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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Connect Everything Online Through Twine

Lifehacker: Use Twine to Make Any Household Appliance, Internet Connected
Objective: Will Twine Save You Time?
Curious: Twine: What is it? How can you use it?

It's a universal problem. You are always connected to the Internet, but not all of your devices are. Twine seeks to solve that. Two geeks from MIT started a company called Supermechanical and have built a product that will enable any traditional appliance or location to become "smart" or Internet capable. Appliances like washing machines, toasters and thermostats will instantly have the capacity to tweet, text or email you. Event locations like the back porch, front door, basement and home office stand to benefit from a Twine device. 

What is it?
Twine is a little 2x2 rubber box with a WI-FI connection and an array of sensors that allow it to monitor changes to its environment. A Twine device could be attached to the front of your washing machine and told to tweet when your laundry is done. Another could be placed on your front door with instructions to text you when someone knocks. While it includes a temperature sensor, accelerometer, magnetic switch and moisture sensor in its base configuration, Twine also has a breakout board which allows for expansion. You can add sensors of other kinds like buttons or pressure sensors or current sensors.

Twine can text, email, tweet, or accept a custom http for output. The programming does not require any coding knowledge, but works instead on a rules-based system through a web interface. Meaning, you can build layered rules like, when someone knocks on the door and it is after 7pm, text me, "someone is at the door. [Time]" The in-plain-English approach to setup makes Twine more universally accessible than any of its predecessor's that tended to favor programming experience. 

How it's made
Supermechanical built a prototype and took the Twine project online through the crowd sourcing investment website, Kickstarter. They quickly blew past their goal of $35,000 and today have risen over $556,000 to launch their product, so it seems that Twine will soon become a reality. The base units are listed for a $99 preorder on the Supermechanical website with additional sensors available for a little extra and a promise of the first batch of products shipping in September. 

Will it fly?
It's doubtful that Twine will experience mainstream popularity, but the DIY crowd is large enough to sustain a product like this without that happening. Even before its release, Twine has enjoyed press attention on Lifehacker, Wired, Fast Company and Cool Hunting, and this is just the beginning for Supermechanical. The young company is also developing a wallet that is harder to open when you're running low on money and a table that can print photos directly from a connected twitter feed. These other projects are interesting, but Twine is the flagship offering of Supermechanical, and likely the product that will make its business float for years to come. 

Alyse is a marketing, photography, and tech addict who spends her time investigating the next generation of technology. When she is not brushing up on her art of the scientific know how in the world, you can find her contributing to www.attsavings.com or on Twitter @Alyse_1.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

How To Make the World Wide Web Safe for Children

While the World Wide Web may help kids broaden their horizons, it may also snatch away their innocence all along.  As we all know, kids may stumble upon some offensive materials online such as harassment, pornography, violence, and the like. That explains why parents should be responsible in giving their children unlimited internet access.

Good tidings for parents! By all means, you can keep your kids safe from offensive web contents. Learn how you can protect your kids from harmful internet materials without compromising online learning possibilities. And, here are some handy tips on how you can readily do so.

Schedule Internet Use

Since kids aren’t supposed to stay late browsing the internet, scheduled internet browsing shall surely come handy. This shall help them manage their time effectively as much as yours. Of course, you’ll have to keep them under your watch while they are surfing the net.

There are computer applications that allow you to come up with website browsing schedule. As a matter of fact, you can either make a daily or a weekly timetable on which your kids may browse the internet. You may further customize internet browsing calendar by specifying game time and study time.

Simplify Web Operation

Children might be considered as fast learners, but they might not handle the complexity of the World Wide Web. Popular browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, are commonly bombarded with confusing pop-up windows. Unfortunately, this might be too much to handle for kids.

Fair enough, you’ll find some child-friendly browsers that are likely to keep everything simple for your little fellow. This sort of browser readily blocks pop-ups, as well as, right-click menus. That leaves kids with some few large buttons for quick and easy internet browsing activity.

Monitor Website Access

Imagine taking control of your child’s online activities through limited web access. There are many offensive materials lurking around the internet that might negatively influence your child’s behaviour. Kids may imbibe violent acts from online multimedia files. Besides, it’s noteworthy that kids are great imitators, too.

With child-safe browsers, parents may control their kids’ website access. Kids aren’t likely to visit any website without prior permission. Some browsers may also employ age-appropriate interface that automatically suggests child-friendly websites and blocks the rest. As soon as they reach the right age, you may nevertheless allow your child to visit arbitrary sites further subject to content-based filters.

Provide Safe Community

As much as possible, you should make sure that your kid is in good company online. There’s no doubt that kids are prone not only to corruption, but also to fraud in dealing with people they meet on the web. No wonder, they’d be better off joining child-friendly social networking sites with exclusive members.

