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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Microsoft Rumored to Launch 'Windows Phone 7.8'

Rumors break down any barriers and sometimes imagination spreads like wild fire. Rumors usually surround Apple products. This time around, Microsoft has attracted the attention and its new product Windows Phone 7.8 has been targeted to be rumored. Toni Tech Blog has stated that Microsoft is all set to release its new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.8. Microsoft had earlier stated that its upcoming product will be released by the beginning of 2013. This little rumor of the product being launched on Wednesday has been spotted in a number of sites including WMPower User and Mashable.

The rumor must have started from a tip that was found in the Microsoft centered blog. The blog spoke about the latest arrival of new software for Smartphones like Lumia 900 and 510 which belong to Nokia. WMPower User is not able to verify the tip or get a clear understanding of it, because Nokia and Microsoft have been teasing about Windows Phone 7.8. They have been talking about it for months and so, coming to a conclusion with a single line is impossible.

Microsoft comes up with special operating systems for mobiles and PCs frequently. The much expected operating system, Windows Phone 8 was released by the end of October with great pomp. Windows Phone 8 from Microsoft is the first platform which has the capability to share building blocks. Many are still confused over Windows 8 OS and Windows Phone 8 OS. Both the operating systems share common features starting from the live-tile interface which is the signature style of Windows 8.

Meanwhile, WPCentral has stated that it landed upon some promotional materials in Finnish which reveals that there will be a new update following the 7.8 update. It has also mentioned that the materials threw some light on a few new features of 7.8. The 7.8 phone OS is expected to have a unique start screen and plenty of color themes which can be chosen based on convenience.

It is expected to have a lock screen based on Bing and a Wi-Fi connection that can be kept alive even when the Nokia devices are in suspend mode. Every individual tile can be moved around and placed at your convenience. You have the liberty to arrange the screen in such a way that all your apps are in order. For example: All business apps can be placed on top of the screen and all the personal apps at the bottom of the screen. It is also expected to carry the ability to receive and send files using the “Bluetooth File Transfer” which is also a rumor.

Supposedly, CNET is expected to contact Microsoft and learn more about the rumors surrounding it. However, TechCrunch says that a Microsoft spokesman told that complete details about Windows Phone 7.8 will be disclosed by the company in the future.

This news might be a little comforting to the WP7 OS phone owners because Microsoft announced that the new WP8 OS cannot be upgraded by customers who are using the old version. Customers of Nokia Lumia 710 and 900 were disappointed over this announcement. However, back in June when Windows Phone 8 made its official debut, Microsoft and Nokia promised that a new OS carrying the similar features will be sported to an updated version of WP7. This was specifically designed for the WP7 customers. So, this new Windows Phone 7.8 version can be upgraded by Windows Phone 7 customers. Until Microsoft opens up, the rumor is going to be up in the air. I guess the company is going to let the rumors stay in the air a little longer. What do you think?

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