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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Do You Need to Upgrade Your Telephone System, or Can You Simply Maximise What You've Got?

There are some people who would argue that the only way to adapt to the modern telecoms requirements that face most businesses today is to completely upgrade and overhaul on-site systems.

This can be a costly process and it might not even be necessary. Many companies are not currently maximising the potential of their existing telephone systems, which means that by tapping into this unused capacity it can be possible to save money and improve your available resources.

In order to achieve this and avoid a costly upgrade it makes sense to look for a provider that is willing to work with your business in order to meet your needs.

Of course, in some cases you will find that picking the right provider will actually let you fully assess the requirements of your business so that an appropriate telephone system and tariff package can be chosen.

While not all providers that encourage you to make a complete upgrade are unscrupulous, you should be suspicious of a company that is overly willing to dismiss the capabilities of your current set-up and recommend making an upgrade before they have taken into account what you have to hand and what you actually need to achieve with it.

If you are looking to upgrade from an older analogue landline service to a new network-based VoIP package, you may already have equipment that is up to the task of handling the changeover. Backwards compatibility and incremental improvements allow businesses to adopt new technologies with ease over time, rather than requiring an outright upgrade that has a high one-off cost.

Those businesses that do decide to upgrade a telephone system should make sure that they are choosing one which will be relatively future proof, allowing for further expansion and technological changes further down the line.

You can get advice on all of these important matters from your provider, although if the firm is unable to guide you adequately, or you find that there is a better deal elsewhere, it may be sensible to switch to a more accommodating rival.

Finding a provider that will be more sensitive to the needs of your business will not only streamline the process of upgrading or maximizing what you have already got, it will also help you to save money, because better cost efficiency should come from enlisting the services of a telecoms provider that knows how to communicate and assess what approach is required in a given situation.

Thanks to the power of digital communications it is now possible to outsource services such as system infrastructure to third parties, which helps to reduce the amount of money that your business needs to spend on the installation and maintenance of complicated in-house set-ups.

If you take the VoIP approach you will be able to add extensions and use computer workstations to host voice calls, with things like call routing, forwarding and answering services hosted externally. This should relieve the financial pressure on your business since the need for a high-end exchange located on site is negated.

Not every business will find this approach appropriate, but it does draw attention to the idea that a communicative telecoms provider will be better able to meet your needs than one which is simply trying to sell you packages that are only beneficial because you will be paying large amounts of money.

The route towards having an optimised telephone system that is operating at the peak of its potential is not easy, unless you choose a provider that will work with you to meet your needs.

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