Most, if not all kiddie browsers are likely to keep your personal files safe, too. That is made possible by preventing instant access to Windows. Without full Windows access, you can keep your kids away from sneaking on your private files thereby inhibiting their tendency to resort to file hacking. A Cell Phone Expert once said that "children need a safe place to play, learn, and grow. 

For your kids to enjoy efficient internet use, you better find the best internet deals from an internet expert.

Author's Bio:
Krystine Joy Sitjar is an author of many blogs that tackles internet safety. She is an advocate of children's rights.

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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Can cloud computers be easily hacked?

Getting a new storage device to store our data – these days are gradually fading out. Thanks to Cloud services, people have discovered a new way to store their data and information at a much cheaper price. No additional expense, no extra physical space and best of all, no tension! That is the convenience of Cloud services. This technology has come out as a blessing in disguise for most of us and has indeed eliminated storage space concerns. But, have we ever thought of how safe actually cloud services are? Well, not most of us! We think, by just a simple drag-drop process our data are safe. But, are they really safe? 

No is the answer:
Well, we now have understood that cloud computers can be easily hacked. The recent security breaches of popular websites like Gmail and Sony PlayStation network clearly indicate that the clouds are truly vulnerable to attacks and threats. We are now at a point where cloud computing has become more of a fashionable statement used for product promotion than convenience. We have witnessed many tech giants and corporate integrating their products with cloud services. A new cloud service means a new platform to show off their hacking skills. It is believed that it is the hackers who get rejoiced first when a firm or a company announces a new cloud service followed by the users. 

What do hackers look for in a cloud?
1. Password:
It is claimed that most of the individual hacks occur due to poor password structuring. Hackers mostly use their password dictionary or use brute force attack techniques to decode the password and start their work. Thus, if your cloud service requires you to have a password, make sure that you generate a proper one with lots of symbols and codes. 

2. Mother cloud:
It is the general tendency of hackers to put in very little effort and retrieve the data. So, they usually avoid hacking individual spaces and preferably go for the heart of the cloud service. This gives them a better chance to invade on the ample number of individual spaces with minimal efforts. 

The ‘S’ stands for a Secured connection in HTTPS. This ensures that whenever a data is being sent to the website or the service, it is properly encrypted and is invulnerable to attacks. Though many services provide HTTPS connection, there are some that intentionally or unintentionally remove the secured connection, making your data less secured and creating a larger space for hacks. 

Can this be stopped?
Cloud services are a new concept in the IT industry. They have not yet been fully understood by many. Moreover there are no standard procedural rules or conventions for the operation. So, stopping it will indeed take some time. Few things that companies can do to minimize the attacks can be, appointing or consulting White Hat hackers to find the possible loopholes in hacking and come up with patches to resolve them. Moreover, biggies who offer cloud services should ensure their domain is safe and secure. Even the smallest bit of storage space is OK, but it should be a secured one, because there is no point in offering several GBs of storage space without any data security. And, it is also up to the users who use the cloud service to be safe from their perception. Frequent change of passwords, proper data encryption and use of security suites will be helpful. So, let’s hope the day comes when hackers tiresomely ask “God! Can the Cloud computers be hacked? 

This is a guest post by Travis Ramsy of Buycharter.com, a site that offers savings and current information on charter communications, as well as charter.com services
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Software Design 101: What is Selenium?

Selenium is freeware, open-source integrated development environment (IDE) that allows developers to do automated browser testing. Automated browser testing is used to debug web applications, but the software also has the capability to automate repetitive and tedious web administration duties as well. You can download Selenium IDE as a plug-in for Mozilla Firefox that also includes Selenium Web Driver, which allows for more robust testing.

A Brief History of Selenium

Jason Huggins and other programmers and testers at ThoughtWorks developed Selenium in 2004 because Huggins was dissatisfied with other testing products on the market. Huggins was mocked one such competitor, Mercury Interactive QuickTest Professional, in an email suggesting their product should be called Selenium because Selenium is a cure for mercury poisoning; the name stuck. Over the years the number of people who have contributed the software's development has grown considerably. ThoughtWorks employees all over the world helped with testing and deploying the application. In 2007, Huggins left ThoughtWorks and became part of Google's Selenium support team. The most recent change in the IDE is that the long-standing Selenium Remote Control tools have been depreciated and replaced by Selenium Web Driver.

Why Use Selenium?

