud databases will consolidate huge amounts of data and analytics will now be transferred to the cloud more promptly than usual.

# 5 - The Migration to Platforms is growing By the Day

The PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) will constantly grow in recognition and requisition as it continues to offer organizations with scalable data translation and transformation services on a cloud platform. Without a shred of doubt, the leading IT organizations will those that will adopt the private and public and private PaaS platform.

In conclusion, there is an array of other available trends linked to each and every type of cloud - public, private, or hybrid. However, it is of high significance to note that in this current year, more organizations will maintain their business processes movement to the cloud, thereby escalating prospects for cloud data integration and manipulation as a component of their data infrastructure. 

Natasha is writer and bloger, currently writes for Ninefold. She contributes to the online society by blogging on a variety of topics, currently exploring in cloud computing, cloud server and other popular tech related trends.

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