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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My Mini, Me and My Aftermarket Shop

I am a mini copper enthusiast. I own a 2010 Blue BMW Mini Cooper S and a Blue 1999 Rover Mini. I used to order aftermarket parts for my cars and my fellow mini owners have asked for my help in acquiring parts for their own minis as well. They told me that if I put a store or shop, they would be more than glad to support and help me spread the word about it. So, after more encouragement and sleepless nights, I put up my aftermarket shop. It has been three years and the shop is still growing strong with more Mini owners ordering and buying stuff from my shop. It’s both work and play and I love it.

When I was putting up the shop, I made it a point to get the best retail software and system to make my work easier. I scouted around and found a supplier for the system. A friend has recommended it and I was able to get a discount for the system. The POS system that we have acquired included a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display, a barcode scanner and a debit/credit card reader. The point of sale software was very easy to understand and use. It just took us a total of three days to know the functions and features of the system. As a retailer, I don’t want my sales unrecorded; or my inventory doesn’t match the tallies and spending time correcting mistakes. The system is a good investment because it solves many operational tasks and record keeping headaches. Based on these merits, the retail software has more benefits that I can tell you. This type of system was only available to major retail stores and thankfully, it’s now readily available to small and medium businesses.

The point of sale software speeds up the checkout process by calculating sales, change and adding the sales tax. It has made the shop more efficient and we can talk to the customers and spend more time with them answering their inquiries and made them feel that they are important plus we can show them parts that can help the performance of their Minis and in return, it makes the customers happy because they do not go through a lengthy checkout process. The retail software also lets me identify inventory levels especially when the books do not match the actual stocks in the shop. The degree of inventory control is important in sales and the software can track which items are selling well and it also determines which stocks or parts are not popular.

Some say that most point of sale software and systems are just sophisticated cash registers, which I say is true but as a user of this system, I can say that its more than just a sophisticated cash register. It has a standard format for records and transactions that keeps daily sales, which is very easy to understand. It also keeps tab on the person who performed the transaction and the amount of the items purchased. There are more benefits a point of sale software offer but it will depend o the individual or type of business the system is used for. In my case I was lucky to have a reputable point of sale software and system vendor that discussed the benefits and the various features of this system. Everything is much easier, efficient and effective. I can balance my Mini cooper aftermarket business while enjoying rides and rallies with fellow enthusiasts and friends.


Jerry Hall is a father of two and a Mini Cooper enthusiast. The love affair with the Mini began when his father gave him his first second hand 1971 Morris Mini in 1986. He now owns an aftermarket shop selling parts and accessories for classic and BMW Minis. Jerry has attested the use of point of sale software has helped him in managing his business efficiently. 

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