Say you've built a web-age with a form on it. The form has about 20 fields and you need to test it with multiple variable inputs. Repeatedly filling out the form manually is tedious and a waste of precious development time. With Selenium, you can automate the testing and record the results to see if any errors pop up. Selenium is also handy for testing JavaScript applets to ensure that they work properly and the end users doesn't encounter any frustrating errors. Selenium helps free web developers from mundane tasks so that they can spend more time concentrating on developing and not debugging.

What is Selenium Compatible With?

Selenium is compatible with the C#, Java, Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby programming languages. Additionally, Selenium is available for the Linux, OSX, Solaris and Windows operating systems. Selenium also supports a wide variety of testing frameworks such as: Bromine, Hermes, ISFW, JUnit, NUnit, Robot Framework Selenium Library, RSpec (Ruby), Test:Unit (Ruby), TestNG (Java) and Unittest (Python). Selenium has limited support for other web browsers, but it primarily intended to be used with Firefox. SeleniumHQ maintains an updated list of what features are compatible with different browsers.

For Web Developers, Selenium is a must have tool in their arsenal and many couldn't fathom working without it. Selenium is also extremely popular among web development students as well because it is a free download. If you're looking to automate some of your development and testing chores, Selenium is worth trying.

About the Author: Ela Osinski has worked for several software and app development companies and enjoys learning about different types of software. Selenium is an important programming tool and you need to have a working knowledge in your arsenal.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two Way Radios v/s Cellular Phones

So, how do these two pieces of equipment differ? Which is better? Which works better in specific situations?

Here's a comparison:  

Communication device with no monthly fee, no service contract. Available cheap.
Nope, that’s not copy for a cellular phone, it’s for a two-way radio system.
Sleek, versatile. Faster than the bulky and one dimensional two way radios.

And, that’s an ad for a cellular phone.

1. It’s very, very easy to use two way radios. All you have to do is push a button to transmit.

2. Cellular phones lose their connectivity signals in certain areas like the basement of a mall. Two way radio systems do not experience any signal loss so long they operate within their valid range.

3. Some radio systems come equipped with a telephone interconnect system. You can use this system to make and receive telephone calls through your existing phone company. Cellular phones do not come equipped with a two way radio interconnect system.

4. Two way radios work faster. Push a button and talk to the person on the other line. Cellular phones require punching in a number. If you are ever caught in an emergency, you will realize that two way radios are faster, easier and more superior than cellular phones.

5. Sparks will erupt in a cellular phone when it is used in a flammable area. Not so with two way radios.

6. You can use a two way radio in very noisy, unclean, dusty and wet areas. This is because these radios come equipped with noise cancellation technology and are very robust. Cellular phones may not work in such conditions.

7. Many radio systems feature a man-down option. In other words, the radio automatically sends out an alarm signal when its operator remains horizontal for over 30 seconds. Ever see a cell phone do that?

8. Radio systems come armed with massive warranties of over two years. Labor too is covered under a warranty. Cellular phones come with a bare minimum one year warranty.

9. You can use the “selective calling” feature in some radio systems to speak in private with one person or with a group.

All said and done, two way radios and cellular phones are great pieces of equipment that are designed for different situations. Two way radios help increase productivity, ensure safety and help manage situations and places, save lives, and help manage emergency situations. Cellular phones are just like a phone, except that they are wireless and mobile. Of course, you can use cellar phones in an emergency, but then cellular phones are not designed for the same exact purposes that two way radios are.

Cellular phones, especially the smartphones, have many advantages over two way radios. But then when it comes to managing people and handling work places and emergencies, cell phones are no match for two way radios.

These are the main differences between a two way radio and a cellular phone.

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Google to Developers: Glass is the Next Major Platform

Google’s newest attempt to introduce wearable computers in the future, the Google Glass, is most likely to replace iOS App Store and Facebook Platform to become the next major frontier for developers around the world.

Glass Versus Facebook Platform

In 2007, the Facebook Platform became the first ever major platform for social apps. While other companies such as Friendster, MySpace and Bebo followed Facebook in their platform launch, Facebook Platform still became the number one platform used by developers to connect to millions of Facebook users.

The iPhone App Store that was launched in 2008, became a rival to Facebook Platform. But with the demonstration of Google Glass, Facebook Platform for developers is now threatened more than before.

Google intends to provide opportunities for selected developers to buy the early edition of Glass, also called as the Explorer version, in the first quarter of 2013. Consumers will be able to get their hands on Glass the following year, 2014.

Developers on Glass

Developers who attended the I/O Developer Conference of Google held in San Francisco became excited with the potential benefits of Glass in their individual aims to boost personal computing technologies.

The Glass was presented in a breathtaking stunt by skydivers who jumped from an airship and went down on Moscone Center’s roof while wearing the Google Glass. The video of the stunt that was captured by Google Glass was streamed in front of the crowd.

