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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Two Way Radios v/s Cellular Phones

So, how do these two pieces of equipment differ? Which is better? Which works better in specific situations?

Here's a comparison:  

Communication device with no monthly fee, no service contract. Available cheap.
Nope, that’s not copy for a cellular phone, it’s for a two-way radio system.
Sleek, versatile. Faster than the bulky and one dimensional two way radios.

And, that’s an ad for a cellular phone.

1. It’s very, very easy to use two way radios. All you have to do is push a button to transmit.

2. Cellular phones lose their connectivity signals in certain areas like the basement of a mall. Two way radio systems do not experience any signal loss so long they operate within their valid range.

3. Some radio systems come equipped with a telephone interconnect system. You can use this system to make and receive telephone calls through your existing phone company. Cellular phones do not come equipped with a two way radio interconnect system.

4. Two way radios work faster. Push a button and talk to the person on the other line. Cellular phones require punching in a number. If you are ever caught in an emergency, you will realize that two way radios are faster, easier and more superior than cellular phones.

5. Sparks will erupt in a cellular phone when it is used in a flammable area. Not so with two way radios.

6. You can use a two way radio in very noisy, unclean, dusty and wet areas. This is because these radios come equipped with noise cancellation technology and are very robust. Cellular phones may not work in such conditions.

7. Many radio systems feature a man-down option. In other words, the radio automatically sends out an alarm signal when its operator remains horizontal for over 30 seconds. Ever see a cell phone do that?

8. Radio systems come armed with massive warranties of over two years. Labor too is covered under a warranty. Cellular phones come with a bare minimum one year warranty.

9. You can use the “selective calling” feature in some radio systems to speak in private with one person or with a group.

All said and done, two way radios and cellular phones are great pieces of equipment that are designed for different situations. Two way radios help increase productivity, ensure safety and help manage situations and places, save lives, and help manage emergency situations. Cellular phones are just like a phone, except that they are wireless and mobile. Of course, you can use cellar phones in an emergency, but then cellular phones are not designed for the same exact purposes that two way radios are.

Cellular phones, especially the smartphones, have many advantages over two way radios. But then when it comes to managing people and handling work places and emergencies, cell phones are no match for two way radios.

These are the main differences between a two way radio and a cellular phone.

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