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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Apps That Help In Business Development

Many applications have been/ are being built to support and aid business development. The apps fall into many categories like those that help increase productivity, those which serve in documentation, apps that help with data security etc. Any application which assists employees and managers to work faster and more efficiently and apps that give a hand in keeping clients happy would be a desirable addition to the business scenario.

Here is a glimpse into some apps that benefit business development:

Data Security apps –

Mobile monitoring apps for Smartphones including iPhones and Android mobiles help to backup phone data and to ensure that employees don’t reveal critical business information to competitors. Apps like the Mobile Spy can be quickly installed on a target mobile; they begin to run in stealth mode and record information on a server which can be viewed by the person who is scrutinizing the mobile phone activity.

Smartphone apps for accepting payments –

Application like Intuit GoPayment is very simple to use and makes life easy for businessmen and customers. It is especially suitable for transactions that happen outside the office. By downloading this app on to a Smartphone such as iPhone, Android phones or iPad, users can employ it for accepting payments anywhere, anytime.

With Intuit GoPayment app, cards can be swiped with a card reader; once the card is accepted, customers are enabled to sign on the mobile phone’s touch screen and authorize the business transactions to get concluded. The receipts for payments are emailed to the customers immediately, on the spot.

Online meeting apps for Smartphones –

WebEx meeting Center is an app that allows employees on the go to participate in online meetings – just as though they were sitting at their desks. This app is ideal for iPhone and iPad. There are apps like Cisco WebEx Meetings for Android, which lets users attend, schedule, cancel, begin and end online meetings - without requiring them to be at their office desks.

Productivity improvement apps –

Dropbox – For business folks, documentation is an important task. Say, a doc file needs to be updated from home or a presentation has to be made to a client; he neither needs to carry his laptop nor has to email the file to himself.

With the Dropbox app (which is compatible with iPhone or Android or Windows phone), the user has the capability to access the document instantly. A special Dropbox folder is created when the app is installed - where the user puts in documents, audio or video files he wants to access. These files are made available to designated phones and other computers. This app saves valuable time and makes critical files accessible from anywhere.

Evernote – Another productivity app for Smartphones like iPhone, Android, Windows etc. which can be used to stay organized. This app provides a place where users can store all that they think is relevant to their business and access the same from anywhere. Making notes, storing documents, recording an audio, capturing pictures – can all be done with Evernote app. The app can also be synchronized across multiple devices like PCs and laptops.

Cynthia is an active blogger who loves to blog on latest Mobile Technology and Applications. Visit her website to learn more about mobile spyware and follow her updates.

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