Google Glass has a visual display that is located above the eye, enabling the user to interact both in the virtual world and in the physical world. Aesthetically, this small electronic screen is strategically placed the left portion of the eyeglass frames, providing enough room for the user to see people and things in the real world, too.

Developers lauded the features of Glass such as its processor, memory, gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, speaker, camera and microphone. Glass’ battery is smaller compared to a smartphone’s battery, but Google is currently doing all means for Glass to last for 24 hours.

Consumers and Glass

Streaming of audio and images will be live using Glass, and computing tasks are similar to tablets and smartphones using this electronic eyewear. This wearable mobile device is expected to take data gathering and information uploading to the next level with its portability and availability anytime, anywhere.

Google Glass will also be suitable for people who already wear eyeglasses, as the company is currently implementing various experiments regarding the design of Glass.


The consumer version of Google Glass is said to be less than 1500 US dollars or around 500UK pounds according to company co-founder Sergey Brin, who was the one that demonstrate Glass in front of thousands of developers. The price, however, is expected to go downhill faster as other companies are on their way to introduce wearable devices similar to Glass and join the competition.

Meanwhile, consumers need to wait until 2014 to purchase Glass, further increasing the excitement of Google users on this latest project by the search giant.

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Must-Know Facts About Legacy Modernization

Legacy modernization is a term that is synonymous with software modernization. It is a common term in the technological world that describes the conversion of a legacy system to a modern software library, hardware platform or programming language. One cannot understate the importance of modernizing an organization’s legacy system. Simply put, it is the perfect cure for outdated mainframe systems that cost such institutions a lot of money. 

Many institutions or business organizations have long viewed legacy systems as too important to interrupt. This is because of the longevity of these systems’ operations within the organizations. Integrating or upgrading these systems with newer ones could prove counterproductive. The fact is that this view is a short-sighted one because modernization carries with it a raft of benefits.


The modernization of the legacy system will save the concerned institutions form costs associated with pre-Y2K software problems. This process duly slashes off 75% of the budget dedicated towards the maintenance of legacy systems and applications. The upgrade also enables the software to use new hardware in the course of its activities. This is a far cry from legacy software, which requires a lot of funds since the maintenance costs outweigh the hardware and software. 

Another important fact about software modernization is that it is always a continuous process. Organizations that are flirting with the idea of upgrading their legacy systems must remember that its full integration takes time. Normally, it is a multi-year endeavor that reduces the legacy code percentage after each completion. Legacy modernization also involves a level of operational risk. 

Migration Strategy

In this regard, it is important for organizations to initiate a rigid migration strategy. Such a migration work plan enables the computing systems to function uninterrupted in the course of the upgrade. It is also beneficial for all organizations to develop an understanding of the various elements involved in the modernization process. These components, which serve varied purposes, include ADM, SABA, SRRT, RPP, VDM and WMU among others. For example, ADM, which stands for Architecture Driven Modernization, standardizes the legacy systems. This allows for integration of modernization activities such as code analysis, software transformation and code analysis. 

It is common knowledge that every technological innovation has its flip-side. In the case of software modernization, people must realize that challenges are abound. One of the challenges is the management of change. All organizations that elect to modernize their legacy systems must train their employees. This is always a daunting task since the employees could take some time to acclimatize to the new system. In the meantime, this could rob the company of productivity. 

Another factual element about legacy modernization is that it experiences difficulties in migration. This lends credence to the need for a gradual approach to modernization. Conversely, challenges would rear themselves through incomplete business coverage in terms of data duplication and overlapping functionality problems. 

The likes of mainframe systems and AS/400 applications are gigantic, expensive and monolithic. These adjectives should not rush organizations into opting for legacy modernization. Even with its benefits, it is important to analyze it and know what makes it tick. This will enable organizations to harness its benefits. 

This guest post was provided by Idea - IT Consulting Company, providing businesses with IT solutions that will help their company to the next level.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do You Choose the Free VPN Service or Paid For VPN?

Many have been asking whether or not they should choose a paid VPN or free VPN services for their portable devices.  This is a question that many will debate over so let’s just keep things simple.  First of all, if you’re on a tight budget or just unsure about VPN, you should try out a free version.

Using the free options will give you time to see how VPN works and whether that particular service will offer you the best service.  However, if you find you don’t like the services you get with the free option, there is always paid companies. 

With the paid services, it’s more than likely that you will get a little more for than money than what you would get with free.  You might also find that the free trial helps you to make up your mind about free or paying VPN.

Both free and paid VPN services can work excellent for web users.  You will have to think very carefully as to whether your budget can add virtual private network services or not.  If not, don’t worry, there are many good free options out there but if you want all honesty, the paid services are always the best. 

