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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Essential Blogging Tips Every Local Business Should Know

Professionals and Armatures both use blogging as an important tool to promote their websites and to make money while doing so. It is important to know how to manage time doing the right things that will increase traffic and flow of money. The basic assumption is that doing a lot of research for writing articles and blogs and using other social marketing tools will increase the traffic flow to one’s website. This is not entirely true, as one should know when to use the right blogging tools to make it easy for bloggers and their websites.

There are multiple blogging tools available and different tools have different features. Different bloggers employ different tools for various purposes. For bloggers who have been blogging for a while will know that different blogs have to be employed for blogging and some of the best blogging tools available are:


Gravatar is an open source software that lets the user set up his or hers profile pictures to appear besides a person’s name and details, while commenting and posting on a blog. Gravatar is also known as Avatars that help bloggers identify their blog posts in blogs and from various forums the blogger has visited or posted comments on.


MailChimp is a management system for emails that tracks down all the emails sent form the users account. MailChimp also provides statistics for the number of emails sent on any given date and it will also give information on the number of emails that have been opened and how many emails end up as spam.

Real Time Analytics:

Analytical tools are most essential when it comes to blogging, and Real Time Analytics is one of the best analytical tools available. A blogger cannot measure the amount of traffic flow to determine on how much the blogger is profiting, what is attracting traffic and what articles and blog posts are being viewed the most.

Ping Optimizer:

Excessive pings for a blog makes it high risk for the blog from being banned entirely from a pinging service. Excessive pings will appear as if the blogger is trying to spam. Ping optimizer is one of the best Max Blog Press plug-ins available, it helps the blogger to keep control and keep track on the number of pings.

Social Sharing Buttons:

In order to share a bloggers web content with others to maximize the bloggers web presence, it is absolutely necessary to employ share buttons as a feature on the blog. These share buttons can be placed any were on the web page according to the bloggers convenience, on top of the given content or below it and can be place on either sides.

Here are some important blogging and SEO tips for small business and local business:


Analytics helps a web site owner to discover content and data relating to the owners website. The various features included in an analytics plug-in are the amount of time each person has spent going through the owner’s website and it also takes into account the number of visitors to a particular website.


As most of us know SEO is the full for search engine optimization, but very few know what it really means and how to benefit from it. In simple words SEO is used to promote one’s website by increasing the traffic flow to the website and for the website to increase the page rank of the website. A web site with a good page rank is likely to appear on the first page of any search engine.

Patrick Hudson likes writing articles related to Technology News, Gadget Reviews and How To. He also does guest posting for buycharter.com - a site that offers savings and current information on charter cable, as well as charter.com services Gravatar: phudson126@gmail.com


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