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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Graduating with Technology

Graduating With Technology
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Top 10 Free Apps to Download from the Nokia Ovi Store

Ovi Store – Nokia’s services for its users to provide some cool applications has been categorized into Games, Music, maps, media and much more. Let’s look at some of the best apps that you can download from the store for free:

Adaffix Caller ID:

First of all, let me tell you that this is an award winning app for business. The application has the ability to display the caller information such as name, address and other details even if the number is not from your contacts list or is an unknown number. Furthermore, this app even suggests alternative ways to reach the person whom you are trying to call, in case if the person is unavailable. Nice app to simplify your productivity tasks.

Music Web:

For those of you who consider music as your best friend, this app might prove helpful. The app gives you all the information on the latest album releases, news about music and musicians, celeb-gossips and speculations on singers and albums and much more. Spice up your ears and your heart with this cool app.

Road To Hell 3D:

A gaming app! Choose and compete in over 13 different racing levels as you cruise down the track and find the right way. Work out on your driving skill because you will need them to win this game. Select your favorite terrain ranging from snow clad mountains to sand covered desserts as you beat your opponents to the finish line. A great app!


Our phones are the easiest things on earth to get stolen or misplaced. The vulnerability they have towards inappropriate data usage is very high, so it is our primary duty to keep a check and secure the data present in our memory card. That’s where this app comes in handy. LockOnGalelry app helps secure all your personal data like photos, videos, music and other confidential files from abusers. The app locks your memory card to avoid intrusion and can only be opened after specifying a valid password. It also keeps a constant check on your phone usage and locks it if found idle.

Facebook Chat:

One of the widely used social networking site chat is now available on your Nokia handset. Use this app and get connected to your friends and family instantly.

Easy Effects:

Now give cool and attractive effects to your images using this simple and easy to use app. Once done, save them and share it with your friends and families, all for free!

Talking Dictionary:

It is an app that not only offers you with the meaning of the word but even speaks it up for you, so that you get a glimpse of the pronunciation. Apart from offering thesaurus facility, this app also helps in translation. The languages to which the app can translate include German, Spanish, French, Italian and Arabic.

YouTube downloader:

Perhaps this is one of the most convenient apps for your phone. We often look up to YouTube and watch some videos whenever we are bored or on the go. And, sometimes we come across certain interesting videos that we feel like retaining them for future views and shares. So, now you can use this app, browse for your favorite videos and download them any time. It supports a video quality of up to 720p HD.

Tube Map:

Now, Ovi store is known for its offering on maps and routes, so how can we miss that? The Tube Map offers you a complete map and route coverage of the London Underground, constant updates about stations and lines and a planner that tells you the best and shortest route to reach a particular destination.


I’m sure you would have guessed what the app is used for by now. This app offers you information on any services that are requested by you and that are available in areas surrounding you. It requires a GPS though.

This is a guest post by Jena Branch of Buycox.com, a site that offers savings and current information on cox communications.


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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apps That Help In Business Development

Many applications have been/ are being built to support and aid business development. The apps fall into many categories like those that help increase productivity, those which serve in documentation, apps that help with data security etc. Any application which assists employees and managers to work faster and more efficiently and apps that give a hand in keeping clients happy would be a desirable addition to the business scenario.

Here is a glimpse into some apps that benefit business development:

Data Security apps –

Mobile monitoring apps for Smartphones including iPhones and Android mobiles help to backup phone data and to ensure that employees don’t reveal critical business information to competitors. Apps like the Mobile Spy can be quickly installed on a target mobile; they begin to run in stealth mode and record information on a server which can be viewed by the person who is scrutinizing the mobile phone activity.

Smartphone apps for accepting payments –

Application like Intuit GoPayment is very simple to use and makes life easy for businessmen and customers. It is especially suitable for transactions that happen outside the office. By downloading this app on to a Smartphone such as iPhone, Android phones or iPad, users can employ it for accepting payments anywhere, anytime.

With Intuit GoPayment app, cards can be swiped with a card reader; once the card is accepted, customers are enabled to sign on the mobile phone’s touch screen and authorize the business transactions to get concluded. The receipts for payments are emailed to the customers immediately, on the spot.

Online meeting apps for Smartphones –

WebEx meeting Center is an app that allows employees on the go to participate in online meetings – just as though they were sitting at their desks. This app is ideal for iPhone and iPad. There are apps like Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android, which lets users attend, schedule, cancel, begin and end online meetings - without requiring them to be at their office desks.

Productivity improvement apps –

Dropbox – For business folks, documentation is an important task. Say, a doc file needs to be updated from home or a presentation has to be made to a client; he neither needs to carry his laptop nor has to email the file to himself.

With the Dropbox app (which is compatible with iPhone or Android or Windows phone), the user has the capability to access the document instantly. A special Dropbox folder is created when the app is installed - where the user puts in documents, audio or video files he wants to access. These files are made available to designated phones and other computers. This app saves valuable time and makes critical files accessible from anywhere.