They offer value for money and just an easier feeling in knowing where your money is going.  That is not to say free is no good but you really do want to feel at ease when using the paying services.

The Best VPN Service to Choose

There are many good services out there for VPN today but it will all depend over what you are particularly looking for.  For example, you might want to choose a company that is well trusted and known such as Hide My Ass, however, they might not give you the specifications that you are looking for.  You might not want to choose a service that is over ten dollars a month either, but the choice is yours. 

This is why it’ll be important to search and not just look at one or two sites.  You have to know who is out there and who you can trust; and it might take a little longer than what you hoped for while searching.  However, it will be the best option for you to find the best VPN providers.  There are many of them out there such as Pure VPN, Ghost VPN, Cyber and many more so it will be vital that you take the time to see what is out there and really know what’s best for you. 

Of course, if you don’t like any of the paying virtual private network options, you don’t need to chose them.  You can freely choose one that offers a free test run or trial, this way you don’t waste more money than you really need to.  It’s entirely up to you but for your portable devices, you need to think what is best to protect you.

Mike writes about VPN. you may Check out his latest post about best VPN.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 3 Web Browsers For Your Mac

The best web browsers from the Mac include the top three most popular on the market. You can choose the Safari browser, the Google Chrome browser, and the Firefox browser.


This is the default browser that is included on the Mac. Safari has added a new unified search field that allows users to search from the address bar. Previous websites are saved and appear in your address bar when typing a new address or search term. Another feature included with the browser is Tab View. This feature allows you to swipe between tabs and open a web page instantly. You can have iCloud tabs that save your last websites and makes them available on the iPhone or iPad. The browser also saves a web page to a reading list that you are able to view offline. 

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is available for Max OS X 10.5 and later versions. The big selling points of the browser is that is starts up fast, loads web pages fast, and searches fast. Chrome included the use of their Omnicar which is a combination address bar and search bar. This browser was the first to have this feature. The Chrome web store is available for you to add various extensions and themes. When a page is displayed in a different language you will see a translation feature appear. This will give you the option to translate the page into any language. The browser also supports an incognito mode. 


This is a full-featured web browser that you can install on your Mac. Many features are included on the browser including pop-up blocking, integrated Google search, tab browsing, and privacy options. Your open web pages are also displayed in tabs that you can easily switch between. You are able to use many add-ons to customize the browser. Websites that you use often can be added to the App Tabs section for easy access and to remove from your tab bar. A scrolling feature is also included to see all the tabs open in the browser. One big benefit of this browser is the ability to restore a crashed browser session. 

Additional Information

You can choose to use one or all of these browsers on your Mac. Download and install the Chrome and the Firefox browsers to see how they compare against each other and Safari. You can then decide if you prefer one browser over another. 

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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Future of in-app advertisements

Advertising is integral for the successful selling and marketing of a product or service. In addition, advertising campaigns are crucial for generating sales and business leads. Earlier advertising methods comprised of trends such as displaying signages & hoardings in public places, broadcasting promotional videos on popular TV channels, and publishing product images on print media. After the dot-com bubble, Internet has become the most preferred place to display business related advertisements and promotions. There are different methods through which you can advertise your product or brand on the Internet.

The most popular methods for advertising your products are: managing blogs, creating dedicated pages on social networking websites, signing up for paid listings on search engine results, and signing up with advertising services like Google AdWords. These methods are the ones that are widely adopted by various organizations and enterprises across the world. But with increasing use of portable devices such as smartphones and tablets, advertisers are looking to seize the enormous opportunities that could rise from being a part of that market. Though the same advertising methods used for computers will work out for the portable device market, there are some new ways to advertise and promote products on portable devices.

One such trend is in-app advertisements. In 2010 alone, there were more than 10.5 billion mobile app downloads and it is estimated that by 2015 there will be more than 180 billion app downloads happening in the app stores. In the current business environment, only 5% of the total mobile ad spending is attributed in-app advertising. These figures certainly justify the broad array of advertising opportunities available in the in-app advertising space. Of all the popular mobile apps available, mobile gaming apps are most favored for the purpose of in-app advertising.

Rovio is one of the most popular game developers that hit the limelight with its far-famed Angry Birds video game. With more than 5 million downloads, the Angry Birds mobile app has reached the pinnacle of the mobile gaming space. The critically acclaimed gaming developer Rovio expects to earn more than $1 million from in-app advertising on the Android platform alone. According to a study, app developers are starting to focus on in-app purchasing and in-app advertising to fund their business models. In 2011 alone, about 59% of app developers shifted to in-app advertising and 56% of app developers prefer in-app purchases.

