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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Can cloud computers be easily hacked?

Getting a new storage device to store our data – these days are gradually fading out. Thanks to Cloud services, people have discovered a new way to store their data and information at a much cheaper price. No additional expense, no extra physical space and best of all, no tension! That is the convenience of Cloud services. This technology has come out as a blessing in disguise for most of us and has indeed eliminated storage space concerns. But, have we ever thought of how safe actually cloud services are? Well, not most of us! We think, by just a simple drag-drop process our data are safe. But, are they really safe? 

No is the answer:
Well, we now have understood that cloud computers can be easily hacked. The recent security breaches of popular websites like Gmail and Sony PlayStation network clearly indicate that the clouds are truly vulnerable to attacks and threats. We are now at a point where cloud computing has become more of a fashionable statement used for product promotion than convenience. We have witnessed many tech giants and corporate integrating their products with cloud services. A new cloud service means a new platform to show off their hacking skills. It is believed that it is the hackers who get rejoiced first when a firm or a company announces a new cloud service followed by the users. 

What do hackers look for in a cloud?
1. Password:
It is claimed that most of the individual hacks occur due to poor password structuring. Hackers mostly use their password dictionary or use brute force attack techniques to decode the password and start their work. Thus, if your cloud service requires you to have a password, make sure that you generate a proper one with lots of symbols and codes. 

2. Mother cloud:
It is the general tendency of hackers to put in very little effort and retrieve the data. So, they usually avoid hacking individual spaces and preferably go for the heart of the cloud service. This gives them a better chance to invade on the ample number of individual spaces with minimal efforts. 

The ‘S’ stands for a Secured connection in HTTPS. This ensures that whenever a data is being sent to the website or the service, it is properly encrypted and is invulnerable to attacks. Though many services provide HTTPS connection, there are some that intentionally or unintentionally remove the secured connection, making your data less secured and creating a larger space for hacks. 

Can this be stopped?
Cloud services are a new concept in the IT industry. They have not yet been fully understood by many. Moreover there are no standard procedural rules or conventions for the operation. So, stopping it will indeed take some time. Few things that companies can do to minimize the attacks can be, appointing or consulting White Hat hackers to find the possible loopholes in hacking and come up with patches to resolve them. Moreover, biggies who offer cloud services should ensure their domain is safe and secure. Even the smallest bit of storage space is OK, but it should be a secured one, because there is no point in offering several GBs of storage space without any data security. And, it is also up to the users who use the cloud service to be safe from their perception. Frequent change of passwords, proper data encryption and use of security suites will be helpful. So, let’s hope the day comes when hackers tiresomely ask “God! Can the Cloud computers be hacked? 

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