Evernote – Another productivity app for Smartphones like iPhone, Android, Windows etc. which can be used to stay organized. This app provides a place where users can store all that they think is relevant to their business and access the same from anywhere. Making notes, storing documents, recording an audio, capturing pictures – can all be done with Evernote app. The app can also be synchronized across multiple devices like PCs and laptops.

Cynthia is an active blogger who loves to blog on latest Mobile Technology and Applications. Visit her website to learn more about mobile spyware and follow her updates.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Advantages & Disadvantages of PPC advertising

Stuart Henderson, a Canadian-based historian, rightly points out - doing business without proper advertisements is the same as winking at a girl in the dark. Only you know what you‘ve done, others don’t.

When it comes to Internet marketing, the goal is to achieve a decent position in the search engine for specific keywords. In other words, when customers online, search for a specific keywords or phrases, you would want them to be landing on your website. This can be achieved by some smart SEO work that will rank your website on the first page of a search engine.

The PPC or Pay Per Click is one method introduced by Google for ranking your website. As a matter of fact, everything is not green about the PPC advertising. This method has its own merits and demerits as pointed out below.

Advantages and Disadvantages of PPC

• PPC works faster than any other conventional methods. It can bring in visitors to your website in a matter of hours. 

Maximizes your traffic: Bloggers and website owners develop their sites by publishing the text ads along with other affiliate programs. Your advertisement will be posted online and will reach millions of visitors within a week or month depending on your everyday budget.

The Trust Factor: When you use the organic SEO method to develop your website, you may never be sure of a great position in the search engine. It does not matter even if you have the world’s best contents in your website, it still may not prove its worth if your SEO is done badly. Your competitors are paying heavy on PPC and the search engine will bring up several other websites that are in the same niche as yours.

The Stability Factor: Billions of websites try to make it big by fighting for a position on the search engine’s top page. To achieve this, a lot of shortcut techniques are attempted to cheat or beat the search engine rules. When these attempts fail, websites are penalized sometimes to the extent of not being indexed. But this is not the same in the case of Pay Per Click method. As long as you are paying, you will be safe and will continue to top the search engine results.

As mentioned earlier, everything is not clean about the PPC advertising.

The Cost Factor: Pay Per Click can prove to be very costly. It works by making online visitors click on advertisements. Such clicks can be very expensive and new users might be charged more. 

Click Fraud: A popular search engine terminology you might have come across many times, happens in the case of PPC or text ads. Some publishers will click ads on their own websites in an attempt to make more money, while others will get their friends and families to do it. This may result in users being banned from the company. 

Results of accidental clicks: Accidently clicking on ads can also grab your money. Lots of visitors assume that text ads are part of the actual website and click on them. On realizing their mistake, they immediately close the window without paying attention to it. Hence you would be losing money without gaining a new reader or customer. 

In spite of paying PPC heavily, there is no guarantee that you will make money through the accrued clicks. Every click may not really translate into sales. 

• As there are number of large companies with big budgets making use of the PPC service, it has become very competitive and difficult for small and medium business owners.

To sum up, PPC is a great tool for advertising but one has to do their homework before using it. Traffic analysis, search volume and many other key indicators are to be studied in detail. As the saying goes - success is a ladder that cannot be climbed with your hands in the pocket.

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Toshiba laptop a Chance to Win with Time and Money

Brands always appeals to the mass, and mass always sticks to the brands. Technological world is amazing and full of innovations. Same can be said about laptops of branded companies like HP, Toshiba, Dell, and many more. Usually, people see tagged price and the following brands before finalizing. This is a very simple and common process you see at laptop sales stores. Though, nothing has been changed for online stores as well. Advancement of technology has created new ways for shopping and web platform is one among them. Though, people find online stores quite simple to access anytime and anywhere.

When you touch Toshiba laptop what comes in your mind is amazing thing to know. Your mind is flooded with lots of thoughts at that particular moment, and your curiosity keep reshaping itself. No doubt brands promise lots of things pre-selling, and deliver a lot post-selling. This is a simple process laptop users come across. Promises are made to fulfil. Something not restricted up to love only. If we’re talking about ‘promise’ that means a buyer is expecting the reliability and durability of Toshiba laptop range. Dealsbell an Amazing store! Here you get both ‘promise’, and bonded relation forever.

What’s the catch? There are..........and undisputedly your fingers will lead you towards the answer. This is the only online store where new updates of branded laptops can be seen like Toshiba. All the leading market companies of the world know as well as understand the various scenes of human life. This is the reason why you find so much diversity tagged with discounts on laptops and computers.

As a consumer of Toshiba from the last many years, company has transformed itself tremendously, and open-handed welcomed new innings of consumer innovations related to Toshiba products.

It is amazing to be at Toshiba store or its other related stores. After all, you win with Time and Money!!

About the author:

I am Harshal Shah, co-founder of (Dealsbell). I like to research a lot on Internet on topics like internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization techniques, Brand development and more.

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