Success in the world of in-app advertising depends on various factors such as number of apps downloaded, impressions, coupons redeemed, and views. Advertisers should avoid implementing familiar practices such as click through rates and default clicks, while adopting in-apps advertising strategies. Focusing on advertising efforts for your target audience will help you greatly, rather than focusing it on the type of device. Advertisers have a variety of options when planning to adopt in-app advertising. Advertisers have the opportunity to integrate creative attributes such as interstitials, audio content, sponsorships, and video. Evaluate these options and choose the right attribute that would best suit your advertising campaign.

In-app advertising is trending positively to certainly become the next ‘big thing’ in the world of online advertising.

Travis Ramsy likes writing articles related to Technology News, Gadget Reviews and How To. He also does guest posting for buycharter.com - a site that offers savings and current information on charter cable, as well as charter.com services

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How Does Multi Boot System Work

Benefits and working of Multi Boot system – installing multiple OS’s
With plenty of improvements in the technology field, people are finding ways to reduce work pressure and number of hardware. In fact, when you have a system at your table, you will simply run it with a single OS or operating system. But in case of Multi Boot system, you will need more than one operating system on a single computer and it offers you choice to select from the installed systems to move ahead with the configuration. 

Multi Boot System 
If a computer has got more than one operating system then it is called multi boot system. The computer will provide you the list of installed OS from which you will have to choose the preferred operating system which you want to run. In fact, it will need a boot manager or boot loader which helps you in selecting the correct OS while booting up the system. In case your system has got two operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7, it will be known as dual boot system. The list of two operating systems will be shown at the screen on startup and you will have to enter your choice to continue with your choice. 

Creating multi boot system
People often go with the option of less complicated booting systems that will require installing operating systems with hiding the logical volumes. In fact, you can mix the Microsoft with the Linux on your system but it is much easier to learn or create more systems, all of Microsoft. The sole purpose of the user should be always to have separate operating systems without interfering with the task and storage options of each other. So, we will require installing multi boot system by offer no intermediate reliance and not installing eth two systems in the same partition. This will allow them to share some common fields and it is not fair for your system. So, the best way to create multi boot system is to install the first one and hiding its partition. Continue with the next OS in the same way while installing OS’s in the primary partitions.

There is another way of creating multi booting system by using the images. First of all, you should create solitary OS and make an image of it. Obtain multiple images of different operating systems and once you achieve this, you can put them all together as per the size and function in the finished partitions. At last, you can plug in the much needed boot manager to link with all of them. 

Importance of multi boot system
It is only the multi boot system which has an efficient mode of working to be used in a computer where you can accomplish different tasks. In fact, the multi boot concept provides you the opportunity to have more than one OS on a single system. Many a people today use the multi boot system for testing or investigating a new operating system. It works in a different way which can be sued to transfer all the data & information to the newer one before eliminating the less-needed one. 

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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Dallas Data Center Checklist for Success!

When evaluating Dallas data centers, users must assess many areas in order to ensure the provider is reputable and their data is safe. These areas include cost, security, redundant systems, location and staff experience. 

Data Center Staff
One of the most important features to check on with a Dallas data center is the hours they are staffed. Ideally, they should always have the data center staffed in case of an emergency or disaster. In most cases data centers only staff during normal business hours and have emergency staff on call 24x7. This is not optimal if an emergency happens at midnight-- there would be no one on-site to support the user. So, before a business chooses a Dallas data center, they should be sure that there are trained technicians on duty constantly. The only acceptable support system is one that is available on-site 24/7/365. 

Data Center Redundancy Systems
Another large portion of any Dallas data center will be the redundant systems they save set in place. The center should utilize several alternate providers for all their utilities, including power, cooling, networking and water. The data center should have several independent networking carriers available simultaneously in order to prevent networking loss should one of those carriers fail. The power and cooling systems need have redundant alternatives as well. Every utility system needs to have at least one backup source in case of total failure of the others. Examples would include generators and UPS units for the power system. 

Data Center Location
Location, location, location - it is absolutely critical for a Dallas data center to be located in an area of low risk for natural disasters. The center must also be purpose-built in a secure location. Buildings that were retrofit are not secure enough to withstand a disaster should one strike. Only choose data centers housed in buildings that were originally constructed as data centers. These purpose-built facilities are constructed using materials designed to withstand winds in excess of 160mph. If a company’s home is located in a disaster zone, they can be assured their data will be secure at a Dallas data center. 

Data Center Security
Make sure the Dallas data center is equipped with the latest security procedures. By storing vital and valuable business information at the center, companies cannot afford a security breach. Look to be sure there are adequate security cameras, patrol personnel, passcode protections and the latest in biometric security. Biometric security systems provide the highest level of security by using finger printing and even retina scanners. Security measures should be in place throughout the data center, from access gates outside to individual cage and cabinet security.

