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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Top 3 Web Browsers For Your Mac

The best web browsers from the Mac include the top three most popular on the market. You can choose the Safari browser, the Google Chrome browser, and the Firefox browser.


This is the default browser that is included on the Mac. Safari has added a new unified search field that allows users to search from the address bar. Previous websites are saved and appear in your address bar when typing a new address or search term. Another feature included with the browser is Tab View. This feature allows you to swipe between tabs and open a web page instantly. You can have iCloud tabs that save your last websites and makes them available on the iPhone or iPad. The browser also saves a web page to a reading list that you are able to view offline. 

Google Chrome

The Google Chrome browser is available for Max OS X 10.5 and later versions. The big selling points of the browser is that is starts up fast, loads web pages fast, and searches fast. Chrome included the use of their Omnicar which is a combination address bar and search bar. This browser was the first to have this feature. The Chrome web store is available for you to add various extensions and themes. When a page is displayed in a different language you will see a translation feature appear. This will give you the option to translate the page into any language. The browser also supports an incognito mode. 


This is a full-featured web browser that you can install on your Mac. Many features are included on the browser including pop-up blocking, integrated Google search, tab browsing, and privacy options. Your open web pages are also displayed in tabs that you can easily switch between. You are able to use many add-ons to customize the browser. Websites that you use often can be added to the App Tabs section for easy access and to remove from your tab bar. A scrolling feature is also included to see all the tabs open in the browser. One big benefit of this browser is the ability to restore a crashed browser session. 

Additional Information

You can choose to use one or all of these browsers on your Mac. Download and install the Chrome and the Firefox browsers to see how they compare against each other and Safari. You can then decide if you prefer one browser over another. 

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