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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Best Web Analytics Plugins for WordPress

Online businesses have been gaining a lot of attention along with time. Most of the companies focus on increasing the traffic to their sites and blogging is one sure way to gain attention. When there is more traffic, the sales figure is bound to increase. This industry is not restricted to one particular location. In order to market your product effectively, you need to drive traffic to your site at all costs. When you use targeted keywords, there is a better chance to increase the traffic. If you surf the web, you will come across several sources which not only assist you in tracking the visitors, but you can also get targeted keywords. However, it would be much better if these options are available in the form of WordPress plug-ins. Here is a list of such top rated plug-ins.

1. Woopra Analytics plug-in – This is one of the plug-ins that include everything. It is packed with data and you can use it with ease. Woopra performs Web tracking and it also analyses data. This analytics plug-in has the ability to track information live along with various other Web Statistics. It consists of a rich interface and has the capability to manage several blogs and websites simultaneously. Woopra can analyze data to the core and has extraordinary search capacities. You will constantly receive updates and important notifications. It also allows you to chat with visitors. The good thing about this analytics plug-in is that the installation process is hassle free and it also updates information.

2. WP SlimStat- It is considered an effective real time WordPress plug-in. You will receive reports regarding the analysis of a particular data. The interface can be customized according to your requirements and it is quite simple and user friendly. It observes and provides crisp and clear information on the number of visitors who visit your website. SlimStat has the ability to filter statistical information based on different criteria. You can even track locations and get information about your visitors using world map that has zooming option. Reports can be generated in no time.

3. Web Ninja Google Analytics WordPress Plug-in- This is one plug-in which you can use for all type of requirements related to Google analytics. You can add Google Analytics JavaScript on all the pages of your site. You will be able to view all the statistical information and also individual stats and posts. You can configure Web Ninja according to your specifications. If you want to include JavaScript tracker code to one of the pages of your site, then it is advisable to place it at the end of the section. Some plug-ins place the tracker code in the head. As a result, your page takes a lot of time to get loaded.

4. Google Analyticator- This is one of the most reputed Google analytic plug-ins and has gained considerable amount of attention. This plug-in makes use of JavaScript code effortlessly. With this plug-in, you can avail a dashboard widget which helps you to track the number of people who visited your site in the last one month. Moreover, there is also a front-end widget which gathers and provides details of the visitors. You can also avail both download and outbound link tracking. So, it comes as no surprise to know that Google analyticator is a top rated plug-in with hundreds of reviews.

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