If businesses follow these tips when selecting a data center in Dallas, they will find a company that satisfies all their security needs and will be a long-lasting partner in the future success of their business. 

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Software Terrorists: Scams and Viruses

We've all been there. Emails saying you've already won money, pop-up ads that want you to click and claim a free prize. Online scams and viruses can not only put your computer at risk, but also your privacy, identity, and money. Each year, the number of trojans, worms and viruses steadily increases to a point where we can hardly feel safe while logging on. Here is the plain and ugly truth about this epidemic of computer threats. 

Software Terrorists: Scams and Viruses
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Friday, August 3, 2012

How To Use A Laptop In The Sunlight

What can be worse than having to sit in the office or work indoors when the sun is out and everyone is enjoying the warm weather? 

Having to rely on a full battery whilst using your laptop outdoors can be a very frustrating experience as battery life can dramatically reduce and the sun’s glare crates poor visibility and eye strain. So how can you work comfortably outdoors during poor visibility due to the bright sunlight? 

Have A Strategy 

If you are planning to work outdoors then plan a strategy. Remember all the equipment that you will need and position yourself so that you are sitting facing the sun rather than with your back to it. This will reduce the glare onto your LCD screen any by turning the brightness up this will give you a better chance of visibility although it will reduce your battery at a quicker rate. Have an extension cord at the ready and a mains power source nearby. 

Wear the Correct Clothing 

By investing in a pair of sunglasses and wearing a baseball cap or a hat with a brim you can greatly improve your chances of visibility. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, by wearing black clothing the light will be absorbed and it will prevent sunlight from being reflected on to your screen. 

Laptop Health & Safety 

Your laptop faces potential damages if it is kept in direct sunlight for a large amount of time. The internal components can often melt or become deformed and this combined with the heat of the internal fan can be fatal. It can sometimes be common for laptops to buckle under long periods of direct heat and this can severely affect the hard drive. 

You may want to invest in an adjustable stand which will allow shielding from the sun whilst enabling you to work. Some stands even come with an in-built cooling fan which will keep your device cool in the hottest temperatures. 

Additional Laptop Accessories 

There are a variety of accessories on the market that will improve your screens visibility as well as your work efficiency. 

By purchasing a laptop with a matte finish instead of a glossy finish, you will no longer have any issues with completing your work outdoors. One option is to purchase an anti-glare screen filter which can be temporarily placed over your screen. Alternatively, you can go the ultra-cheap way and insert your laptop into a cardboard box. By cutting out two sides of the box you get an effective sunshield – although it may look a little odd! 

Whichever methods you choose make sure to keep your laptop safe and out of direct sunlight. 

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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Employing Data Files Retrieval Programs

The majority of us wait until we unintentionally removed a few files or our system crashes before using recovery software. When that point arrives, we instantly go to web to find data recovery application that we may acquire for free. We put in that application which is accompanied by excellent guarantees only to find that those guarantees bore no fruit - the erased documents are actually permanently lost. 

Your own technique is actually essential when dealing with problems that entail the computer system files. Of course, this roots to the absence of understanding on how files as well as folders are generally saved on the computer disk. Generally, each and every file or perhaps directory is stored as data is structured into pieces or perhaps sectors. Tables are employed for ease and with all of them you can tell which file could be found on a particular hard disk drive. There are flags on the table which are modified any time a file is removed. The place of the information under that document is released to the pc, marking them as free, while the data themselves keep there. Thus, it's quite definitely feasible to recover deleted files up until a fresh application is actually installed in their past spot. We merely have to avoid activity on the concentrate on hard disk drive to stop writing over the area of eliminated file. 

Unerasing records on the system drive (typically marked as C in MS Windows) is challenging because the computer system might actually write on the hard drive without us knowing it. Thus, extreme care should be maintained while performing this action. So, just what is the best solution? It's best if you turn off the computer system promptly and have the retrieval of information as well as data files accomplished on yet another computer system. This is achieved by disconnecting the hard disk from the system and setting it up to other. 

It is safer to take care of erased data files which are on places other than the computer disk. We don't have to take away the drive and install it to a different system as we could recover the documents or perhaps information directly on the computer system. One thing we should remember is the fact that programs usually make short-lived records in these disks that may harm the erased records. The preferred choice would be using undelete software from your detachable Range of motion, i.e. Flash drive or DVD, and carry out the scan of disk for deleted data. This is a very simple approach yet effective. 

A backup Disc should stay close as planning for the moment when we have to recover misplaced information. In the Disc must be the most effective retrieval application you can find for your computer system. In case you don’t wish to use a Compact disc then you could always opt for other read only memory systems such as a flash drive. 

