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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Malware Mucks Up Business

Each year, businesses are hit with malware infections. Malicious software may damage computers, enable corporate thieves to steal proprietary data or simply slow the network to a crawl. Regardless of the motivation behind malware attacks and infections, large corporations are not the only targets of malicious software. Smaller companies are also affected every year.

Malware Affects Big and Small Businesses Alike

Though 50 percent of all companies affected by malware employ 2500 or more individuals, smaller companies must deal with the problems caused by malicious software, as well. Eighteen percent of companies that are affected by malware employ fewer than 250 people. No matter the size of the company, malware is always a concern.

Malicious software may pose a security threat to companies. Not only are trade secrets and proprietary information at risk, but individuals may also have their identities stolen though malware infected computers. Over 187 million people have had their identities stolen as the result of hacking attacks.

Malware Threatens Productivity Levels

At the very least, loss of productivity may occur due to infected computers rendered inoperable or slow at the workplace. No matter the size of the business, training employees about the cost of malware, as well as how to avoid malware infection, is important. When training employees about mitigating risk of malware infections, it is important to discuss that malware is spread through infected websites that install the malicious software on the computer through the web browser.

Although most malware is spread through webpages, a computer could also be infected via email attachments. During training, be sure to cover that an estimated 1 in 239 emails contain malware in attachments. Train employees to avoid websites that are not work related while on the job. In addition, train employees to never open email attachments unless they know and trust the sender.

Security Awareness Training Can Help Stop a Growing Problem

Malware is a growing problem. Between 2010 and 2011, the incidence of malware increased by nearly 41 percent. Training employees and ensuring that the latest anti-virus sofware is installed on all company machines will help to mitigate the risk of malicious software infecting the company network.

Malware is Everywhere infographic brought to you by Inspired eLearning. Visit their site to learn about security awareness training and more tips for avoiding malware.

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