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Monday, August 6, 2012

The Dallas Data Center Checklist for Success!

When evaluating Dallas data centers, users must assess many areas in order to ensure the provider is reputable and their data is safe. These areas include cost, security, redundant systems, location and staff experience. 

Data Center Staff
One of the most important features to check on with a Dallas data center is the hours they are staffed. Ideally, they should always have the data center staffed in case of an emergency or disaster. In most cases data centers only staff during normal business hours and have emergency staff on call 24x7. This is not optimal if an emergency happens at midnight-- there would be no one on-site to support the user. So, before a business chooses a Dallas data center, they should be sure that there are trained technicians on duty constantly. The only acceptable support system is one that is available on-site 24/7/365. 

Data Center Redundancy Systems
Another large portion of any Dallas data center will be the redundant systems they save set in place. The center should utilize several alternate providers for all their utilities, including power, cooling, networking and water. The data center should have several independent networking carriers available simultaneously in order to prevent networking loss should one of those carriers fail. The power and cooling systems need have redundant alternatives as well. Every utility system needs to have at least one backup source in case of total failure of the others. Examples would include generators and UPS units for the power system. 

Data Center Location
Location, location, location - it is absolutely critical for a Dallas data center to be located in an area of low risk for natural disasters. The center must also be purpose-built in a secure location. Buildings that were retrofit are not secure enough to withstand a disaster should one strike. Only choose data centers housed in buildings that were originally constructed as data centers. These purpose-built facilities are constructed using materials designed to withstand winds in excess of 160mph. If a company’s home is located in a disaster zone, they can be assured their data will be secure at a Dallas data center. 

Data Center Security
Make sure the Dallas data center is equipped with the latest security procedures. By storing vital and valuable business information at the center, companies cannot afford a security breach. Look to be sure there are adequate security cameras, patrol personnel, passcode protections and the latest in biometric security. Biometric security systems provide the highest level of security by using finger printing and even retina scanners. Security measures should be in place throughout the data center, from access gates outside to individual cage and cabinet security.

If businesses follow these tips when selecting a data center in Dallas, they will find a company that satisfies all their security needs and will be a long-lasting partner in the future success of their business. 

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