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Friday, January 25, 2013

Sneak Preview of IBM's Next Generation Flexible Nanocircuits

One can trust International Business Machines (IBM) to come up with the very latest in technical wizardry. This time around the computer technology behemoth has developed a next generation cutting-edge nanocircuitry that’s primed to transform device operation radically. 

The nanocircuitry, which has been formulated by a highly experienced in-house research team, boasts a unique flexible characteristic and is touted to be an incredible 10000 times slimmer than ordinary paper. 

A roundup of this exciting and novel invention:
Development Team

Scientists Stephen Bedell and Davood Shahrjerdi - affiliated to IBM’s Thomas J. Watson research facility located in Yorktown Heights, New York - deserve the credit for creating the flexible nanocircuits. 

Detailed Properties
  •  Each nanocircuit is composed of a one-of-a-kind combination between plastic and an exceedingly thin sliver of silicon wherein the sliver is “cut and pasted” onto the plastic component. The method through which this combination is achieved is known as the Controlled Spalling method. 
  •  As mentioned earlier, this sliver of silicon is one- ten thousandth the slenderness of a standard sheet of paper imbuing the entire nanocircuitry with great tractability and sophistication. 
  •  Flexibility is the key facet of the nanocircuitry armed as they are with a mere 6-milimeter curvature radius. The extreme amenability also makes the nanocircuitry highly amorphous as well as capable of being molded onto various other substances for practical use. Flexibility also accords the circuitry transferability properties entirely bereft of size restrictions. 
  •  Since the nanocircuits need only 0.6 volts to activate, they hold superlative productivity and energy-saving attributes. 
  •  When one considers that a single nanocircuit can accommodate up to 10 billion transistors, the immense strength and robustness of the framework can also be appreciated. 
  •  The all-round refinement makes the nanocircuits exceptionally light as well allowing them to kept one atop the other for power-hungry functions. 
Real-World Applications and Advantages
  •  The comprehensiveness of the nanocircuitry make them usable across a wide range of fields including computers, business systems, home electronics, power generation, medical science, state utilities, space exploration, and many more. 
  •  Since the nanocircuits are highly malleable, they can be incorporated in all kinds of devices - independent of shape, size, and configuration. 
  •  Devices belonging to the home electronics and healthcare spheres will derive noteworthy benefits. For instance – nanocircuits may be easily be entrenched in a new-age tablet computer that is extremely small and light. Also, a medical device carrying inbuilt nanocircuitry may be placed near a patient’s internal organs to monitor his or her vital signs. 
  •  The superb potency and resilience of the nanocircuits will prove greatly vital to augment the sustenance of current devices without power problems getting in the way. 
  •  The low weight of the nanocircuitry is crucial and will not only make products like laptops, tablets, and nanocircuitry-equipped vehicles extremely light, but will also render enviable energy preservation. 
  •  One of the chief methods used to create the nanocircuits, the Controlled Spalling method, has outstanding auxiliary applications as well. For example, the method may be used to better lighting systems by discarding weak thermal lighting substructure (usually made of sapphire) and inserting a potent, nanocircuitry-armed lighting mechanism in its place. In this technique, sheets engendering light and warmth are separated from the sapphire substructure and cast against a highly heat-receptive conductor, usually an industrial-grade metal. 

As discerned from the above discussion, the practical prospects of the flexible nanocircuits are virtually limitless. The best part is that IBM’s invention has provided a sharp impetus to other technology companies spurring them to invent newer, lighter, speedier, and more energy-efficient products. Truly - the faster this knowhow is imbibed, the better the mutual value the world will derive. 

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