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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Razer Shows Off 'Edge' Windows 8 Gaming Tablet

Razer has announced the launch of Razer Edge gaming tablet at the CES in Las Vegas. At the heart of Razer Edge Tablet is the 10.1 inch display making it one of the most comfortable for playing games. Edge runs on Windows 8. It has the feeling of a laptop plus it has the ability to play any games, even those made for laptops, personal computers and exclusive gaming consoles. Razer Edge is powered an Intel Core processor and the graphics are by Nvidia. The processor is i5 and has 4GB of RAM to give all the power required for a tablet. Included is also a 64 GB solid drive. There is also another instance of the Razer running on Core i7 CPU and RAM capacity of 128 GB which can be upgraded to 256 GB SD.

Though powered by impressive hardware, you will need to have lots of add-ons to get a rich experience. The Pro version can be bought with the Gamepad controller package with analog sticks and feed back for vibration. However, the cost is a little on the higher side. You can also add peripherals like for example a keyboard and what appears to be like an illuminated key. In addition there are 3 USB ports and a HDMI port for connecting the device to High Definition television. The original battery fitted to Razer Edge has a meager life time and requires frequent charging. Battery life can go down further if you attach a keyboard or other peripheral devices. If you want extra battery life, then the only option is to buy some additional equipment.

It may be remembered that Razer Edge was originally introduced as Project Fiona and it is only now that it has been renamed. The Edge is typically a low to midrange device. In form factor, the Edge is at least two times as thick as the iPad but weighs proportionately lesser for its size. So users get a feel that it is a light device. Much though has gone into the designing of the Edge and that can be gauged from the fact a lot of time has been spent on understanding user needs. What you may not like about the design is that the device cannot be opened for making upgrades. In simple terms it means you get stuck to specifications for the lifetime of the device.

One of the major selling points in favor of the Edge is not focused on gaming alone. In fact, it has functionalities that help to be used as computing device. So you just be able to use it for accessing email and browsing the internet as well. Performance wise too, the Razer Edge has been found to be satisfactory. Most user who tried the device think that that the underside of the device heats up when used for playing high end games, though none said it was unbearable.
There are some downsides to the Edge besides the high price and the full complement of additional equipment it needs for gaming. When the device is on your lap you sure will find it comfortable, but when you have to handle it can be troublesome with the other peripheral device, and that was very much evident at the CES. The Edge can also be connected through the Bluetooth, giving it wireless abilities. On the whole, however it is more or less a decent solution for those who are looking for a device for gaming as well as for computing. Since the gadget provides enough connectivity ports, those who have other attachable devices with them already can choose the Edge and save substantially.

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