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Saturday, August 11, 2012

How Does Multi Boot System Work

Benefits and working of Multi Boot system – installing multiple OS’s
With plenty of improvements in the technology field, people are finding ways to reduce work pressure and number of hardware. In fact, when you have a system at your table, you will simply run it with a single OS or operating system. But in case of Multi Boot system, you will need more than one operating system on a single computer and it offers you choice to select from the installed systems to move ahead with the configuration. 

Multi Boot System 
If a computer has got more than one operating system then it is called multi boot system. The computer will provide you the list of installed OS from which you will have to choose the preferred operating system which you want to run. In fact, it will need a boot manager or boot loader which helps you in selecting the correct OS while booting up the system. In case your system has got two operating systems such as Windows XP and Windows 7, it will be known as dual boot system. The list of two operating systems will be shown at the screen on startup and you will have to enter your choice to continue with your choice. 

Creating multi boot system
People often go with the option of less complicated booting systems that will require installing operating systems with hiding the logical volumes. In fact, you can mix the Microsoft with the Linux on your system but it is much easier to learn or create more systems, all of Microsoft. The sole purpose of the user should be always to have separate operating systems without interfering with the task and storage options of each other. So, we will require installing multi boot system by offer no intermediate reliance and not installing eth two systems in the same partition. This will allow them to share some common fields and it is not fair for your system. So, the best way to create multi boot system is to install the first one and hiding its partition. Continue with the next OS in the same way while installing OS’s in the primary partitions.

There is another way of creating multi booting system by using the images. First of all, you should create solitary OS and make an image of it. Obtain multiple images of different operating systems and once you achieve this, you can put them all together as per the size and function in the finished partitions. At last, you can plug in the much needed boot manager to link with all of them. 

Importance of multi boot system
It is only the multi boot system which has an efficient mode of working to be used in a computer where you can accomplish different tasks. In fact, the multi boot concept provides you the opportunity to have more than one OS on a single system. Many a people today use the multi boot system for testing or investigating a new operating system. It works in a different way which can be sued to transfer all the data & information to the newer one before eliminating the less-needed one. 

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