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Monday, January 21, 2013

What to Do If Your Broadband Connection Goes Down

A wireless broadband connection is one of the best things ever invented. Having a wireless signal allows you to take your computer or mobile device wherever you want without having to disconnect from the Internet. This means that you can watch TV in the living room while you check your Facebook page or type your paper in your room where it is nice and quiet. However, what happens if you were to lose your broadband wireless connection? What steps can you take to ensure that you still have an Internet connection?

Make Sure That There Is Nothing Wrong With the Modem in the Computer

Most computers and mobile devices have a modem built into them. This allows you to connect to the Internet automatically as soon as you turn your mobile device on. If your computer is not connecting to the selected network, it could be that the modem inside your computer is not working. Attempt to troubleshoot the issue by running a network test on your computer. If other devices in your home are connecting to the Internet, you can be sure that there is a problem with your specific device. Make sure that you have the right network password and restart your computer to see if that helps.

Check the Router to Make Sure It Is Working Properly

If there are no issues with your computer, you should next check the router to see if there is an issue with your wireless signal. Unplug the router, wait roughly 10 seconds and then plug the router back in. This should allow you to get your signal back. While your router is not going to last forever, there is a greater chance that the Internet connection simply crashed. Many wireless broadband users have reported to their Internet provider that they have had intermittent crashes. The good news is that these issues should only last for a few minutes before resolving themselves.

You Can Always Hardwire an Internet Connection

If all else fails, you can always hard-wire a connection to your computer. All you have to do is connect an Ethernet cord to the back of your computer. The other end of the Ethernet cord will plug in to the back of the router. This will allow you to have a broadband connection even if you are not able to get a wireless signal. The only downside is that you are not going to be able to use your computer at a distance longer than your cable. You should prepare yourself to either move your laptop or move your router to a more convenient location. 

Wireless broadband allows you to use your mobile device or computer wherever you want. However, you can never be sure that your signal will work when you need it to. When your wireless signal is down, it is important to understand why it is down. Fortunately, it can be easy to troubleshoot your wireless issues and get back to using your computer wherever you want to.

Eric Underhill acknowledges in this article that even broadband services like those from tesco broadband can sometimes let us down.

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