In retrieving information, you will need not only knowledge but also costly resources. However, we could cut costs if we could do this job ourselves or perhaps look for a cost effective application. Recovery of erased information is as effective as your recovery tool. Check out good quality data recovery program and pick the one which fit the personal preference. 

Robert Musser is a blogger who is interested in technology, Site2You and networking

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

How to Setup a Proxy, and When You Should.

How to Put a Proxy Between You and the 'Net 

Without a Proxy, You're Browsing Naked 

Even if you're not familiar with proxies, you've no doubt stumbled across the term once or twice while setting up a network or Internet connection. Simply put, a proxy is an "intermediary" between your computer and the Internet, a tunnel through which all incoming and outgoing traffic must pass. 

To the rest of the world, a proxy "looks and acts" like an individual server, with it's own IP address and associated details. This provides many advantages, some are useful for personal browsing, and many are highly desirable for connecting a larger personal or business network to the Internet. 

Anonymity is a major factor with proxies.
Connecting to the Internet without a proxy might put out more information that you want, up to and including your home location. Many sites and services can be denied or at least limited to you based upon your IP address; this is especially true for site blocking and censorship by ISPs, employers, schools, governments, etc. 

Some people simply want to limit their information out of principle, while others have good reason to keep their activities away from too many prying eyes. These reasons can be as innocuous as needing to see websites whose content is tailored to another region (for example, getting the "homeland" version of a website rather than the "international" version), but there's no doubt that the anonymity can serve much more nefarious purposes as well. 

On the other hand, you can also use proxies to do the blocking and filtering.
If you're running a network and you want to blacklist (or whitelist) sites for security and productivity purposes, a proxy is often far more flexible than a firewall or other similar solutions. By implementing controls and filtering, a proxy can be used to limit the connections that can be made from or to anyone "behind" the proxy. 

You can also use a proxy to keep track of the things that people (for example, employees and children) are doing with the Internet connection (for example, spending half the day on Facebook or porn sites). Browsing history and bandwidth usage statistics are among the things that can be recorded using a proxy server. 

Proxies are also useful to increase performance and make data traffic more efficient.
Caching is the oldest and most common use for a proxy, storing web pages and resources so that they don't need to be "built" from scratch every time they're accessed. With a single gateway or "reverse proxy", the aforementioned security and filtering benefits can be applied once to a single connection rather than to all of the network's servers, as can SSL and encryption controls. Traffic control allows distributing or "load balancing" incoming connections, in addition to managing the bandwidth priority and DNS details of individual servers and internal networks behind the proxy. 

Options for setting up your proxy
There are a few ways to set up a proxy server, and the choice you make depends on your needs, your level of comfort with network tasks, and whether you have some server space available or not. 

Open Yourself Up to Proxies
If anonymity is your sole concern, you can start with an "open proxy". These are freely available services that allow you to connect with any browser to an offsite proxy server for anonymous access to websites. Most of the "IP anonymizers" found on the web are open proxies, and they generally get the job done -- not simply for people exercising their right to privacy, but also for spamming and malware distribution. 

This has led government censors, ISPs, email servers, and other to be suspicious of open proxies, and to block or track traffic from anonymous proxies (open or otherwise). Many servers that run open proxies keep logs of incoming IP addresses, and those logs can be seized or made available. Ironically, this means that you could potentially be less "anonymous" on a proxy server than you would have been by connecting directly. 

Another issue commonly reported is the incompatibility of proxies with certain websites. Java is a particular source of issues, but various complex frameworks (especially apps within a site) can make proxies problematic. You may indeed find that some of your most visited sites have reduced functionality, making a proxy less attractive. 

Personal Proxies
A slightly more involved route would be to install an application or browser plug-in that establishes a proxy server utilizing a specified IP address and port. This is the usual method for personal home networks, but also perfectly suitable for many business network needs. Some applications automatically change settings or walk you through the process, but it's more likely that you'll need to manually enter the correct LAN IP and DNS settings via the Control Panel. 

The method differs between operating systems and versions. Windows 7 conveniently passes along the necessary settings to any browsers or Internet applications, but there still may be some exceptions that need to be entered manually in the apps themselves. 

One final note on VPNs.
If you're looking into proxies, you may also want to consider a VPN (Virtual Private Network) for many of the same benefits and results. VPNs and proxies are not synonymous, but both provide control over IP addresses, with many of the same security, anonymity, and traffic management functions. Bot are also available as free personal software as well as enterprise-level server-based solutions. VPNs also offer additional advantages such as remote access and "thin client" OS booting / emulating options.

About the Author: Porter Olson is a writer and content specialist for UsBundles.

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