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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The New Apple Maps App

So there has been a lot of words about the new Apple iPhone Maps application. Some seem to be completely enamored by the product, while others say that the cool technology doesn't quite make up of the antiquated maps. Most of the criticism isn’t coming from users of the IPhone 5, where product satisfaction is still very high. iPhone users do show some sign of apprehension, but overall the app does not seem to be hurting sales or the iPhone, which was released almost 2 weeks ago.

Apple recently released the iOS 6, which incorporates the new map functions, as well as slight changes that you can imagine come with software updates. While the numbers of satisfaction are similar, a small .1 dip occurred, going from a 7.75 user rating with the iOS 5, to a 7.65 with the iOS 6. Those numbers aren’t dramatic, but a drop is still a drop. Some speculation is because of the flawed maps application. This is also the first time Apple has used its own map function, having previous operating systems using a Google based mapping system.

The fact that Apple stopped using the Google based has not gone unnoticed either. The higher ups at Google have noted that Apple probably would have been better off not changing to it’s own mapping system, and sticking with Google. That is a good point, considering that Google Maps has become one of the widest used and trusted GPS based applications. Though, in a time in the digital market where everyone is trying to stay self sufficient, that would be a hard sell to Apple developers.

It is fair to say that Apple has also done something cool with the Apple map application, and can maybe take some of the pressure off. The new app does feature a 3-D view option, and while it might not be super useful, it does have a pull with users. Apple does have a history of being on the cutting edge, and this might be a rare miss for them, but until sales dramatically drop, specifically due to this issue, there is no need to panic

So is there any real need for the folks at Apple to start worrying? Steve Wozniak sure isn’t worrying, admitting that there is an issue, but nothing that they think will affect the sales of iPhone and Apple products. There are also other navigation apps available and in the pipeline for Apple, so there is a fix out there for Apple users. Though the map application should not be overlooked.

Apple will continue to be a mobile tech giant, and there is no need for them to panic. We will see how quick Apple will put out an update to this app, as there are definite fixes that need to be made. Regardless, sales for the iPhone 5 have skyrockets, and there is no need to think that will stop anytime soon. 


Peter is a tech enthusiast, mainly being an Apple fiend. On top of that, he is a media blogger, often writing about the best options in Direct TV entertainment packages , as well as entertainment reviews.

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